Chicago Convention Q&A’s:  Rebecca Mader

These are not exact quotes.  It’s from memory and I’m tired and sick so I apologize… I also had two meet and greets with Bex so I may include things in here that she said in those because I can’t remember what was from what….

  • She wanted to play Ariel.
  • She was bullied a lot as a child because of her hair.
  • The London convention was the first time her family had gotten to see how big it was.  Her father?  Maybe her brother… was surprised when fans wanted selfies with him.
  • She watched Sisters with her family and her brother in law asked her if she was crying watching it and called her a looser when she said yes.
  • Her sister is her best friend.
  • She got the part when walking her dog and starving (and holding a bag of dog shit) “If you are holding the bag of dog shit the dog has won.”
  • Her agents wanted to find out what the part was first but she told them just to take it.
  • She met Lana at a party where they watched the Once pilot at a mutual friends house and was jealous because their pilot was so much better than the one she’d just done (that got cancelled in two weeks).
  • She said the green makeup takes off lots of layers of her skin and it keeps her looking young (but is also painful).  But sometimes if she hasn’t been green in a while she misses it.
  • That she nearly strangled poor Jared Gilmore to death and he had to ask her not to do it so tightly after a few takes.
  • She got a green apple dress “a bit on the nose but it works!” (at a meet and greet she later said her fiance found it for her in a shop in England).
  • She became really great friends with Christie and shooting the morphing scenes was really weird.
  • She kept cracking up Lana out of shot during this scene as soon as she was wheeled through the doorway she’d say something different…
  • Zelena didn’t have any ulterior motives in giving Belle the sleeping curse.  She was trying to help.  But she was mostly wanting to go back to her drinking.
  • She wasn’t used to playing happy in green on the bike scene.
  • Zelena would bring back Cora over her adoptive mother.  She was told that her adoptive mother also made her hide who she was and she’d want a relationship with someone who let her be who she was…
  • The dog playing Toto was “spray painted” gray but was really another color and during the late in the day scenes where she was dognapping him the color was coming off because of the Vancouver weather.
  • Everyone comes up with their own style of magic casting.  They don’t have set rules or copy each other.
  • She wouldn’t answer questions about the baby’s name but said that it was significant and that Zelena has a say in it.
  • She said that she loves Emilie de Ravin and just wants to wrap her up in a blanket and protect her from the world.

Storybrooke convention in London.
Best day of my life by far 24/04/16


Seeing as we find out what Baby Hood’s name is this Sunday, seems fitting to post this today :)


Dated Hedwig album art for this week. We only have two shows recorded! The audio from May 6 is painful for me to listen to as my laugh is all over it (including things I wouldn’t laugh at now I fully understand them but ah well) but I am super excited to revisit it. And for the 7th we’ll be watching the video bootleg, but there is also the audio one. Let me know if you are interested in a group-watch on Saturday! To find the audio bootlegs remember you can use @cathymnk’s amazing masterpost.

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