In The Gang’s self-help book, Dennis names Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” on a playlist he uses for getting ready (which is, though an amazing song, an extremely odd choice amidst music that’s supposed to inspire confidence, but oh well). And now my greatest wish is that RCG makes Dennis being a NIN fan canon. I want to see the Golden God blasting some Pretty Hate Machine while he puts on mascara. :)

iasip cast ranked from most to least benevolent

1. danny devito: 4 foot 10, egg with legs, hates donald trump

2. rob mcelhenney: really trying, regularly outdoes macklemore as the best ally whose name starts with “mackle”

3. charlie day: instagram isn’t private

4. kaitlin olson: life-ruiningly beautiful, likes the smell of burning human flesh 

5. glork: doesn’t actually exist, tried to sell me meth behind a whole foods

Me: *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get to go to gay bars and flirt with cute guys proudly and openly*
 *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get very flustered and adorable when guys flirt back with him*
 *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get to kiss cute guys and have relationships with men openly now*
*thinks about the fact Mac is now a proud open catholic gay man*

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