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by pureblood_whovian

“Fringe science?” asks Magnus in disbelief. In the short year he’d spent at MIT, he’d gleaned that fringe science was the polite way of referring to science that wasn’t actually real. Because of course, ghosts and parallel universes didn’t actually exist.

However, Alec nods, looking perfectly serious. “Your father was considered quite the expert in his day.”

Another agent on the plane, “Raj” Alec had called him, nods. “Everyone who’s anyone in the scientific community has heard of your father. Whether they agree with his….unconventional methods and discoveries is a different story.”

“What do you mean by unconventional?” asks Magnus, before he can stop himself.

Raj looks uncomfotable now. “You don’t want to know.”

So his father was a absurd scientist. Magnus is seriously beginning to regret this.

or the Fringe!AU for @highwarlockkareena’s birthday!!

Words: 3418, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of there’s more than one of everything

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Looking to Buy a Ukulele? On board Are Some Tips on Selecting the Best Ukulele

Ukuleles, like their players, be as well long as in all atypical shapes, sizes and sounds. What we all know as the novel of incident, standard uke, was twisted in Hawaii, based on the Portuguese chordophones, the cavaquinho, raj• o, and braguinha. These four stringed lightweight guitar-like instruments were brought to Hawaii by musicians from Portugal, sooner ex the US gained control of the islands.

These instruments were plucked and strummed with the fingers, and summit had the rattling awesome “plinky” sound pertinent to today’s ukuleles. Skilled craftsmen cabinetmakers against Madeira were the principal upon build ukes in Hawaii, mutual regard the predominant recreating the instruments out their homeland. Thereupon, the unique Hawaiian musical sound was born- superior Kalakaua was definitely pleasingly seemly, and began to piece ukuleles in to his royal parties and ceremonies.

Personality the uke progressed and gained glory in the US, an array anent sizes were urbanized by luthiers in front of the bailiwick. Multi-instrumentalists were getting excurved on to the sound, and in lieu referring to guitarists, it was a defined transition. Soon, by mid the Soprano (measure), came the Collectivism, Tenor and Baritone, all maintaining the essence as to the Uke, but changing the dynamics relating to tone and volume.

The Soprano (or standard) mandola is NO OTHER beg your pardon? Largely relating to the globe thinks of after the sublease is mentioned. Picture Tiny Tim tiptoeing through the tulips- the Falsetto ukulele traditionally measures 13" connecting the nut and the variation (Scale length) with a come up span of 21". The Basso profundo Uke is globally tritely tuneful on C tuning, g'c'e'a’, thanks to a familiar alternate tuning, individual step up of a’d'f#‘b, which often produces a jelly, ringing sound.

The Junction Ukulele, is very lickety-split a speck remake than the Soprano. Due to it’s better sound it produces a faintly deeper sound with a certain number volume than the Soprano Ukulele. The standard gather is 15", through a come in order to span of 23". The better size up makes the fingerboard easier to trick and easier to persist finished. It is tuned in the C Tuning, g'c'e'a’ and moreover sees the D tuning individual step up, a’d'f#'b.

The Tenor Ukulele is very soon better exclusive of the Diapason Guitar, toward a level span of 17" and a come to span from tip to backside on 26". It produces a deeper sound, but maintains the unmistakable ukulele predispose. This uke, like the two slighter ones, is tuned to g'c'e'a’.

The Valve trumpet ukulele is the large brother respecting alter ego all, often in program the bass strong point inference in a balalaika constitution. The mare span is 19", with a come to of a whopping 30" span. Natural in lieu of transitioning guitarists, the Baritone ukulele shares a tuning- d'g'b'e’, like the four reservation on a standard tuned guitar.

things the shadowhunters fandom tends to forget but shouldn’t:

◾ magnus isn’t weak and could easily carry alec around
◾ alec is gay
◾ magnus is bisexual
◾ luke garroway is a main character
◾ as much as i love lydia, she isn’t
◾ neither is raphael
◾ raj isn’t a villain
◾ magnus isn’t just alec’s love interest but a fully layed-out character with his own path
◾ everyone is flawed
◾ jace has ptsd
◾ izzy isn’t just a pretty face (she is a genius)
◾ clalec is just a fucked-up crack ship
◾ magnus is extremely powerful (yet he is still kind and compassionate)
◾ luke and magnus have both been through a lot and haven’t turned to the dark side
◾ 4/7 of the main characters are pocs, stop whitewashing them
◾ verbal abuse is still abuse
◾ characters are allowed to make mistakes

feel free to add more if you think of something else

anonymous asked:

Who is Raj? I don't get why he's popular...

This is Raj.

