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Lindsey Way ‘Shitty Teen’ & Jessicka Addams ‘Please Stop Loving Me’ @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. 05/02/16

feat. Valarie Bermudez, Peca, Lena Rushing, Ave Rose, and Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

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agoddamn asked:

I can perfectly understand how to pronounce Shenmei, but I have no idea how to pronounce Arete. Apparently it's a Poseidon-related pun, but my brain keeps saying "French for stop but slightly misspelled".

Arete can be pronounced ah-reh-tay or ah-reh-tee

I usually go with the latter because that’s how I was introduced to the word

stress is always on the last syllable tho


to camelot 1/? ~ Merlin

Merlin is a fatherless child, a wizard, a prophet, and an advisor to Arthur. Some believe he knows the future because he lives backwards in time and others claim he is a servant of the devil. Merlin taught his magical powers to his love Nimue, who betrayed him and drove him mad. Now he sleeps beneath a tree, hidden deep in the wilderness, dreaming of long lost ages and waiting for the second reign of Arthur, at which time Merlin wll awaken and stand beside his king once more.

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