Leon Through the years
  • RE2 Leon: I gotta protect the innocents!
  • RE4 Leon: I gotta protect YOU as a Innocent...
  • RE Degeneration: Gotta Rescue the Innocents
  • RE Damnation: So many Innocents may become victims if We don't stop this...
  • RE6 Leon: I've lost 70.000 innocents...

RESIDENT EVIL 6 ada wong

“ Your hatred for Simmons drove you to tear down the world they created, but it was your conscience, Carla, that saw you fail. After all, isn’t that why you brought me into this? It’s a shame. If you had only sought vengeance against Simmons alone, I would have helped you.

Resident Evil Codenames
  • Chris: From now on we will be using code names. You can refer to me as eagle 1
  • Chris: Jill- Been there, done that
  • Chris: Piers- Currently doing that
  • Chris: Sheva- Happened once in a dream
  • Chris: Leon- If I had to pick another dude
  • Chris: Ada- I'd be lying if I haven't thought of it
  • Chris: Wesker
  • Chris: ...
  • Chris: Eagle 2
  • Wesker: Oh thank god
Leon through the years
  • RE2 Leon: Why's Ada gone?
  • RE4 Leon: Why's Ashley Gone?!
  • RE Degen: Why's Angela NOT gone?
  • RE Damn: Why's the Sample gone?
  • RE6: Why's the President gone?
  • RE Vendetta: WHY IS THE RUM GONE?!

this is after Piers dragged Chris from a drunkyard and gearing up for the mission in RE6. i just learned a word ‘hounding’ means to pursue or search for someone relentlessly, sounds like a dog? sound like puppy Piers XD my hopeless hope is Piers DLC with him searching for Chris and going through every sort of hardship but never giving up XD. that’s what Piers is, never giving up on his captain ;v;  

A little late, but Happy Valentines! <3

I felt a wave of nostalgia today so I rushed to make a quick Nivanfield sketch for the occasion before going to bed. I haven’t been around tumblr much in the past months, and I’ll tell you one of the reasons of this tomorrow. I’ve been part of a little (big!) project that is somewhat related to Resident Evil, and it’s really exciting!! I really can’t wait for tomorrow.

On another note I still have to complete Resident Evil 7. I couldn’t play much lately but I’m slooowly getting there. I’m quite liking it so far :D


I was watching Kingsman 2 trailer where Harry seemed to be in some sort of room, shaving and Eggsy saw him alive and well, exclaiming ‘fuck me.’ Couldn’t help thinking what if it was NivanField! I’ve drawn Piers a little too detached so I made him complain detachedly, lol. Probably he’s been detained (for sure, right? With the virus in him) and was waiting to see his Captain.

And the poster! I suck at Photoshop so it’s not much…just an ideaJ. Picture of rifle is from Wiki.

I’m starting a little Kingsman 1 AU and also having Mad Max Fury Road’s AU in mind, plus a 2 pages fancomic for RedfieldandNivans’s fanfic…and other things to come. Where’s my time for work and my (as little as it already is) social life!? XDDDD