i remade and i am following very few people so reblog if you are any of the following

  • neurodivergent (bonus points for autism)
  • trans
  • otherkin
  • like fire emblem/ssb ( bonus points if uve played earlier fe games)

adn ill check out ur blog

hi i deactivated during a panic attack and just remade can i maybe get a promo ,, its gavroche hawke! 

i still have no clue why all my links are down.. i’ve deleted all the pages and remade them so that they all link to ipoetried and they still redirect to towritepoems even though there is nothing in the html to make it to do that… i have no idea what else to do

So I remade my blog and I really need people to follow! Follow me and I’ll follow back or just like or reblog this if you like or tend to post:

MCU and Marvel Comics
DC comics
Teen Wolf
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The 100
Zodiac sign things
Beautiful pictures
Nicki Minaj
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy
The 1975
Marina and the Diamonds
Really funny or relatable text posts
Game of Thrones
Steven Universe

Thanks ☺️


i remade;; these really toxic people irl found my blog and i’m ridden with anxiety each time i go on here so.

if you want my new url send me an ask- i’ve already sent my mutuals it, or tried to at least (so if we’re mutuals and you didn’t get an ask with my new url, just ask me!)- but please keep in mind that i will be very selective of who gets it to avoid situations like this in the future

Sister: “I thought the dude on the left was a cosplayer at first.”

Saerzion: “Nope, just next gen graphics at work, supplemented by the fact that he got a new jawline and stopped plucking his eyebrows.”

The token playboy of FFXV has the physique of some kid I sat next to in 7th grade math class. Also, I’m guessing the reason FFVII still hasn’t been remade is that Cloud and Prompto are currently in the middle of a legal custody battle over that hairstyle.