Yo adult!Kiba I think you look way badass with that slicked back hair

Also I dunno what necklace you’re wearing aaand I had no idea where I was gonna put your dog so uhhh lol

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peggy watching tony whenever howard brought him along for S.H.I.E.L.D. ops

peggy brushing his hair out of his eyes and holding his hand as they walk away from his parents’ graves

peggy implanting the idea in his mind that he could take over for Stark Enterprises when he comes of age

peggy setting aside a college fund for him, despite knowing that he’d never need it

tony using it and thanking peggy for being there

tony visiting her in the retirement home

tony brushing the hair from her eyes and telling her that everything is going to be okay just before the lucidity fades from her eyes

tony watching peggy when she’s left alone in her final hours, and giving the signal to pull the plug when her heart stops for a final time

Ojalá algún día alguien se enamore de mi y me regale cartas y me escriba poemas, me regale un libro y algunas canciones. Ojalá algún día alguien baile conmigo debajo de la lluvia y disfrute el frío, que odie el calor y ame el viento. Ojalá algún día alguien se siente a ver conmigo las nubes y disfrute los paseos en bici, que disfrute estar en la cama y que los silencios no sean incómodos.
—  Deseos de la chica cósmica.

Fantail Filefish | Pervagor spilosoma

"The Orange Fantail Filefish inhabits the coral reefs around the Hawaiin Islands.  It is considered a hardy fish species well suited for fish only marine aquariums. The Orange Fantail Filefish also goes by the names Hawaiian Filefish, Fantail Filefish, or Fantail Orange Filefish.  This species is one of the smaller filefish species, about four inches."  x

(by RCG Maru)

au where steve never went to war

he’ll send bucky a letter every day, sometimes telling him about nothing except the smell of the air as brooklyn is urbanized, or the tall skeletons of skyscrapers arching high into the sky

sometimes he’ll tell him about everything, about how he drew the curve of bucky’s smile but it was missing something and he wishes bucky was here so he could find out just what it was missing

bucky would lounge around and read the letters once, twice an hour and dumdum or jones would always ask him if they’re from his sweetie so he just rolls his eyes and tucks them away

but sometimes he’d answer that yes, they are and he’ll tell them all there is to know about stevie. the only secret he’d keep is the pronouns and their time together

when he’s honorably discharged, the first place bucky goes is the shoddy pawn shop back home to buy the finest ring twenty-five dollars can buy. he’s nervous the whole way there, and when the guy behind the counter asks him if it’s for his sweetie, he smiles and says, “yeah.”

steve yells at him when he walks through the door, telling him he was worried sick when bucky didn’t write back. then he’s kissing him all over, tiny arms pulling bucky against his body and towards the bed

it’s only after they’re sweaty and breathless that bucky reaches into his pocket and tosses the velvet box over to steve. he’s nervous as hell, but somehow the little trembling smile on steve’s lips makes it ease off and he drops a kiss to the side of his mouth before saying, “when we can.”

and steve smiles right back, “of course, punk.”

steve nervously fidgeting on stage before clearing his throat and facing the reporters as he comes out

tony noticing the fear in his eyes when the room goes silent and giving him his trademark “everything’s going to be fine” smile

natasha reaching over and squeezing his hand when he starts to sweat

bruce nodding his head and taking a deep breath when steve looks at him before doing the same

thor growling at the reporter who asks him how it feels to be a letdown for boys and girls across america

clint’s muttered, “damn straight,” when steve says he doesn’t think he’s a disappointment to america, but rather a symbol of courage

bucky’s hand warm on his knee all the while, before he shrugs his shoulders and gives him a chaste kiss right there in front of everyone

bucky and tony cursing each other out as they play halo all night

bucky and tony glaring at each other from across the avenger’s mess hall when they set their sights on the last piece of steve’s cherry pie

bucky and tony bitching to steve about each other

bucky and tony waxing poetic about how they’d like to brain each other with a bottle

bucky and tony fighting back to back in battle, growling out commands and warnings and trusting each other without a second thought