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15 things about Ishval that Brotherhood cut out

After rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood recently, I was once again extremely disappointed at the amount of content the anime cut out when it covered the Ishval war in episode 30. Volume 15 of the manga (which was entirely dedicated to showing the war in detail across four chapters) still remains my favourite volume of the whole series, so I wanted to talk about 15 things that Brotherhood cut out. Some of them are minor scenes and some are more major plot points.

The images I’ve included in this post have been taken directly from the Viz Media manga, as I really dislike the poor quality scanlations of FMA that are out there. I would highly recommend buying Volume 15 for yourself, even if it’s the only volume of FMA you ever own.

The things I’ll be covering are:

  1. Neighbouring country Aerugo’s role in the war
  2. The Ishvalans as people - their lives and strengths
  3. The Rockbells’ extra scenes
  4. The military’s order to kill the Rockbells
  5. Roy, Hughes, and Hawkeye’s extra scenes
  6. Hughes’ extended scenes as a squad captain
  7. Corruption of high-ranking officers and internal assassination
  8. Armstrong’s extra scene
  9. Torture & human experimentation of Ishvalans
  10. Doctor Marcoh & Doctor Knox’s extra scene
  11. Roy’s role as the Hero of Ishval
  12. Scar’s brother’s scenes
  13. Roy’s squad
  14. Children as the victims of the war
  15. The overall portrayal of the war, and how Volume 15 was written/illustrated


Let’s begin!

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long drives. 2am bus rides. sneaking out. concerts on a sunday night. empty beer bottles. drunk calls. texting until i fall asleep. sharing chocolates & cigarettes. smoking at the fire exit. walks at the acad oval. picking flowers, chasing dragonflies. running in the meadows until we run out of breath. watching the stars. midnight take outs. diet & workout plans. never actually doing them. exchanging baby videos on youtube. selfies on the library. sending notes. drawings on my skin. making playlists. holding hands, forehead kisses, lift hugs. being reminded to bring my umbrella when it’s raining. slipping origami hearts in your sweater pockets. you tucking my hair behind my ears. the citronella scent of the top of your head. the perfect fit of my head on your shoulders. your warm palms on my cheeks. touching your eyelashes, watching you blink. kisses on your collarbones. your breath on my neck. shivers down my spine. asking for more. the trace you leave on my fingers. waking up in your arms. lazy sunday mornings. arguing over pasta or pizza. petty fights. big fights. tear stains on your shirt. apologies. accepting apologies. learning what is worth fighting for. raising that white flag of surrender.
you, most of all.
—  kabalintunaan // what i miss: a list
Something More Than Hate

Summary: Despite hating each other from pretty much the moment you met him, you and Jensen look out for each other when it really counts. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 3700 (What?!)
Warnings: Language, bitchiness, assholery, heated arguments, arm grabbing, shoving. 
Challenge: @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps 1.5K Golden Girls Challenge! My prompt was a line by Sophia and is bolded in the fic. 

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Seventeen’s reaction to fall on top of their crush

For @baby-baby-boo, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 
Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! 


Cocky AF. He would hide his embarrassment behind a few pick up lines, just to smile gently noticing the redness on your cheeks. Before he gets up, he gives you a kiss on your forehead and with agility he rises, apologizing for his clumsiness.

“Did I hurt you??”

“No, your bad pick up line has distracted me from the initial pain.”


He knew it would happen, but he wasn’t prepared to fall on top of you. Red alert that fogs his mind for whole minutes, without noticing your kind recalls. When he finally gets up he bows over and over again begging for forgivness, really sorry about the fall.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N.”

“Oh, I liked it instead.”


He takes the opportunity to hit on you. You have been his crush for months now and despite the compromising position he’s not taken aback.

“So… to make you forgive me I’ll offer you a hot chocolate”

“Maybe before you get up, mh?”

Giggling and satisfied he gets up, helping you and starting to shake your clothes to drop the snow, without ceasing to smile.


This little smol bean would be embarrassed to die. He regrets asking for your help, now lying above you. Your intertwined legs and your scent to fog his senses. He doesn’t speak to you for the rest of the afternoon, but makes you understand his “little” crush.

“It’s mutual.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Y/N.”

But he is smiling with extreme satisfaction within him.  

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long drives. 2am bus rides. sneaking out. concerts on a sunday night. empty beer bottles. drunk calls. texting until i fall asleep. sharing chocolates & cigarettes. smoking at the fire exit. getting high for the first time. walks at the acad oval. picking flowers, chasing dragonflies. running in the meadows until we run out of breath. watching the stars. midnight take outs. diet & workout plans. never actually doing them. exchanging baby videos on youtube. selfies on the library. sending notes. drawings on my skin. making playlists. holding hands, forehead kisses, lift hugs. being reminded to bring my umbrella when it’s raining. slipping origami hearts in your sweater pockets. you tucking my hair behind my ears. the citronella scent of the top of your head. the perfect fit of my head on your shoulders. your warm palms on my cheeks. touching your eyelashes, watching you blink. kisses on your collarbones. your breath on my neck. shivers down my spine. asking for more. the trace you leave on my fingers. waking up in your arms. lazy sunday mornings. arguing over pasta or pizza. petty fights. big fights. tear stains on your shirt. apologies. accepting apologies. learning what is worth fighting for. raising that white flag of surrender.
you, most of all.
—  kabalintunaan // what i miss: a list

