someone’s out there, waiting for me [ richie tozier x reader ]

summary: richie loves (name), but she moved away

warnings: angst i guess

a/n: tbh super angsty these days. song fic, actually, SONG HERE: cuco - lava lamp . also, requested by anon:  Firstly, I love your writing!!❤ but can you please do a Richie x reader in which the reader and Richie build up a relationship starting with friendship and she’s one of the few people who love his sense of humour? Then during the IT attack, the reader is almost killed by Pennywise. Please can there be loads of fluff? 

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You’re a million miles away
The bridge between winter and summer
Seems like a bummer, but it’s worth the wait

You and Richie Tozier had been friends since kindergarten, and he had had such a fiery crush on you all those years and hid it not as skillfully as he had imagined he did. His group of friends – The Losers Club, - had known about this puppy love for years now and never failed to tease and belittle him for it. All in good spirits, of course, mostly just for him to man up and ask you out before someone else did. You were a popular girl, hung out with the popular kids and listened to popular songs and you very rarely saw Richie Trashmouth Tozier, or the Losers for that matter. That doesn’t mean that once you did all meet up you weren’t the sweetest, kindest and in a sense dorkiest, of the bunch and you always laughed at Richie jokes even when no one else would. Which was pretty often.

And Richie misses you. He misses you so much that the summer air isn’t as warm and the sun doesn’t shine as bright. He tried to forget you. Forget your smile, forget the strange motions you did with your hands when you talked, forget your adorable laughter and eyes that burned like embers in the dark. But he can’t. You are so far away, and he can’t help but wonder, staring into the depths of his bedroom ceiling, do you miss him just as much as he misses you?

You promised to call him. You promised to visit as soon as next summer. And next summer came. But there isn’t a trace of you left behind.

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Make-believe - Tommy

prompt: “Just pretend to be my date.” with tommy

The teapot whined as you pulled it from the hob, catching it just as it had begun to boil, and moving it from the heat - Tommy didn’t like his tea scolding. Hot but drinkable, that was the way. You filled the two cups you’d laid out, your finest china (admittedly it wasn’t all that fine), before carrying them to your small table. ‘Here,’ you said as you set them down. ‘Are you hungry?’

Tommy shook his head and pulled his tea closer, the movement scrunching the cotton tablecloth under his saucer. ‘I’m alright, thank-you.’

You nodded and took the seat opposite. The china warmed your palms as you cupped it, eyes on Tommy. He was so relaxed, so at home, that if you didn’t live here yourself you’d have assumed he did. 

‘You’ve done the place up nice,’ he commented, taking in your modest decor. He hadn’t seen it since you’d first bought it and he and the rest of the lads had helped you move in. A lot had changed since then. Your home decorating skills had certainly improved.

‘I did what I could.’ You smiled. It was subtle, but personalised, and it welcomed you home after a hard day. That was all it needed to be, welcoming. Somehow Tommy had the same feeling. ‘So,’ you purred, ‘what brings you to the area?’

‘I can’t stop by to see you, just because?’ His lips pulled into a sly smile. He already knew the answer; Thomas Shelby always had an agenda. 

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There's a dark room inside of my head (Jason ToddxReader)




“(y/n)…? Are you listening?”

The latter snaps out of her thoughts and faces Jason, if it were a different situation she would’ve just laughed at the look he was giving her, but it wasn’t.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“I said you can head upstairs to my room, I’ll follow in a few. Bruce still has something to fill us in on.”

“I…I’m going home for today, Jason.”

“Wait, what?”

“I have something I need to do.” (y/n) turns around in haste, about to leave. “I’ll come by the manor tomorrow-” Jason quickly grabs her hand, forcing her to stop and face him.

“What’s wrong…?” He asks, a serious look masking his face. (y/n) could only swallow a lump that formed in her throat.


“Something’s up with you, what happened?”

“Nothing happened, what are you talking about?” She looks away from his hard gaze. Jason catches this and places a warm hand on her cheek.



