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Hey guys just to let you know...

One of my good friends tells me they’ve been seeing my art on instagram, not under one of my accounts. Now they tell me this person isn’t claiming that the art is theirs, but I’m still not fond of the idea of someone posting my art.
If you want to post my art on other social media ASK ME BEFORE! Even if its for a fan database and you link and source me PLEASE ASK! ASK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING WITH MY ART PLEASE!
It’s super cool that you all like my art and want to share it but PLEASE DON’T MISS USE IT
Same goes for using my art for your tumblr icons or banners. PLEASE PLEASE ASK FIRST! If its for tumblr I’ll probably say yes as long as you source me!
Alright, rant over. Carry on with your lives

No but what I find really sad is that in episode one of shadowhunters, Clary is like so sweet and nice and then as the season progresses she gets more and more distrustful and less happy and its so sad its like the end of her childhood. The other sad thing is that Malec is like all over the internet and don’t get me wrong I’m like Malecs biggest fan but Clace is just being completely ignored, they’re cute too you know!! Ok rant over :)

Ok, so. I feel for Ava. I do. But Nate’s story line was just starting to get traction. After being stagnant for like forever it was picking up steam again. And now as a result of the directions have gone with Ava it’s come to a screeching halt. So once again, his plot is suffering to further that of someone else’s. I mean, come on. We’re at the end of the second season, he’s a main character, and he’s got practically nothing to show for it. And now his story probably won’t pick back up until like the middle of the third season a year from now. Especially given that we only have one more episode left this season. 

OK. Rant over. He just keeps getting passed over in favor of other, often not even main characters, for screen time and plot., 

Honestly, I find so hypocrite Taylor’s defense rant over the song with Kanye. I can’t even believe she has the nerve to say in the same rant things like ‘being falsely painted as a liar“ “I was never given the full story and played part on this song is character assassination” or “you cannot approve a song you haven’t heard”.

Did she forgot the times she humiliated her exes and women with her songs? Did she asked them for ‘approval’

In 2008, she publicly told Ellen Degeneres in her live show that Joe Jonas broke up with her over a phone call (x) repeatedly after that she kept on mocking him on social media. Which Joe explained himself saying he did not break up with her over a phone call or was unfaithful, he called her to talk, she took it the wrong way, and break the call (x). However, Joe suffered pranks for months. She also wrote the song “Forever & Always” about him calling him “scare little boy”, did she asked for approval? Did Joe wanted to be part of the character assassination?

Following that accident, Joe found a new girlfriend, the actress Camilla Belle, Taylor wrote a song called “Better Than Revenge” with the following lyrics: “She’s not a saint, she’s not what you think, she’s an actress, she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” “she’s soon gonna find out stealing other people’s toys in the playground don’t give you any friends” (x). The song was put in the same album as the for song Joe, and was not shy to point out who’s song that was for. Did she asked Camille’s approval? OH for those wanting to say she never said it was for her out load doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck it up, she never even deny it. Also: Camilla’s shade. (x) (x)

In 2010, Taylor dated John Mayer for a couple of months, following their split she wrote a song called “Dear John” accusing him of dating her since she was too young (19), so it made the song look like he played her. In which John replies that he felt humiliated with the song and feels like she took the situation too far as to make it public (x). Did she asked John’s approval to be involved in the song so openly? I think not. Following that, we know John dated Katy Perry, which is the reason for Taylor’s song “Bad Blood”, even Katy knows this song is about her and she has exposed Taylor’s 'don’t pit one girl after another’ rants (x). Oh and Also I know Jonh is trash, however, it applies to the issue we are talking about. 

In 2012, Taylor dated Harry Styles for short months, not only did she wrote a couple of songs about him (Style, Out In the Woods and others) but she mocked him on international television. During Taylor’s performance at the Grammys 2013, she was performing her song ‘We are never getting back together’, in the middle of the song she did a really bad British accent begging herself to gave him a change, while some back up dancers were dressed as clowns. And then again in the VMA’s  were Harry Styles was at the audience and targetted by the media. (x) (x)

Kanye West, we all know the big accident in 2009, were Kanye takes Taylor’s moment to say she didn’t deserve the award but Beyoncé did (which was true) it was an horrible thing to do, he acknowledge it and even apologize to her wanting to make things right. Taylor took the opportunity and publicity given to her to publicly humiliate him in an award show, singing her song 'innocent’, trying to paint the black man as the angry awful person and she’s the little bird victim of the whole situation. Then she wanted to shade Kaney again, publicly,  the video posted by Kim exposed her lying ass, she was agrree with the lyrics and gave him full consent.. (x)

Jake Gyllenhaal was also part of Taylor’s little game with the songs like: we are never getting back together and all too well. Which exposed pretty heavy stuff. She’s been doing this even with her non-famous exes.

