Howdy folks!

d20 Enamel Pins is now live on Kickstarter! Inspired by different classes, each gold hard enamel pin is approx 1.5″ at the widest part! Show off your love for tabletop gaming and pins. ♥

Thank you in advance for any reblogs and/or backers, I really appreciate them!

Well, @projectnelm, has done it again! This is my newest DnD character, Lilyth. She’s a multi-classed ranger/druid. She’s a young half-elf and kind of reckless which gets her in trouble. A LOT. However, she’s fierce in battle and always has her friends’ backs. If you ever get the chance to commission Nelm, you won’t regret! She’s super sweet and super awesome to work with. She took all of my ideas and suggestions and put them all together in one perfect piece of art!  Thank you again! <3