iasip cast ranked from most to least benevolent

1. danny devito: 4 foot 10, egg with legs, hates donald trump

2. rob mcelhenney: really trying, regularly outdoes macklemore as the best ally whose name starts with “mackle”

3. charlie day: instagram isn’t private

4. kaitlin olson: life-ruiningly beautiful, likes the smell of burning human flesh 

5. glork: doesn’t actually exist, tried to sell me meth behind a whole foods

Me: *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get to go to gay bars and flirt with cute guys proudly and openly*
 *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get very flustered and adorable when guys flirt back with him*
 *thinks of the fact Mac is going to get to kiss cute guys and have relationships with men openly now*
*thinks about the fact Mac is now a proud open catholic gay man*

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