So, it’s very hypocrite of Taylor Swift to come and be like “oh, I’m so offended I’m being targeted as the bad guy” GIRL, your whole career has been about targeting people with your songs and make them feel embarrassed in the media, and the media will obviously take her side since she’s been putting this 'American sweetheart’ 'sweet angel’ imagine that the audience and society supports. So I’m REAL GLAD she’s getting the drag she deserves and celebrities are finally exposing her. 

i absolutely hate it when advice posts tell you to study all the time. i just read one that said, “if you sleep now, you’ll dream. if you study now, you’ll live your dream.” i mean, it could be metaphorical, but it’s actually a really unhealthy message. studying constantly is not healthy. you need to have a balanced life. you need to have a social life, you need to exercise, you need to sleep. how on earth can you be the best version of yourself if you only study? look after yourself. get at least 6 hours sleep a night. eat healthy food. go outside and see your friends. do things that you love. studying constantly, through the night and day, is not good for you at all. and it’s time that the studyblr community learned that.

Honestly I just want to hug Simon Pegg bc he gave me every Jim trope I love in Beyond

Like?? this movie was honestly FF level of characterization with Jim (I mean that in a good way) like everything I love in the best fics he gave to us 

  • Self sacrificing Jim? We got it 
  • Jim keeping his bday a secret bc he doesn’t like the reminder of his fathers death? We got it 
  • Trying to become more than ‘George Kirks boy’ and feeling like he’s failing? We got it 
  • Insecure Jim? We got it 
  • Pining Jim? We got it 
  • Jim who laments his love for Spock problems to Bones over booze 
  • Jim who isn’t a womanizer, whose always there for his crew and will get them to safety by any means necessary, Jim who is feeling lost and probably lonely among the vastness of space. 
  • Jim whose family is his crew. Who needs them, needs Spock to make sure he doesn’t get lost among the stars. 

 The point is WE GOT IT. Simon Pegg and this team did such a good job with Jim and everyone else in this movie I could cry. 

I hate how everyone is a feminist until it comes to Taylor. And their argument is the fact that she’s a “white feminist”. Like yes, coming from a fan of hers i do believe that Taylor has more to learn about feminism. She has said herself in an interview that she wasn’t really taught the concept of feminism when she was younger and said she wishes she had been. We as fans are well aware she is not a saint, she has made mistakes in her past like all of us yes, but she definitely isn’t the devil everybody demonises her out to be. However, Taylor does so much to help WHERE SHE CAN. And just because she doesn’t do it publicly, doesn’t mean she doesn’t do it at all - most of what she does happens behind the scenes.

Take the Kesha situation for example, y'all sent her so much hate for not tweeting #FreeKesha, yet when you found out she donated $250,000 to help Kesha financially in her court battles, she’s accused for doing it for attention???? Like she can literally never win its fucking bullshit. And anyway, it’s not like she announced she donated the money, we only know this info through Kesha’s mom. For all we know, Taylor would’ve not said anything at all about her donations and let people hate on her, if it meant that she helped a rape victim. At the end of the day she still did more to help then most people who made it into a big deal *cough*Demi*cough*.

And also, some of y'all need to learn a lesson in the difference between ‘Dragging other people’ and ‘Female Empowerment’. (Y'all know well enough i’m talking about the Bad Blood Music Video). I’m very well aware that the song was written about Katy Perry, but some of y'all need to realise that there’s nothing wrong with avoiding the people who hurt you. I bet y'all don’t even know the story, because if you did you’d know that it was Taylor’s career that Katy was actually trying to sabotage, hence the friendship break up. Her music video advocates that females are at their best when they support and bring each other up. If Taylor really didn’t care about empowerment of females, she wouldn’t be bringing all her friends on her stage and to award shows. But ofc people will twist it into her ‘using her friends for attention’. First of all, y'all hate on her so much that it gets to a point where she’s the centre of attention BECAUSE OF HATERS, then they have the nerve to complain about her being overexposed? Like how about you keep her name out your mouths if you hate her that much.

