Hey! Who dis cutie taking selfies in the lift at work…. oh yeah….that’s me 🙈😂😍😅😏🔥💯👌🏼✌🏼💕

gothamghouls  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you have any of the bloodborne art you've done available in a print? :o

hi! unfortunately I don’t, but i’m.. sort of planning to put a bunch of old + new sketches into a little zine or something, if anyone’s interested in that sort of thing! I’ll probably do one for my dragon age stuff too if the bloodborne one does okay.

living with a minimum wage job is freaking impossible, man. like, i don’t even have a minimum wage job - the job i just got pays over 40k/year, which makes me think (naively) that i can pay off my 51k student loan debt (lol thx grad school) in like, 3 years.

but after doing all the calculations of taxes, health insurance, retirement plan, and budget (including rent, bills, etc), i only have about $700 left over each month. if every last penny of that went to my loans, i would have them paid off in EIGHT YEARS (bc, interest rates). and that’s not including needed to add to my savings fund or for my wedding.

tldr i make double of what minimum wage is, and if I’m struggling, i can’t even imagine what it’s like to try to pay back loans while working at the minimum wage.


nothing makes me more emo than people not considering xero a rapper.