“Fine. But we’re not done talking about this,” He sighs, letting of her to run a hand through his hair. He watches the relief wash over her as she prepares to leave again.

“I’m borrowing your bike,”

“Obviously, as if I’d let you walk home.” He scoffs. (y/n) gives him a sheepish smile, placing a quick peck on his lips before heading over to Jason’s bike.

“Why’s (y/n) leaving?” Dick suddenly appears behind him, eyes directed towards the latter.

“She said she needed to go home.”

“Home? But she practically lives here,” Dick watches as the said person starts up the bike, the sound of the motor picks up as (y/n) leaves without looking back. “Did something happen?”

“That’s what I’d like to know as well…” Jason contemplates for a while, whether he should go after (y/n) or leave the situation for tomorrow, but decides to give her some time to herself.


The sound of glass breaking makes (y/n) cringe as she realizes what happened. She bends down, hastily picking up the pieces of the broken mug with a sigh. (y/n) retracts her hand, a gasp escapes her lips when she accidentally cuts herself.


The door to (y/n)’s apartment suddenly smacks open, she was terribly sure that the lock was broken now. Jason rushes in the small kitchen, the alarmed look on his face dies down into relief when he sees (y/n) unharmed.

“J-Jason…? What are you doing here?” You stand up to face him.

“Shit, I heard something break. I thought you were…” He awkwardly coughs. “I might have broken your door…”

“I figured as much.”

“Blood…your hand is bleeding! What the hell happened?!”

“I’m fine, I accidentally knocked off the-”

“Fine my ass, there’s a lot of blood!”

“As if that’s a new sight for you,” Jason gives her an unimpressed look. He helps her up, carefully dragging her hand to the sink. The running water washes the blood off of her hands.

“Is your first aid kit still stocked?”

“Last time I checked, it was.”

“Stay here, I’ll go get it.”


(y/n) heaves a tired sigh, watching Jason wrap the gauze around her palm. It’s been a long minute and she was waiting for him to say something, knowing that they still had a conversation to finish. As the other finishes the final touches, he gently lifts her hand towards him and places a quick kiss on it before letting go and packing up the first aid kit.

“Aren’t you going to…ask about what happened?” (y/n) mutters, slightly unsure if she shouldn’t have asked.

“No.” The straightforward answer of his surprises her, confusion clear as day on her face.


“I changed my mind. I won’t force you to tell me something you aren’t ready to tell. And I won’t ask you as well, I’ll wait for you to talk about it.” Jason reaches a hand towards (y/n)’s face, pinching her nose out of the blue. The surprised look on her face elicits a laugh from him, and he lets go. He stands up, taking the first aid kit with him as he heads to the bathroom. Jason stops afoot when a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

“What’s with the sudden hug…?” A smile is painted on his lips, a crinkle of amusement in his eyes was present.

“Thank you…for understanding.”


requested by @tiedyespacesuit <3
  Could I request an imagine where the reader is a young actress and Bill’s friend and she doesn’t have much confidence in herself and one day Bill catches her singing a song of the musical she’s in?

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“The hills are alive, with the sound of music!”

Bill looks up in awe; he had been passing by the rehearsal hall after a long day of work. The door was pried open and hushed voices echoed. Curious to what was going on, he decided to peek inside and see who was up next. He was surprised to see it was you. You had talent, raw unfiltered charm and a tendency to take up complex roles that you would feel at the very embers of your soul. But you lacked confidence and for that you only did private shows to friends. Bill included, of course. To tell the truth, he had always thought you were a bit scared of him. Possibly because he was a better known actor and you didn’t want to appear frail in front of him. Or…It was something else. He hoped it was the second option.

And your voice! So smooth, melancholic and melodious and it carries through the hall and the people in the front scribble something down onto their notepads pleased. You continue. Your voice and face carry strong emotion, your hands clench by your sides and it seems like you are giving this performance, one performance, a mere rehearsal, everything you have because without a role you would have nothing. Bill takes a seat at the very back. He will wait for you to finish. And then he will tell you just how absolutely fantastic you are.