So many complain about her not speaking up about these tragedies, but whenever she does y'all drag her wtf??? After the paris attacks, she sent her wishes and made it more personal by posting a photo of her in Paris, and y'all dragged her for promo-ing herself. Like are y'all actually being fucking serious???? Maybe you should realise that YOU’RE the problematic ones if you have to dig deep into every single move she makes to find something bad about her. Also, after the recent deaths of many innocent black people, she posted a photo where she wrote the names of all the victims that were affected and sent her wishes to them (just like Beyonce did at her tour - although Taylor did it first so don’t try and drag her now by tryna say she copied Bey). When she did that she got a shit ton of hate because people assumed she only did it to make herself look good??? Honestly EVERY-FUCKING-THING she does, no matter how sweet and selfless it is will never be enough for all you haters. How about you stop taking the attention away from the real issue by turning into a drag fest towards female celebs who you feel haven’t done enough to support.

I even saw a post saying she hates the LGBT+ community. WHERE TF DID THAT EVEN COME FROM???! like y'all make up so much shit about her its ridiculous. Incase y'all don’t know, she actually has a song on 1989 where one of the lyrics go “You can want who you want, boys and boys, and girls and girls” and she’s even stated in interviews that she believes that it shouldn’t be a problem who you love, so don’t try and start shit when you don’t even know shit. Do some fucking research and get your facts straight.

Y'all use the argument that if she could write a letter to Apple and get them to change their minds then she should do that about other issues. She knew she had to power to change this and give less known songwriters their rights that were being violated. She was in a position where people would listen to her and actually change policies. I’m glad she was able to help these people who barely make any profit off of the music they make. (And don’t try and tell me she only did it bc she’s money greedy bc lemme tell you, if Taylor wanted money, she’s actually charge for Meet&Greets bc she could make a whole load of money out of them, BUT HERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FREE OF CHARGE). Every celebrity speaks up when they can and when they know their voice will make an impact. For example, Beyoncè is doing an incredible job at supporting #BlackLivesMatter and i’m so glad that she’s using her voice for this issue. However, she didn’t speak up about the Kesha situation, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care! Just because someone doesn’t speak up about something doesn’t mean they’re not taking notice of it or supporting it.

This goes for every celeb and not just for Taylor but how about y'all stop depending on them to do all the work and actually do something yourself to help victims. Sure celebrities can spread words but at the end of the day we’re all humans and victims need as much support as possible from everyone, not just those that rely on celebrities to speak up.

Lets just be real here, if she spoke up about matters such as Abuse or anything really, y'all would bash her for “getting involved in things she doesn’t know anything about”. No matter what she does y'all will hate on her at the end of the say and its fucking bullshit how someone who tries so hard to make people happy is constantly dragged because every move of hers is analysed to a point where people won’t stop until they find something problematic about her.

(I would also like to point out that i’m not tryna say that she SHOULDN’T speak up about these issues - i do believe Taylor should because it’d be a great way to raise awareness. I’m very well aware that Taylor is not perfect, however what she does to help people shouldn’t be put aside just because she hasn’t done what YOU want her to do. For all we know, she might actually have and we just don’t know about it - this goes for all celebs too)

I honestly hate the phandom so much rn. it’s not aimed at everyone, just a selected few. it’s aimed at the ones that twist every little thing D+P to make it seem like Phan is real. it’s aimed at those who follow them and didn’t leave them alone while they were on tour. it’s aimed at those who reply to Dan or phils tweets with ‘Phan is real’.

And this is the whole thing that’s being said atm. Dan wasn’t ‘coming out’. he was saying the fact that society SHOULDNT PUT LABELS ON SOMEONE and he doesn’t want to be someone who is just known for being gay or being bi. he might be saying he’s confused about his sexuality but if you look at it from far away, it’s more that he wants people to stop putting a label on him. and that was really brave of him.

so the people that this is aimed at, the ones who don’t respect what either of them want, stop. because YOU’RE the ones that’s dragging the phandom down. YOU’RE the ones that gives the phandom a bad name. YOU’RE the ones who put a label on them both when you know nothing about their sexuality. STOP!!

Like seriously as long as no one is hurting anyone can we please just stop harassing and hate posting!?!? If you like JokerXHarley cool! If you prefer HarleyXivy that’s also cool! If you ship personX with personY THEN THATS GREAT JUST DON’T HATE ON OTHER PEOPLE PLEASE!

(Creds to @booksofadam who made the pic!!)

