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I basically only remade because I want a cleaner, more organized tagging system and I really don’t have it in me to go through all my posts and retag things.

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My workout buddy got me coffee ☕️. Starbucks messed up the order so when they remade it they upgraded the size 😳 He jokes about how small I am and said - you’re going to need two hands 😂🙌🏼
I’m already kind of giggly today and this is going to set it over the edge 😜 Weeeeee!!!!! 😅

anonymous asked:

What do you expect to see next time the chair shows up?

Probably completely gone. o: Or remade into a different kind of chair?

also if you followed me before i remade i won’t read your links or anything / ask to follow but if that makes you uncomfortable feel free to shoot me an ask and i’ll read em again

so for that new animation I did, I decided to remake Happy’s sprites as they didn’t turn out….good, to be frank, so I remade the maple-ized Happy sprite into a much better version. It’s essentially Happy 2.0 as I wasn’t satisfied with how limited space I was given with the old sprite.

maquasi  asked:

Isn't House on Haunted Hill the one with the silly scene with the plastic skeleton casually strolling up to a woman and pushing her lightly into some water? That was remade into Thirteen Ghosts?

Was the original Thirteen Ghosts supposed to be a remake of House on Haunted Hill?  I’ve never heard that before, and I thought I was fairly informed about William Castle.

But, yes–it’s the same movie with the skeleton.