Suuuuper boring makeup today, but I’m going to be recording for like 10+ hours straight on MAG so comfort wins lol


“I’m not making the next record yet. I think that’s gonna take a lot of thinking about what that should be because with 1989 I love this album so much that I think it would be doing a real disservice to this album to try and copy it the next time around. I think it’s gonna have to be something real different creatively.”

150523 - SHINee comeback stage Music Core recording (please do not delete credits)

→ Just got out of music core recording. Rehersed once and recorded about 4 times. Jjong made a mistake once so there’s a half rec as well.
→ The over-hyper SHINee of the Odd promo period continued today ㅠ ㅠ They’ve been so hyper and talkative and cheery I’m losing my mind…
→ Taemin is driving me mad. He wanted to talk to the fans so much he’d talk over the PD’s standby comments and talk until the last sec.
→ Key was wearing knee length super wide pants. Taemin was also wearing mega wide ones but everyone else had normal ones xD They also had their socks pulled super high with their pants almost tucked into their socks I can’t XD
→ So Minho told us to eat right away after recording. then Taemin and minho thanked fans for the food support today and said they ate well^^
→ Taemin wanted to get his sweat wiped off too but all the coordis were busy with the others so he had to just stand there and wait. He looked embarrassed so he walked back and we were all just going “aww~~”. He finally found an opening and went in there to get cleaned up
→ Jjong realized on stage that his mic wasn’t taped on properly so he had to run back going tape! His mic was on so you could hear him talking. When taem was waiting for his turn, he walked up to the edge of the stage&started waving his hands imitating the fans there with their fans. When Onew was done he joined Taem and stood behind him also imitating the fans with his arms XD
→ Taem realized just how many fans were there today and he went oh wow really a lot of you came today, thank you ㅠ ㅠ
→ The studio was so packed today, they seated ppl on the floor, at the back, on the stairs in between the isles…basically anywhere…

→ Out of View recording, boys were once again so playfull!
→ When we were getting inside the stage light turned off
→ They kept making pretty bad jokes and sooooo strange noises OTL
→ When Jonghyun was dancing back to us and face to Taemin he kept making faces to make him laugh xD
→ Minho asked us if we had ate, we told him no so he told us to eat well after then Taemin thanks us for the food support and the members followed him, bowing at us and telling that they’ll eat it well.
→ Taemin asked us if it wasn’t tiring to keep shaking the lightstick, we told him no and he told us to change hand often. But then he was like “you’ll get tired in both arms but you’ll get muscles” ㅋㅋ
→ They started doing strange voices and baby voices and they ended up doing the intro voice of the SWCII ㅋㅋㅋ
→ For the last take Jonghyun made a mistake end so they had to stop, he kept apologizing. They all went at the side to dry their sweat. Taemin went last but couldn’t find a free cordi noona to help him so he cam in the middle of the stage alone. We laughed at him really hard xD And when a cordi noona was finally able to help him, he ran to her ㅋㅋㅋ
→ Taemin made a strange voice while talking and Key told him to not do Lee sooman voice ㅋㅋㅋ

→ They were so cute today! All were wearing dark jeans except key and taemin. Key had dark capri pants and taemin had dark retro flare jeans Taemin wore the dark flare jeans and a cap with a white blue and red sweater that said “eazy one” on it
→ After one of the recordings fimished and the shinee members pose with their back, taemin started to shake his butt~ so cute
→ The SHINee members kept making weird sounds and high pitch laughs and taemin did a weird laugh and key told him he was weird

→ Taemin was being super cute and pretending to flee the girls drying their sweat with this little shuffle run ^.^;;;
→ Omgosh it was so cute today. The atmosphere was so light and happy and the fanchants were amazing. OT5 feeling is the best in the world.
→ SHINee were making noises at each other & singing little snatches of different things & imitating each other & calling each others nicknames
→ Taemin was talking to the PD at the beginning and replying: ‘ok, ok thank you. Ok thank you’ in English ^.^

Illustration made for the Beczar Store Day event  in Padua, Italy.


Ho fatto questa per QUESTO EVENTO QUI.

Potete andarci oggi e divertirvi un sacco e trovarla esposta come stampa in serie limitata acquistabile insieme ai lavori di Alice Iuri, Claudia Clac, Chiara Cfc, Damiano Rosa, Eliana Albertini, Elisa Ferro, Fabio Marangoni, Giorgia Bressan, Irene Coletto, Marika Tamiazzo, Martina Tonello e Sara Ortolani.