Honestly at this point I’ve been Officially Diagnosed™ with pretty much everything in the book and like….. diagnoses vary wildly between one psychiatrist to the next based entirely on personal bias and what they specialize in and ingrained beliefs about gender/race/sexuality and everything else so like…. self diagnosis is no less reliable than, for example, going to see one sexist psychiatrist that specializes in a specific disorder and looks only for those symptoms and sees everything through that one lens, or going to see one psychiatrist that’s a biphobic, racist old white guy.

Professionals misdiagnose constantly in all fields of psychology. Professionals under diagnose specific groups of people all the time. You’re allowed to disagree with your diagnoses and you’re allowed to investigate your own symptoms and behaviours.


that he was just ready to catch her, like it was no fucking problem, then naturally spins her around not breaking eye contact OKAY but then he just straightens his spine and towers over that mere mortal to look into her soul BUT THEN she backs his sexy ass up to claim those lips and I’LL BE DAMNED if this isn’t one of my top fantasies what the actual fangirl fuck

This stupid argument about whether or not karai and the turtles are siblings has been beaten to death and it’s so irrelevant. 

They are not biological siblings, nor are they foster/half/adopted siblings. I don’t see any paperwork, bloodline or shit all to prove they are siblings. All that aside, they don’t view each other that way because they didn’t fucking grow up with each other. 

Come up with an actual reason to not ship Leorai instead of shoving your ‘it’s incest’ crap down our throats (while also posting your tcest fanart lmao bye.)

Fanfiction rant

I recently let slipped that I write fanfiction to someone at work and they kinda laughed and went , “why?!?!” I was too flustered so I just shrugged and quickly changed the subject. But you know what? This is why : The last past year and half has been a really shitty one. My childhood house was sold, it was extremely painful to leave, especially since my son spent his first 5 years growing up there. We had to live in a motel for four months, while looking for a new place to leave, but the cost of rent was too high, forcing us to move from my hometown, which I love so much. And during that time, I was rear ended and my car was totaled. A complete lost. I only had the car for a year. The insurance only paid for the remaining cost of what I owed on it. So we moved to the high desert, my husband had to leave his job & put school on hold, because we found out his F.A was almost all used up. And now his school will cost us an extra 250.00 a month. Which is a damn shame, because he’s working on his last year for his B.A in C.S. I work a shitty retail job, while he is still looking for one. My mom’s car was repo , because she had to refinance to get money to pay for necessities. Which meant, no car, no going to work, no paycheck. Luckily her work was kind enough to let her collect unemployment, until she could go back to work. But that leaves me, to work my ass off, making sure we get the rent,bills and putting food on the damn table. Not leaving me anytime to get my education. My stress level is off the meter. I have fucking gray hair strands! So that’s why I write SPN fanfiction. It’s a fucking escape from my life. To emerge myself into a place that lets me forget about my worries. Knowing I made someone happy for a mere second, while they read my shitty writing, it makes me feel a little better. I should have told my co-worker all this. Haha Rant over

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This will be long but I will not put it under a cut so please bear with me.

Again, I am a Filipino and I’ve been a Mitang for more than 6 years. I loved Zhou Mi so much I can’t even describe how much. But then he went and posted that stupid photo on instagram and my feelings kind of changed.

Understanding Zhou Mi and other Chinese Idols/Celebs:

  • They grew up in China,  were educated in China, believes in China, and were raised to love China. Pretty much how all of us are taught to love our own countries. So pressure aside, let’s all suppose that they are patriotic Chinese Citizens, made to believe that the whole East Sea was Chinese territory.
  • Whatever their stand is, whether they actually support China’s claim to the territory or not, all Chinese celebs are kinda obliged to comment or post regarding the issue. Otherwise, their silence would be treated as agreeing with the tribunal ruling, thus they will be considered traitors and anti-patriotic. Remember that Chinese netizens are hardcore witch hunters and disagreeing basically means these idols are ruining their careers and possibly their whole life in China, which people should remember, is their HOME.
  • Zhou Mi has already been branded as Anti-China some time ago because of comments he made on a show. Prior to that, he had already received unreasonable hate from Chinese people. So yes, Zhou Mi was very much obliged to share that post.

