A little late, but Happy Valentines! <3

I felt a wave of nostalgia today so I rushed to make a quick Nivanfield sketch for the occasion before going to bed. I haven’t been around tumblr much in the past months, and I’ll tell you one of the reasons of this tomorrow. I’ve been part of a little (big!) project that is somewhat related to Resident Evil, and it’s really exciting!! I really can’t wait for tomorrow.

On another note I still have to complete Resident Evil 7. I couldn’t play much lately but I’m slooowly getting there. I’m quite liking it so far :D

Resident Evil Codenames
  • Chris: From now on we will be using code names. You can refer to me as eagle 1
  • Chris: Jill- Been there, done that
  • Chris: Piers- Currently doing that
  • Chris: Sheva- Happened once in a dream
  • Chris: Leon- If I had to pick another dude
  • Chris: Ada- I'd be lying if I haven't thought of it
  • Chris: Wesker
  • Chris: ...
  • Chris: Eagle 2
  • Wesker: Oh thank god