He catches you behind closed doors since you leave through a different exit. He calls after you and startled you perk up and smile at him, about to ask what’s up but he beats you to it, “I didn’t know you have an amazing voice and personality to go along with it.” You gulp. He grins stupidly; overly proud of himself for making you blush.

“You…snuck in, didn’t you?”

Bill shrugs, “Can you blame me?”

“Yes, actually! I can!”

He laughs, “Well, then…how about you blame me tomorrow. At 8 p.m. That is, of course, if you have no other rehearsals to hide from me.”

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hard day [Namjoon]


pairings: Namjoon x Reader
word count: 329
genre: kinda fluffy

When you received his text asking if you were still awake, you knew something had to have been up. Namjoon wasn’t the type to risk waking you if he didn’t need something. You replied back quickly to him, worry filling you. He didn’t answer when you asked what was wrong, but he promised to be home shortly.

You waited for him on the couch, ready to see your boyfriend after his long day spent at the recording studio. You figured something bad must have happened for him to return so soon, his nights usually last until early morning hours.

When he walked through the door with a frown etched in his face, your hunch was correct.

“Joon?” You got up and made you way over to him as he took his shoes off by the door. “What’s up, baby?”

He simply sighed in reply, shaking his head. “Nothing for you to worry about, babygirl.”

The moment his shoes were off he stood upright and encased you in a tight hug, breathing in the scent of your shampoo mixed with his body wash you loved to use. You didn’t push him any further, leaning into his touch and allowing him to relax against you.

His job was stressful, and you tried your hardest to be the stress relief he needed. “I missed you.”

You smiled at that, unable to stop the warm butterflies from filling your stomach. You pulled back from him, cupping his cheeks in your hand, running your thumbs over the curves of his dimples when he smiled in return at you. “Me too, Joonie.”

He leaned down and pressed a warm kiss against your lips, pulling you flush against him as he savored the taste of you after such a hard day at work. It was only after you both were panting quietly and needy for more touches that he whispered an airy “I love you.” before picking you up and walking you back to your room.

Inktober Day 18, The Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin, with crows, nib pen and ink on paper

The 9 books in the series involve dozens of characters (including the city of San Francisco) over decades. It began as a serialization in a San Francisco paper in the 1970s and continued to follow its characters as they were affected by the AIDS outbreak, as well as other major local and world events - I won’t spoil it by going into details, but it gets pretty zany. The final book takes the surviving characters to Burning Man. I am so sad the series has come to an end.

One of my greatest regrets in life is that I was in San Francisco a few years ago for a conference and failed to skip off for a few hours to go to an Armistead Maupin book signing. What a mistake!

Not a great drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge nor of a cable car, but it’s the thought that counts. Or the crows.

Kiss Already! (Legolas X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Legolas X Fem!Reader

Universe: LOTR

Warnings: Mild spoilers of LOTR

Request: Omg! Are you still doing LOTR? If you are, would you mind doing a Legolas x reader where she’s a girl dropped from our world into Middle Earth, and as a side effect of that has ended up immortal but anyways something fluffy maybe? Thank you!

Originally posted by tolkiensource

It had been a week now, and you were still waiting for yourself to wake up. For someone to pinch you and to wake up in your bed.

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i was thinking, if i made a part 3 of reputation would you guys read it if i made a plot twist that stan used to really like the reader but hid how he felt after he found out about all the things she’d done? like, look at how stan looks at beverly with utter disgust because he believed all the rumours about her.

so, idk. everyone has been asking for a part 3 of reputation and it’s kind of difficult to come up with ideas, but i feel like if i did something like this i could make a lot more parts to it? basically it would kind of turn into a love triangle?? 

I Really Like You!EXO Oh Sehun x Reader

Chapter 19:

Dinner Date (Love)


****** I don’t own this song. Also, this is my first time writing a smut, so no judgments.******

Your POV

This was it.

Sehun placed his lips on mine as we slowly made our way into the room. He wrapped his hands around my thighs to pick me up. His kisses were so soft and full of passion. I wasn’t scared of what was about to happen. All I want is him tonight.

