Staring at the mirror, Reese wasn’t even sure who the person was staring back at him. An Armani suit? A Rolex watch? Brand new Cole Haan shoes? He had known that going back home to England would have been like this, but not coming back to LA. He glanced at the camera filming him with a bitter expression, straightening his tie before turning around. He supposed he’d rather be here than have to suffer at home, with the she devil herself- and he wasn’t only talking about his mother. Walking out of the room, he let out a deep sigh, running his fingers through his combed hair.

Abandoning her bags by the bottom of the stairs, Fiona hurried up two steps at a time, quickly reviewing the roommates list before bolting towards room number 2.  Despite the fact that they had spent probably 3 out the 4 months break together, Reese was the first person she began searching for when she crossed the threshold into the mansion. Without bothering to knock, she swiftly entered the room, shutting the door behind her in the faces of the cameramen. Somehow she had managed to make it without being assigned a mic-pack. The sight of the new Reese before her was still taking a lot of getting used to. If she hadn’t had an idea of why he was carrying himself so differently, she would have thought that something was seriously wrong. Fiona offered him a sympathetic smile as she crossed the room towards her friend. “Hey,” was all she said as she leaned in to hug him. 


Hot Pursuit Movie Online (2015)

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➢ Hot Pursuit Movie Storyline
“ An uptight by-the-book cop must protect the widow of a drug boss from crooked cops and gunmen. ”

➢ Hot Pursuit Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-05-08
Casts : Kathleen Fletcher, John Carroll Lynch, Jodi Lyn Brockton, Matthew Del Negro, Alejandra Perez, Matthew Del Negro, Michael Mosley, Jaylen Moore, Mike Birbiglia, Reese Witherspoon, Richard T. Jones, Robert Kazinsky, Sofi­a Vergara, Harley Graham, Kenneth Kynt Bryan, Abigail James Witherspoon
Duration : 87 minutes runtime