The Big Bang Theory: “The Property Division Collision” Review


My Top Ten Thoughts on The Big Bang Theory - Season 10, Episode 10: 

10. I have Sheldon’s feeling about moving things; it takes all I have to ditch some decorating aspects in favor of newer ones…my room is like a Museum of Me. 

9. Oh no…the painting of Amy and Penny lives on! I do love that they put it where the audience “is” so we never see it…maybe that’s where Penny will move it. NOTE: AND THEY DID! YES

8. “A sword and a plant! Our apartment’s really shaping up!” The domesticated Shamyness is intoxicating, y’all…

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7. Stuart moving in with Howard and Bernadette doesn’t surprise me; I love that he wants to help with the baby too…Uncle Stuart! 

6. Although, the rivalry with Raj is odd…shouldn’t they besties? I’m not sure how I feel about this development…can’t we have an Uncle Stuart AND an Uncle Raj? 

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5. I get that Sheldon’s been selfish, trying to take all of the apartment items for himself, and that’s not fair to Leonard…but I never care for Leonard’s “tantrum mode.” Whiny Leonard is my least favorite Leonard and clearly the flag-taking was a low move…however, Dancing-in-Ridiculous-Outfits Leonard is my favorite Leonard, so I’m at a crossroads with how I feel about this little scuffle throughout the middle of the episode. 

4. Sheldon telling Amy she’s “the cutest” and her reaction melted my heart in all this, though, just saying. My fangirl heart is squealing! 

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3. Oh, thank GOODNESS Raj and Stewart made up (somewhat)! At least they can work together to be Howard and Bernadette’s Uncles! I still have a feeling they’re going to be rivals on who can get Baby Howardette’s attention more. 

2. Bernadette’s going into labor!! I love “Team Baby” with Raj and Stuart, and Howard is reacting just like I thought he would! I can’t wait to see the baby; hopefully it’s next episode…this would have been the #1 spot, but….

1. Finally, let’s talk about Christopher Lloyd. I absolutely LOVED his cameo. His role as the hippie-dippy hobo Theodore has been my favorite guest starring role since Billy Bob Thornton. Amy’s reaction to him was priceless, and I’m glad to see him not only acting, but playing a unsuspecting role. He wasn’t the scientist I expected him to be starring as, but he was still as crazy as ever and yet still endearing. After all the celebrity deaths in 2016, it’s good to see a classic actor healthy and still acting! 

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All that episode to watch and here I amy still fangirling over Sheldon calling Amy cute!

Okay ready or not here are my random thoughts.
-Shamy are just in an awesome place. On the same page all the way!
-I can’t wait to see how they decorate the apartment.
-I’ve always hated that blue ikea monstrosity of a couch too.
-That painting always cracks me up😂
- They now have a ⚔ and a 🌱
-I thought Amy was allergic to avocados tho ?
-Amy does get him to listen
-Ok who is sick of Stuart? Is he really going to be stating with them again weird!
-Raj and Stuart catfight! Battle to the death! Can they just be a couple all ready? I ship it so hard.
-Its not his fault he’s bad at sharing he skipped kindergarten…lololol.
-Not the apartment flag! but maybe Shamy can make their own flag now. I want that so bad. Just like in @bigbangenthusiast story.
-I loved Theodore… He reminds me of my father in law😂
-i hated that jab at Amy being Penny’s mom but the cute line made up for it.
-The baby is coming!