All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

Advice for people considering getting a puppy while raising a toddler



Jordie Benn on growing up with his brother Jamie




Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 4: A Compromise

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Summary: Negan has come for his supplies, and Elle doesn’t want him to take everything.

Characters: Negan x Elle (it’s a slowwww burn)

Word Count: 3,749

Warnings: Negan swearing

Author’s Note: Here’s chapter 4! I figured I would release this a little early cause why not. 

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

Huge thanks to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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tagging @mirandacoburns, who i know will appreciate that is eve baxter. 

the first time captain rip hunter meets captain eve baxter, he’s named michael carter and she, bonnie baxter. she’s the one greeting them - the lady who has introduced herself as mrs xavier and himself - at the door of the so-called refuge, a smile on her face, her light hair neatly tucked between her ears and her hands clasped in front of her. she barely looks two years older than her and still, she exudes a confidence that makes him feel younger than he is. he restrains the urge to hide his face into mrs xavier’s long coat and stands up straighter, staring back at her even if her attention’s mostly on the older woman.

“i trust you’ve had a nice travel, mother,” she starts, bouncing on the balls of her feet. 

her tone sounds slightly haughty and if it wasn’t for her somehow, genuine, smile and curious glint in her eyes, he would’ve probably spit the clever retort that has been rolling on his tongue since he had been picked up from the center. instead, he pokes his tongue in his cheek and lets himself by pushed in by mrs xavier’s gentle hand. 

we did, bonnie, thank you very much,” she takes a quick look around the pantry, tutting fondly when kids passed them, laughing, “and i can see you’ve held the fort in my absence.”

her smile widens and as she ducks her head to hide a blush, a few rogue strands fall back into her eyes. it makes her vulnerable, it makes her less perfect-like and, for some reason, it makes him like her.

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