Sehun’s POV

Tonight is perfect.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Then her arms snaked around my neck as I continued to kiss her. I knew that tonight will be an important night for her. I want to make it special.


Sehun walked over to the bed and laid (Y/N) down gently. He made his way down her neck and left soft kisses down her neck and made his way back to her lips. (Y/N) moaned softly and tighten her grip around his neck to deepen the kiss. They pulled apart to catch their breath. Sehun ran his hand down the side of her face and (Y/N) leaned into his touch and kissed his hand as it passed her lips. He then played with her bottom lip and leaned back in to kiss her.

Your POV

I could feel his hand running down my side and I couldn’t help but moan. It was like his touch turned me on so much. I pulled away from him and started to unbutton his shirt. Sehun just stared into my eyes as my hands did their work to discard his top. Once I fully opened his shirt, I could see his fully toned body. I mean I’ve seen it before, but today was different. He leaned back in and started to kiss my neck. I moan once he hit that spot and arched my back a bit. I could feel his hands make their way to my sides. He gripped my side with just enough pressure to make me moan out loud and took the opportunity to kiss me again, but this time inserting his tongue. I could feel his hands make their way to the back of my dress and play with the zipper. Again pulling away, leaving me to sigh from the emptiness from my mouth. Sehun pulled me up to sitting and started to pull the zipper of my dress down. I felt a bit embarrassed, but he kissed me to ensure that it was alright. I love how his lip feels against my heated skin and how his cool hands ran across my shoulders as he slid off my dress. Once I was out of my dress, the cool air touched my skin, leaving chills to tingle down my spine.

Sehun’s POV

Just seeing her in just her black undergarments, made me want to attack her, but I restrained myself. Tonight was her night. I want to make her feel good and not scare her. I could tell she was super embarrassed to be in the state she is now. So I kissed her cheeks and forehead. She seemed to like it. I left butterfly kisses down her neck to her shoulders. I could hear her soft sighs, which made me go further. She lifted her legs so that I could slide her dress off. After the dress was off, I kissed her calves. I picked her up again to lay her in the center of the bed and crawled over her. As I hovered over her now semi-naked body, she ran her hands down my back. Her hands were so soft and I got addicted to her touch. Kissing her once more before leaving a trail of kiss down her chest and stomach. Once my lips reached her navel, I glanced up to see her staring back at me. Lust glazing her eyes and chest heaving just slightly. I kissed my way back to the valley of her breast and left a mark right in the center. My actions made her moan, which to me sounded heavenly. I couldn’t get enough. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it slip from her slim shoulders. Quick to cover, she wrapped her arms around her chest as her face turn red from bareness of her breast. I just kissed her and removed her arms.

“You’re beautiful.”

I said pulling away and coming right back. She melted into the kiss and let me gently grab a hold of her right breast. I lowered my head to the left one and kissed it, making her moan loudly and arch her back. Pushing her breast into my mouth, I started to suck on the nipple, while I played with the other in my left hand.

Your POV

‘OMG!! What is this feeling? It feels so good.’ His mouth was working wonders on my breast. All I could feel was pure pleasure. He switched actions so that both got their equal work. After a while, he leaned back to kiss me. I couldn’t control myself and worked my way down to his belt. Quickly making work, with unbuckling it. He pulled from me and quickly took off his pants along with his boxers. Once my eyes saw his harden cock, they widen. 'Just how the heck it that suppose to fit within me?’ He kissed down my stomach again, but this time made it down to my underwear. He grabbed them with his teeth and pulled them down while staring into my eyes.Once they reached the end of their journey, he took them off and threw them to the ground. He then left a trail of kissed back up my legs, and once his breath reached my heated core, I let out a desperate moan.


I screamed as his tongue ran up my wet folds, and as he sucked on my clit, I grabbed his soft hair. I felt so much pleasure that, I didn’t realize he slipped a finger in me, till he hit that right spot.

“Ugh… Yes… S..Sehun right there.”

