The AI was not keen with the idea of being moved… But the engineer had told him beforehand that he would be attending a electronic show in England, which meant the AI would have to either stay in [The World], or attend the trip into another place in the Real World. 

              And already the AI was finding himself both confused and frustrated. Their customs were different where he was last at, and it took some time to gain a translator for himself to fully understand these people. He wandered without the engineer, finding himself among the streets with such a regal and lavish feel. Azure Kite didn’t care for it, but he walked on.

               But, he hadn’t really thought about this certain place he found himself entering. It looked rather nice, with all the small cakes and teas. All baked within if he was analyzing these people properly. There was someone before him too in line, a man in blue clothes.

                “…” But the AI stared on, not at all blinking.

You should see the other guy… 😂 Counter ambush vehicle tactics by @realworld_tactical. Highly recommended if you are local to south Florida, or if you are willing to travel. Check out the link in my bio for upcoming courses. #glockfanatics #realworldtactical

Silent Day || (Real!World OPEN))

            [The World: R2] was still in peace, for the most part. Under the peaceful days within the Datastream, he would sleep within the integral coding, dreaming the memories that would be there at his disposal. Azure Kite, the Azure Flame God and one of the loyal Knights to Aura herself, would dream and relax, await his orders and do what was needed…

            But, the powerful AI was not within [The World]. As a matter of fact, he was staring at the bright morning through the lenses of the platform, green like his own eyes when he would not be hostile. His name here was Kaito, by the creator of the platform he moved. He couldn’t even return back into the network, which made him worried.

            She was without a Knight… And her Knight wished to return.

            Frustration was evident with the water that had tried to fall down his cheeks. It was a very human-like body, able to pass as a human to the populace… When in fact it was quite the android, a machination made by one man’s hand. The teenage being had to walk on his own way back towards the inventor’s house, wishing greatly to return home.

            Yet, something caught his eyes, a park, where a ball would roll along the grass and onto his path.

            “Hmm?” curiosity won him over, as he knelt down to poke the object.

Getting ready for Counter Ambush Vehicle Tactics Next Saturday with @realworld_tactical. They just posted new courses that are available for registration on their website:
Sept 19 Urban Handgun Initiative Level II
Oct 17 Counter Ambush Vehicle Tactics
November 21 Action Carbine Level II
For those interested, Active or prior Law Enforcement or Military can attend without prerequisites for UHI-Level II or CAVT all courses will be held in Miami, Florida. Information can be found on our website have a great Mothers Day.
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Favourite drink: this blended coffee drink called a salted caramel Grenita.
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Snippet from today’s counter ambush vehicle tactics class with @realworld_tactical. This drill, and others were a warmup for when we got to the vehicle. Run about 10-15 yards then 3 shots at each cone, all in the A zone. Last cone, 3 to the body, 3 to the head. Got to work on a lot of fundamentals before transitioning to vehicle tactics. More clips coming… #realworldtactical #glockfanatics #erathr3 #underarmor

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A- Always by Panic! At the Disco

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Y- Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

R- Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

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