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Aira bursts into Leo's room shouting "MERRY CHRISTMAS LEO!!" Her brothers were currently outside, trying to climb the trees to small gifts tied in the branches.

Leo looked up from his game - the one Aira had given him a long time ago. He was clearly puzzled as to why she was shouting.

*What’s that?


For Dreamcember, my dreamer Caidiana Myst.  My very first character.

Caidiana has a very strong connection to the dream, and is able to call on the shared memories of all Sylvari when necessary to provide additional insight into whatever situation she finds herself in.

Caidiana dreamed of a Green Knight who was terrorising young Sylvari by challenging them to duels that they could not win.  Caidiana learned the secrets of his armour and defeated him, once and for all.  After defeating the Green Knight, she was drawn to join the Vigil so that she might continue to protect the innocent.  However, the fighting soon started to take an emotional toll on her, so she retired from active service with the Vigil and instead took up a position as Kristi’s cook in the Salma District.  This leads to an interesting tension whenever Stacey comes home to visit, Stacey has rejected the dream and doesn’t want anything to do with it, or any Sylvari that follow it.  Caidiana can’t understand why anyone would want to leave the dream, the knowledge contained within or the protection of the Mother Tree.

Doa-doa yang Bertemu di Langit

Kata orang, usia 20an adalah usia dimana kita mengalami perluasan pertemanan. Ternyata benar! Dunia menjadi terasa sempit, padahal tidak demikian, hanya saja kita yang sedang memperluas silaturahmi dan pertemanan. Kemudian, mungkin kita bertanya-tanya, apa kiranya yang membuat kita berkesempatan bertemu dan mengenal orang-orang yang ada di lingkaran kita sekarang?

Sekarang, ayo coba kita ingat-ingat siapa saja orang-orang hebat dan menghebatkan yang kita temui di sepanjang tahun ini? Lucu ya, sebab disana ada cerita-cerita tentang pertemuan tanpa rencana, perkenalan yang tidak diduga, persahabatan dalam taat, dan yang paling penting adalah sinergi dan kolaborasi yang membuat kita bisa saling belajar, saling menasehati dan mengingatkan, juga saling menyemangati untuk memperluas kebermanfaatan. Siapa kiranya yang mempertemukan dan menyatukan jika bukan Allah?

Sebelumnya, di hari-hari dulu yang tentu sudah berlalu, diam-diam di tempat yang berbeda mungkin kita pernah sama-sama berdoa untuk kebaikan: meminta kepada-Nya agar kita dipertemukan dengan orang-orang baik dan merayu-Nya agar kita diberi kesempatan berkontribusi untuk kebaikan banyak orang. Doa-doa dalam frekuensi yang sama itu terbang menuju-Nya lalu semua bertemu di langit. Di bumi, kita menunggu sambil terus berdoa. Kemudian, ternyata Allah mewujudkannya melalui skenario yang entah bagaimana membuat kita bertemu dan bersinergi pada akhirnya.

Alhamdulillah! Semoga pertemuan-pertemuan di lingkaran kebaikan ini membuat kita menjadi pribadi yang senantiasa mudah bersyukur dan bersemangat untuk saling menasehati tentang kebenaran dan kesabaran. Semoga Allah meringankan langkah kita untuk terus belajar dan membagi kebermanfaatan untuk lebih banyak orang.

Semangat, rangers! Yuk, rapatkan barisan! ;)

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Frisk had been traveling again, they were in the middle of looking through the code to see where they wanted to go when suddenly they were falling, they shreaked as their jacket got caught on a very high tree branch. "H...help!!"

Leo had been wandering around the forest like he usually did when he heard the cry for help. He immediately began looking around for where it came from. Wondering who it was would have to wait for later. It had sounded close so they couldn’t be too far.

After a quick sweep of ground level, he moved his search upwards. That’s when he spotted them, hanging from a tree branch. Hopefully they wouldn’t freak out too much as he started climbing. After all, it’s not as if he could call to them.