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there are indian shawols who are actually p pissed about the jonghyun vcr so dont fucking speak for indian shawols

Now show me your receipts.
I’ve also seen people attacking those who are not offended (telling them to shut up etc), it’s really getting out of hand. 

Also in my opinion ya’ll should stop seeing everything as people trying to make fun of you/offend you. I’d call it cultural appreciation and and not appropriation. If SHINee wore my country’s traditional clothing and danced I’d be happy they took interest in my country and save the screenshot from the performance to set it as my wallpaper. 

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i'll do you one better, stein is a giant from the land of giants and marie is his pixie/fairy wife

okay but listen to me right now

this is honestly the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever heard, okay? It’s fucking amazing. Marie is this Lightning Bug Fairy/Pixie and she’s like minuscule, okay? She’s got this big golden wings which are larger than her body and leave this beautiful golden fairy dust in her wake and they’re iridescent and she lights up bright yellow in the dark and she’s legit so damn gorgeous but like a grand total of a couple of feet tall and Stein’s this massive man with massive hands and he hits the ceiling almost everywhere he goes even if it’s giant friendly so always stooped and hunched over and there’s like a five foot height difference between the two of them but he’ll be like in a bar or something brooding with Spirit who is a werewolf and then this drink comes in front of them and they’re both confused like ‘I didn’t order anything???’ and the bartender rolls their eyes and points to the corner where like Mummy!Nygus and Vampire!Azusa and Fairy!Marie are sitting and Stein’s like ‘oh, okay, one of them ordered it for Spirit 

and Spirit’s lifting his brows over at the table like ‘yooo imma get lucky TONIGHT’ but they all make bleh faces at him and the bartender’s like ‘Not you, you dummy, she specified ‘the tall one’’ and they’re both like ‘whAT?’ because Stein’s a fucking nerd and he looks like a fucking nerd, but like, not everyone can be Wolf!Fabio you feel? and eventually Marie gets up after much encouragement from her friends (and slight apprehension) and she stands (floats? i want her flying man) in front of the table like ‘Hi! I didn’t know what you’d like but I figured to go the safe bet and get you beer’ and Stein’s just staring at her before he stands up and he pretty much goes to the ceiling and she almost breaks her neck looking at him but she’s still smiling and Stein’s shOOK. WHo is this woman??? how is she so small? why is she so pretty?????

long story short, they end up married and have a kid and the kid takes after Stein and like people are so confused, how did the two of them have sex??? what did they DO??? how the baby end up like that??? iT CAME FROM HER?????

but basically, yes. Stein goes to introduce Marie to his actual giant family in the legit land of giants and they’re like ‘???? where is she???’ looking around and she just casually floats up to be eye level with them all chipper and shit like ‘hello! It’s me!’ and they’re just gushing over her and calling her ‘Tinkerbell’ and she’s kind of like ‘oh my god, nooo, i’m no celebrity!’ but they’re so in love and she basically flies up so she can smooch him and he almost always sits down while she stands so they can be kind of eye level to cuddle and yes

actual giant Stein and his pixie/fairy wife Marie 

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who's more of a team mom Makato from free, Yuri from Yuri on Ice, Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, or Suga from Haikyuu?

Suga wins for sure!! Makoto is more Haru oriented, Yuri is not a mom at all he’s the lusty friend and Kurapika disappears for months. Suga’s the one who supports the team and each teammate individually like the momma hen and her baby chicks.

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so I've heard a bunch of people talking about Tales of THATTOWN but I don't know anything about it so I haven't listened. Can you tell me what it's about before I go download it?

Ok so Tales of THATTOWN is in the same vein as King Falls AM and WTNV if they were set in the Deep South (aka Alabama).

You have a cast of characters that include Jesse who, as far as I can tell, is the straight man to the towns weirdness. Josh who is possessed by something that calls itself Other Josh. And Ashlee who moved from Florida and accidentally became the leader of an Auto Cult when she tried to get her stolen car back.

You also have things like marauding zombies who whisper your deepest secrets to you, an official Town Wizard, and casual demon possessions.

The creators are really nice (they’ve put up trigger warnings and cleared up my worries about mental health being used as a monster trope) and it’s also going to join the ranks of LGBTQ Podcasts very soon :D

The first episode is very much a tester though and the rest of the podcast is done differently so if you’re giving it a chance I would listen to 2-3 episode if you can!