I was tagged by squids-and-sunflowers  thanks! (And sorry it took so long to do this T____T)

rules: once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. - last beverage: fish and potatoes and tomatoes and milk and bread

2. - last phone call: My girlfriend

3. - last text message: childhood friend

4. - last song you listened to: Uhh…Kingsman soundtrack, don’t know which song it was

5. - last time you cried: couple of days ago i think


6. - dated someone twice: nope

7. - been cheated on: not that i know

8. - kissed someone and regretted it: no not really

9. - lost someone special: nope

10 - been depressed: not sure really

11 - been drunk and threw up: nope

THREE FAVORITE COLOURS: Green, violet and deep blue


15 - made a new friend: yepyep

16 - fallen out of love: nope

17 - laughed until you cried: yes, many times.

18 - met someone who changed you: don’t think so

19 - found out who your true friends are: i don’t know

20 - found out someone was talking about you: nope

21 - kissed anyone you follow/follows you: nope


22 - how many people do you know in real life that you follow follows you on tumblr: less than ten

24 - do you have any pets: yup a cat called Severus <3

25 - do you want to change your name: i love my real name, not sure about my last name

26 - what did you do for your last birthday: I think I was working but we went to movie with my gf later

27 - what time did you wake up today: maybe 11:00

28 - what were you doing at midnight last night: Reading Merthur fic

29 - name something you CANNOT wait for: Hobbit Botfa extended edition

30 - last time you saw your mother: like 20 seconds ago

31 - what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: wish I knew hove to say no and were a better friend

32 - what are you listening to right now: Uhh…that Kingsman soundtrack ;D

33 - have you ever talked to a person named Tom: well the finnish version is Tomi I think, so if that counts then yes

34 - what’s getting on your nerves right now: a fic i’m trying to write

35 - most visited website: tumblr and ao3

36 - blood type: ab i think

37 - nickname: Blau

38 - relationship status: taken

39 - zodiac sign: Aquarius 

40 - pronouns: She will do just fine

41 - elementary: mostly happy memories

42 - high school: new friends and I loved the subjects

43 - college: hopefully next year

44 - hair colour: green and black

45 - long or short: short

46 - height: 173 cm

48 - what do you like about yourself: Eyes, hair…umm boobs? xD And well, mostly I like my personality as well^^

49 - this question got lost so most people are putting a random fact so here’s one: I love making cheesecake but other cakes stress me

50 - tattoos: I have 2, hopefully I’ll get third later this year

51 - righty or lefty: righty

52 - first surgery: haven’t really have one

53 - first piercing: lower lip, left ear 2, right ear 5

54 - first best friend: not friends with her anymore

55 - first sport you enjoyed: swimming which I still love

56 - first vacation: Sweden 

58 - first pair of trainers: I don’t use them if I can avoid it so don’t really know


59 - eating: nothing

60 - drinking: nothing

61 - I’m about to: watch Merlin with my little sisters

62 - listening to: …how about that Kingsman soundtrack I’ve already mentioned 2 times ;)

63 - waiting for: …that Hobbit BotFA ee…and well, supper

64 - want kids: absolutely, but adopted ones

65 - get married: hopefully one day

66 - career: Author and Psychologist


67 - lips or eyes: eyes

68 - hugs or kisses: both

69 - shorter or taller: shorter if girl, not sure about guys

70 - older or younger: doesn’t really matter, maybe younger

71 - romantic or spontaneous: romantic

72 - nice stomach or nice arms: don’t really care, but perhaps stomach

73 - sensitive or loud: sensitive

74 - hook-up or relationship: well…depends of the person but I’m going with both

75 - trouble maker or hesitate: nope neither please


76 - kissed a stranger: umm…not really no

77 - drank hard liquor: nope

78 - lost glasses/contacts: yes, contacts

79 - sex on first date: yeah sure

80 - broke someones heart: hopefully not

81 - had your own heart broken: hmm…no not really

82 - been arrested: nope

83 - turned someone down: yes

84 - cried when someone died: yes

85 - fallen for a friend: yes…and know she’s more than just a friend ;)


86 - yourself: mostly yes

87 - miracles: in a way

88 - love at first sight: hmm…more like a crush at first sight that turns into a love

89 - heaven: no, not in the way Christians do

90 - Santa Claus: no, sorry xD

91 - kiss on first date: well if there’s sex I bloody well hope there will also be kisses (and I there isn’t sex kisses are still good)

92 - angels: not really (though the idea really fascinates me)

Yeah not gonna tag 25 lets settle on 10

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