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are u gonna watch muse on bbcs big weekend tonight?

as a Swede it’s my duty to watch Eurovision so i’m afraid i won’t be able to watch/listen to muse’s performance :/ but i’ll catch up on the recording afterwards.

have a lovely day and hugs to you<3

  • urasaka hijikata impression

So, before this, urata and sakata were talking about how they kept joking around while playing a game together with hijikata’s “tsukkomi” and just pretty much yelling “WHY DID YOU DIE??” all the time in his voice to each other while they were playing w. And then they sakata kept doing it and urata mentioned how he kind of sounds like him:

(Basically a recording of sakata overly-exaggerating hijikata’s voice/trying hard to imitate him and urata laughing non-stop the entire time)

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Wish You Were Here Let’s Get Together / Available at www.draw-down.com / “Let’s Get Together Before It’s Too Late— Collect Up The Ideas And Duplicate!” Poster, "Facing Pages” serves as a capsule of contemporary independent magazine publishing and is an excellent record of Facing Pages 2014, a Dutch biennale that focuses on independent European magazines. Printed in a limited run, the catalog consists of two booklets: the outer section (64 pages) is printed in four colors on matte paper and documents the lecture portion of the 2014 Biennale; the interior section (36 pages) is printed in full color on gloss paper, and presents event photographs, shots of the exhibition installation, and a full color index of covers of all magazines that were displayed as part of the 2014 exhibition, “Wish You Were Here” features Eric Elms’s interpretation of the famous WWII-vintage “Kilroy was here” character juxtaposed with a litany of iconic logos and trademarks. #graphicdesign #typography #books #posters #magazines

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OMG, so I just got an old record player off freecycle, something I've wanted for AGES and my mum reveals she's had a stack of like 50 old records in a cupboard unused since the 80s - including meat is murder amongst others ;) thought of you obs - so excited to play them all!


enjoy them!!!

all I ever wanna do is sing but also I don’t want to irritate people around me like why was I not granted a soundproof recording studio to live out my dreams in

An adjudicator from the global authority in record-breaking achievement was in Vienna, Austria to present EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre and Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand with the award on the day of the 2015 Grand Final which will be seen by nearly 200 million people in 45 countries tonight, 23rd of May.

In writing an Introduction such as this it is good to be brief. The poems printed in this book need no preliminary commendations from me or anyone else. The author has left us his own fragmentary but impressive Foreword; this, and his Poems, can speak for him, backed by the authority of his experience as an infantry soldier, and sustained by nobility and originality of style. All that was strongest in Wilfred Owen survives in his poems; any superficial impressions of his personality, any records of his conversation, behaviour, or appearance, would be irrelevant and unseemly. The curiosity which demands such morsels would be incapable of appreciating the richness of his work.

The discussion of his experiments in assonance and dissonance (of which ‘Strange Meeting’ is the finest example) may be left to the professional critics of verse, the majority of whom will be more preoccupied with such technical details than with the profound humanity of the self- revelation manifested in such magnificent lines as those at the end of his 'Apologia pro Poemate Meo’, and in that other poem which he named 'Greater Love’.

The importance of his contribution to the literature of the War cannot be decided by those who, like myself, both admired him as a poet and valued him as a friend. His conclusions about War are so entirely in accordance with my own that I cannot attempt to judge his work with any critical detachment. I can only affirm that he was a man of absolute integrity of mind. He never wrote his poems (as so many war-poets did) to make the effect of a personal gesture. He pitied others; he did not pity himself. In the last year of his life he attained a clear vision of what he needed to say, and these poems survive him as his true and splendid testament.

Wilfred Owen was born at Oswestry on 18th March 1893. He was educated at the Birkenhead Institute, and matriculated at London University in 1910. In 1913 he obtained a private tutorship near Bordeaux, where he remained until 1915. During this period he became acquainted with the eminent French poet, Laurent Tailhade, to whom he showed his early verses, and from whom he received considerable encouragement. In 1915, in spite of delicate health, he joined the Artists’ Rifles O.T.C., was gazetted to the Manchester Regiment, and served with their 2nd Battalion in France from December 1916 to June 1917, when he was invalided home. Fourteen months later he returned to the Western Front and served with the same Battalion, ultimately commanding a Company.

He was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry while taking part in some heavy fighting on 1st October. He was killed on 4th November 1918, while endeavouring to get his men across the Sambre Canal.

A month before his death he wrote to his mother: “My nerves are in perfect order. I came out again in order to help these boys; directly, by leading them as well as an officer can; indirectly, by watching their sufferings that I may speak of them as well as a pleader can.” Let his own words be his epitaph:—

             "Courage was mine, and I had mystery;
              Wisdom was mine, and I had mastery.“

                                            Siegfried Sassoon.

—  Siegfried Sassoon’s introduction to the volume of Wilfred Owen’s poems.