Sehun crawled back to my face and kissed me. I could taste myself on his tongue, but I didn’t care. His finger was still working as he continued to kiss me. Then a second finger was added, stretching my walls and all I could do was moan in delight. After some time he added a third, I could feel myself stretch even more, but the pain was bearable. Once the pain subsided, my hips just started to move. It was like, I had lost control of my body and it had a mind of their own and all it wanted pleasure. I could feel myself getting close to release. My stomach tightens and I hit a mind-blowing orgasm.


Sehun pulled his fingers out, making me moan from lost of attention. He looked me in the eyes as he put his fingers in his mouth to clean them. I moaned again and rolling me eyes back. 'How can he look so fucking hot as he licks me off his fingers?’

“I’m going to continue,ok?”


He gave himself a quick rub, before aligning up with my core. He leaned back down to kiss me, as he slides himself in. I could feel him tearing and stretching me. 'Many of my friends said the first time was super painful, but it’s not as bad as I though.’ Once he was fully in, he didn’t move so I could get used to fullness inside me. After a few seconds, I kissed to tell him that he could start moving. He slowly pulled himself out and back in. Sehun started with a slow pace, but I was a little ready for more.

“Shit. (Y/N), you’re so fucking tight.”

“Sehunnn!!! Faster… please.”

I was a moaning mess, but hey, he was so great.

Sehun’s POV

I thrust into her faster as her cries for more drove my wild. I was still trying to be gentle with her, but it was hard since her cries fed me. She wrapped her arm around my back and her nails dug their way into my back. It felt so good. I could feel her getting close, as she tightened around me.

Ugh!! Yes… Sehunnn… yes… yes… ughhhh!!!”

Her nails started to rake down my back, it was a good type of pain and tuned me in to make her feel bliss. I thrust harder and faster and could feel my end coming. (Y/N) let out a single cry and threw her head back as she hit her release. I came seconds after her. Her arms were tightly around me, as if she let go, I would fade away. So I lifted my head and kissed her one last time. As I pulled out, I could hear her sigh. I continued to kiss her face and neck as she calmed down. Once I sat up, she was already asleep and I laughed to myself. I got up to head to the bathroom. I wet a towel and cleaned her up. Then hopped into bed with her, grabbed the sheets to wrap around us and closed my eyes.


Sehun wrapped his strong arms around (Y/N)’s thin waist and placed his head in the crook of her neck.

“(Y/N). I love you.”

They both fell asleep, knowing that their love for each other, only grew stronger.

King Who Got Jealous

You held firmly onto the life sized Manaphy plushie that your beat friend, George William Fredrick, got you for your birthday.

“Oh, this is the best present ever,” you exclaimed, kissing the toy on top of its blue head. “Now, I have just to think of a name for it.”

George, or as he like to be called, King George smiled at you fondly.

“You’re always talking about how much you love this Pokemon so with some arrangements, I was able to have one made for you,” he explained. He pointed to one of the flippers/hands. “Squeeze it.”

Doing as instructed, you couldn’t help the squeal of excitement when you heard the large plush said lines from the Pokemon Ranger movie.“Okay. You’re, like, forever my best friend.”

King George smiled, but I didn’t seem to reach his eyes much as he watched you love the plush.

“Hey,” he started. “Um…could you-”

You interrupted him by saying a what. You both stared at each other before you kissed the Manaphy.

He tried a few times to calmly say what he wanted but, being either ignored or stopped short by you jumping in, King George pulled the plushie from your arms and held it above his head.

“Pay attention to me!”

King George stuttered out an spology. “Sorry. I didn’t mean-”

“So much jealousy over a plushie,” you snickered, jumping up and grabbing the Manaphy from him. Using a finger, you poked his nose. “Just for that, I’m naming George. King George.”

“How dare you give him that title,” he gasped. You only walked away from him, placing Manaphy so his head was facing George.

“Should’ve thought of that before getting jealous of a plushie, you big baby.”

King George smirked before jogging up to you. “Excuse you. It’s king baby, thank you.”