Now, on how disappointed I am:

  • These idols have been living in Korea for a long time. Granted, they probably wouldn’t have searched about how the world views their country nor studied political issues during their free time. However, one would expect that having freedom and access to information, they would be more informed and critical of any issue before posting anything on social media.
  • Posting to weibo was pretty much understandable. Posting to instagram is a whole different level of dumb. Instagram is basically their connection to their international fans - including the very same fans who are affected by China’s stubborn claim to the East Sea. There are rarely any Chinese citizens who would hunt them down on Instagram but there are many international fans who would be offended by their posts. So of all people, I am very disappointed with Mi and Victoria.
  • One would argue for freedom of expression and shit like that. But even if they actually believed China’s claim, they should have known of the damage that China has made to these SEA countries. They should have known that openly supporting China’s claim is also supporting the harassment of Vietnamese and Filipino fishermen in the islands.They should have known it is only natural for SEA fans to be upset. (Just today, after the UN Arbitrary court favored the claim of the Philippines, Filipino fishermen tried going to Scarborough. Chinese coast guard are still posted on the shoal and turned away the poor fishermen who are really just doing their livelihood)
  • As you all know, many Korean and Chinese ELF hate Zhou Mi. South East Asian fans are always the ones who stand by him each time O13s are trashing him. So for him to seemingly disregard this group of fans is very much upsetting.

Do I still support Zhou Mi?

Yes. But I am very disappointed in him.

  • Zhou Mi is a very kind person. fans who have met him can’t say otherwise. Also, he was my ray of light during the dark years of my life. His music helped me survive my depression. His smile was my sunshine and he has been my inspiration for so many years now. I probably won’t be who I am and where I am now if not for him. I can’t just stop liking him because of this.
  • If we suppose that he posted that photo out of obligation, I would be more at ease. But if he truly wholeheartedly supports the nine-dash line thing, then I’ll just consider him as ignorant.
  • And if he is ignorant, then I wish he would learn. I wish he would get educated about the issue.
  • My reasons for liking him is not based on his political views. I work with people who have opposing political views as me. I argued with company executives who support extra-judicial killings in my country. I think their beliefs are twisted, but I also know that they are good people. It’s just that their sense of justice and their sense of righteousness is different from mine. That doesn’t make them bad people.

I am a Filipino and my duty is to my country. Same as Zhou Mi is Chinese and his loyalty is to China. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a good, humble, and caring person. That’s how I knew him to be when I became his fan and I still want to believe on that.

I wish the fans who are hating on him right now would also calm down. You can be disappointed, angry, or even furious. No one is taking that away from you. But your energy spent on leaving hateful comments would not change anything. Only our respective governments can resolve the issue. I honestly d not trust our DFA Sec and our president on the bilateral talk with China, but we can only put our faith in them. Seriously, attacking celebs on social media will not get you those territories.

If by any chance, Zhou Mi makes further statement regarding the issue, then that would be the time to analyze and think thorough if I would still support him despite his stupidity.

For now, I will go watch his MV and listen to his song because man, if you haven’t heard it, you should. It’s really nice.

xxx reblogged your post“officialvarrictethras: don’t trust people who can’t admit their favorite characters have flaws

#i get what ur saying but please remember its ok in peggy carters case cuz shes flawless


no it’s NOT okay in Peggy’s case to ignore her flaws just because we love her! recognize and EMBRACE THEM. ACKNOWLEDGE THEM and cheer for her when she moves past them! recognize that flaws make three-dimensional characters, because without them Peggy would be just another ~~strong female character~~. and she is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

she is reckless and ruthless and has trouble letting people get too close to her, and ALL OF THAT is just as important as her being brave and intelligent and strong-willed. 

do not minimize your favorite characters’ flaws just because you love them - it makes for a much less nuanced understanding of them as people. flaws make the characters just as much as their strengths!

I’m getting so fucking annoyed seeing all the hate and stupid messages in the gregpearl tag. “Hey!!1!! If you ship greg and pearl ur lesphobic!!11! uwu im sorry i dont make the rules!11!!! uwu all you homophobs are ugly and should all die!!11!!!1 uwu”

Okay, let me say this again so it can get into your little goddamn heads. Bisexuals exist. Pansexuals exist. Polysexuals exist. Pearl, is not, canonly, a lesbian okay?????? ? ? ? ? ? If you have that as a headcanon great!!! Good for you. But first of all, don’t shove your headcanon down peoples throats and then say they’re “disgusting” when they don’t like it, and second NO ONE, HAS A CANON SEXUALLY, IN THE FUCKING SHOW. FOR GOD SAKES, EVEN ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THIS SHOW SHIPS GREG AND PEARL.

Why can’t you people just understand that shipping is a really big thing and anyone can do it with any character. Its not something you have to police and tell someone to go kill themselves for shipping Pearl with someone other than the gems. People have different opinions. Deal with it. Shut up. Just shut up already. All of you gregpearl haters jUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.