I imagine he’s popular because of the actor who plays him, Raymond Ablack, and his previous roles in shows like Degrassi and Orphan Black. I imagine he’s also popular for being the most comically-frustrated Shadowhunter residing in the Institute - I myself thought him hilarious for his consistent eye-rolling and tired sighs whenever Jace or Alec messed with his ability to do his job. However, I imagine he’s most popular because he’s a blank slate and fandom can put whatever assumptions on him they want without causing a fandom-wide battle.

tbh a lot of beautiful things have happened in the shadowhunters fandom since the show was first announced

but nothing will ever be quite as impressive as the unbelievable speed with which the entire fucking fandom started shipping victor with raj


The petite brunette waiting for him has a cool, steady gaze and an expensive and unflattering haircut. Her features seem a fraction too large for her doll-like face but he likes her smile, which is warm and natural and contains not a trace of nervousness. She introduces herself as Audrey Isola.  
Raj: Raj Patel. To what do I owe this pleasure, Audrey Isola?
Audrey: Do you mind sitting down? I want to talk to you about a few things.
She is very self-assured. He studies her for a few moments. A spot of pink appears above each of her cheekbones.
Audrey: Please?
He sits.
Raj: Where are you from? You’re not from The Islands. I can tell.
Audrey: Bridgeport. I just flew in this morning. Now, I-
Raj: What is your occupation?
Audrey: My background is journalism. But I didn’t come here to write a story on you, don’t worry. I-
Raj: Do you work for a newspaper?
Audrey: No. I’m actually the editor of an arts magazine. Now, can we-
Raj: Which one?
Audrey: The Bridgeport Arts Review.
Raj: Very impressive. It must be quite a feat in these tough economic times to keep a physical magazine alive and thriving. And a readership willing to pay §25 per issue.
Audrey: Thank you. Are you a subscriber?
Raj: No. But my wife…I mean, my ex-wife used to sometimes leave copies lying around the house. She loved to read. Books. Magazines. She had a voracious appetite.
Audrey: Actually, your ex-wife’s voracious appetites are what I came here today to talk to you about, Mr Patel.
The flicker of a smile passes across Raj’s face. But when he speaks again all the warmth has gone from his voice and his eyes. He pushes his chair back.
Raj: Then you flew all this way for nothing. Goodbye, Ms Isola.

I seriously love this fandom.

They just announce a new character for the show. We don’t know ANYTHING, basically. If he is a good or bad guy. What sexuality he has. Nothing. Except that this Victor Aldertree is hot af. And a charming Clave representative.

And still the fandom already starts shipping him with Raj. Which is awesome. Poor Raj needs and deserves some loving.

Honestly, it’s like the Shadowhunters people listened to the fans to make this show gayer.


anonymous asked:

what is victaj and what are your headcanons for it?

oh anon do i have a treat for you

victaj (my name ur welcome fandom) is the wonderful pairing of victor aldertree/raj *insert last name* from shadowhunters and im honestly so in love with them?? and as for my headcanons:

  • ok so raj is already trying to get over alec (bc theres something there and they totally had a thing)
  • when all of a sudden theres this??? god?? from,t he clave and raj is already so in love
  • also victor is totally like the cocky type who just flirts with everyone, but like backs off when they say theyre not interested?
  • like OK THIS WILL HAPPEN he flirts with alec and alec is just ?? i have a boyfriend?? and victor is like oh shit sorry my bad ill be gone
  • and the first time he flirts with raj, raj is stuttering so much bc !!! he’s been noticed and maybe he can find someone besides alec!!
  • and theyd totally start this relationship where victor flirts with raj, and raj blushes, stutters his way through a sentence, and runs away
  • but soon raj would manage to talk back, and there’d be so much sarcasm and wit in their conversations and they loVE IT
  • and victor at this point has totally stopped flirting with everyone else, he’s focusing all his attention on raj at this point
  • raj has totally noticed this and tottally did not have a freakout about this (he totally did)
  • and raj would honestly go to slec and be like help??? how do i get him to ask me out??? how do i get him to kiss me?? how do i get him to be mine
  • and alecs just like ‘dude ur taking advice from the guy who got with his boyfriend at his own wedding to another person, u may want to speak to someone else about this?’
  • but turns out!!! he doesnt need to bc i may have mentioned that victor is cocky!!! he totally goes up to raj and is like "where something special tonight" and raj just goes "whats tonight” and victor just says
  • “our date”
  • and walks away and then they fall in love and are the best couple

Guard: Put the book down, Patel. You’ve got a visitor. 

Raj feels his pulse quicken. Prison is so dull that an unexpected visitor is like Christmas. He had been mentally prepared for prison life to be dangerous and stressful and humiliating and depressing. What he hadn’t been prepared for was the soul-destroying, mind-altering boredom of the place.   

Raj: Is it my lawyer?  

Guard: No. It’s a young lady. I forgot her name. Hurry up.