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Even from a distance, the villa looked enormous. Shouyou could see it perched on the hill from the time he set out from the temple, gleaming white under the sun during the day, and lit up by fires shining within its walls when he stopped at an inn for the night.

He had always seen it, of course, from the time he’d been small, allowed to play outside the temple in the dirt with the other children. The Centurion’s Villa, the owner of the land they lived on. For that privilege, they were taxed, though not an unfair amount. Every month, the temple sent an acolyte to deliver the payment to the villa, as a sign of respect to the one who lived there.

For years, one of the priests had been the one to make the trip, but he had twisted his ankle two nights previous. In his stead, the elders had selected Shouyou to go, because he was young and had enough energy for the trek.

They were concerned about his manners and how he would present himself to the villa on the hill, but after much lecturing, he was sent off, to fulfill their obligation and return. It had taken him nearly two days to reach the villa, but on the eve of the second, he’d finally arrived, as the sky grew dusky and purple.

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170624 NCT 127 at KCON NY Red Carpet

Made a Bold Move

So I just did something; I didn’t think I would ever do, and that was email the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland admissions office to see about attending school there. I am not crossing my fingers or anything just yet. But, if I can somehow get to study over there it won’t be until the 2018/2019 term year. Anyway my ultimate goal in the next year or two is to study abroad in the Dramatic Arts in the UK. And, if I can attend the same school where my favorite actor David Tennant has an honorary doctorate degree at then that will be an added bonus on top of everything else.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie