Resident Evil Codenames
  • Chris: From now on we will be using code names. You can refer to me as eagle 1
  • Chris: Jill- Been there, done that
  • Chris: Piers- Currently doing that
  • Chris: Sheva- Happened once in a dream
  • Chris: Leon- If I had to pick another dude
  • Chris: Ada- I'd be lying if I haven't thought of it
  • Chris: Wesker
  • Chris: ...
  • Chris: Eagle 2
  • Wesker: Oh thank god

A little late, but Happy Valentines! <3

I felt a wave of nostalgia today so I rushed to make a quick Nivanfield sketch for the occasion before going to bed. I haven’t been around tumblr much in the past months, and I’ll tell you one of the reasons of this tomorrow. I’ve been part of a little (big!) project that is somewhat related to Resident Evil, and it’s really exciting!! I really can’t wait for tomorrow.

On another note I still have to complete Resident Evil 7. I couldn’t play much lately but I’m slooowly getting there. I’m quite liking it so far :D


piers “fight me (ง'̀-‘́)ง” nivans

“You know, it’s a good thing for you ya didn’t kill the captain back there. Otherwise you’d be dead right now. You can’t imagine my delight at having to escort your ass out of here.“
“Jesus Christ, do you ever shut up? What, are you trying to piss me off?“
“I don’t trust you, and I don’t like you.“