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Could I request what each TFP autobots' favorite Disney movie is?

Transformers Prime Autobots

Optimus likes The Fox and the Hound!

Ratchet likes Mary Poppins!

Bumblebee likes Treasure Planet!

Bulkhead likes Brother Bear!

Wheeljack likes Atlantis: the Lost Empire!

Smokescreen likes Big Hero 6!

Arcee likes Tarzan!

Ultra Magnus likes Princess and the Frog!

Kiwi’s fanfiction commissions!

I’m testing the waters as to whether fanfiction commissions are a good fit for me, so I’m not offering up a limited number of slots. 

Looking up what other people charge for their literature, I see a general average of $10-$15 dollars per thousand words. As I’m just starting out, I’ll be keeping the costs lower at about NZ $5  per 500 words.

I will write:

-All the basics such as fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, along those lines.

-Violence and gore (within reason)

-NSFW (by discussion)

-I will write OCs and self inserts quite happily!

-I have decent knowledge of Ratchet and Clank, Overwatch and a scattered few other fandoms, I may require background info on fandoms I’m not a part of, but I will write for them to the best of my ability.


I will not write:


-Underage, all characters in NSFW fics MUST be 18+. I will not write for “aged up” characters.

-Fetishes such as watersports, scat, stuffing, incest, guro, age play etc. I reserve the right to refuse a fetish brought up in discussion if I find it uncomfortable.


There are 5 test slots available currently, hit me up on messenger! All payments must be sent before I start work.

If you want the fic to not be posted or to be remain anonymous if it is let me know in messenger. 


Slot 1: Empty

Slot 2: Empty

Slot 3: Empty

Slot 4: Empty

Slot 5: Empty


Do you ever hear something so hypocritical, the world stops working for one long moment of bafflement?

I’m sorry, but Tarn, the guy who melts people alive and leads a torture club and ripped a guy’s head off over a dog to be cool, asking someone else to be reasonable is amazing


SOS Dinobots

We stay in the rocky general surroundings as usual because drawing backgrounds in cartoon shows costs money, but we get a random trippy hologram and, of course, another goddamn waterfall based power plant. In this episode, Wheeljack and Ratchet play God (or parents), Starscream is severely unimpressed with everything, Bumblebee doesn’t do what he’s told and we meet new characters who will actually stay around this time! 

Next time, we leave for different locations again, Spike meets a girl, magic is a thing apparently and another landscape is completely ruined. 

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