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hi maddie i hope you're having a fabulous day! i was just curious as to whether or not iinyh will be up tomorrow or not? tbh i can't believe you jumped right into another multichap and understand if you need more time to write/edit lol

I hope you guys are having a fabulous day too <3 <3 <3 I’m afraid the first chapter of IINYH won’t be out tomorrow! I’ve written it but I think I’m going to rewrite it because there are some things I want to change!!

I’d give you an estimated date but I’m not quite sure – possibly Sunday or Monday! Busy weekend OTL

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When my manager asks me how much freight I got put away and the answer is 1 3-tier rolling rack because I was helping customers and on till and had to redo the drapery department because 10 new colours/styles came in and there was no where to put them and you only worked 4 hrs 🙄🙄 Ignore the customers: get freight done and get in shit for ignoring customers (haven't done this but know that's how it'll work). Ignore the freight: happy customers and get in shit for not doing freight. 🙄🙄


Thrift finds from the last few days (have I mentioned how much I will miss this store??).

Another Creata girl (purple) in much better shape than the first one (blonde). Lovely arms.

A huge MH doll for 2.99 (!!!! !!) I didn’t notice how horrifically she reeks of cigarette smoke until we got home. Absolute worst smelling doll I’ve thrifted so far and I’ve thrifted … quite a few … I still would have got her for that price even if I’d noticed beforehand. Two ninety nine!!!

And a batch of ponies and case for 4.99. Ridiculous.

But seriously after they close I will redo no doll March for myself. Might need to take a two month breather really, after all this. May take two months just to get the horrible smell off biggy talls there.