May 13th 1862: Robert Smalls’s escape from slavery

On this day in 1862, Robert Smalls made his escape from slavery by stealing a Confederate ship. Smalls, the son of a house slave and, allegedly, the plantation owner’s son, was raised in the family home. As a teenager, he worked as a day labourer and sailor on the waterfront in Charleston. When the American Civil War began in 1861, Smalls was hired as a deckhand on Confederate supply ship the Planter. Smalls meticulously noted details of the ship and planned navigation routes, preparing to make his escape. In the early hours of May 13th, 1862, while the white crew slept in the city, Smalls and a small group of slaves - which included his wife and children - sailed the Planter out of Charleston. Smalls applied his knowledge from months of working on the ship to provide the correct signals at checkpoints, enabling the ship to sail to the Union blockade. The Planter raised a white flag of surrender, and was accepted by the Union ships. Smalls brought him not just recently-freed slaves, but the valuable Confederate plans and weaponry found aboard the ship. His daring escape earned him accolades from Congress, and his subsequent speaking tour made him a visible spokesperson for African-Americans fighting in the Union army; Smalls himself served as a naval captain. After the war, Smalls bought his former owner’s house in South Carolina and established a business. He entered politics after the enfranchisement of African-Americans, and served in the House of Representatives from 1874 to 1879. However, Smalls’s political career was marred by racially-motivated accusations of corruption. Robert Smalls, war hero, black activist, and Congressman, died in 1915 aged 75.

Soldier of Love

Summary: Roan teaches you how to use a sword.

A/N: Growing quite fond of Roan, so decided to give him a short feature. Don’t despair, more Bellamy pieces are in the works. I still love him as much as you all do, but other characters need love too. Also, let me know if you’d like to see ships and preferences included on this blog! 

Originally posted by daisy-ridlley

You were panting, your body drenched in perspiration, as you adjusted your grip on the hefty sword. You had been practicing swordsmanship for the past hour, fumbling around in bulky fur lined gear, while Roan continually made a fool out of you. The amount of times he disarmed you far exceeded the length, in minutes, of your lesson and quite frankly, it was discouraging. Roan wasn’t letting his affinity for you interfere with his teachings and he was by no means going easy on you. If you wanted to be part of the Ice Nation then you had to work for it.

“Eyes on me,” Roan said.

Your eyes locked onto him as you steadied your stance, making sure that your feet were balanced, yet poised and ready to attack.

Roan was circling around you like a lion stalking its prey. He was waiting for the precise moment to unleash the raw, wild energy he had hidden behind his menacing glare. He held out his sword with a swift flick and spoke, “The eyes can be deceiving. Look here.” He tapped the point of his blade to his chest.

You watched him closely, anticipating his next move while planning yours. You saw your opening and lunged towards him. Roan parried, effortlessly evading your strike. He impishly smacked you on the behind with the width of his blade, to which you responded with an agitated grunt. Now, he was simply teasing you and you were getting tired of it.

You turned to Roan, without giving yourself the leisure of drawing a necessary breath, and blitzed him. You hacked away at him, fueling your assault with all of your aggression and annoyance, as your swords clashed with strident clangs.

There was no shortage of blood, sweat, and tears in your labor as you toiled doggedly to get Roan off his guard. You were calculating each step and gauging each strike, yet your efforts seemed more like child’s play compared to Roan’s abilities. He seemed to know exactly what you were going to do before you did it. He was too fast, too big, and too strong. Each time he overcame you and once again, you found yourself at his mercy.

Roan knocked the sword from your hands and then kicked it across the courtyard.

“Again,” he said plainly, spinning his sword in one hand with remarkable dexterity and control. He had hardly even broken a sweat while your face was glistening in the daylight.

“Roan,” you said with an exasperated groan. “I can’t do it!”

“You can and you will.”

Feeling exhausted and defeated, you crossed your arms while shaking your head in defiance.

“Y/N, pick up the sword,” Roan ordered in a stern, husky growl.

“I’m tired.”

“You’re no longer skaikru. You’re azgeda now and azgeda warriors don’t complain.”

“I guess taking a break is out of the question then,” you huffed.

“Go ahead. Take a break,” Roan said, spreading his arms out and slightly bowing his head.

You finally allowed your fatigue to catch up with your body as you let your posture sag. Just as you thought you were in the clear, Roan grabbed you from behind and held his sword to your throat.

“Seriously?” you grumbled. You knew that your training wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but Roan’s methods were a tad excessive. He was literally breathing down your neck, not giving you a moment’s relief until he was satisfied with your progress.

“The moment you get tired is the moment that you submit to defeat,” Roan said, tightening his grip on you. “You can rest once you’ve won the battle or you can rest in pieces. Your choice.”

He freed you from his grasp, leaving you with two options: try again or raise the white flag and essentially be deemed a quitter. Your body was telling you to give up, but your determination wouldn’t allow you to back down. 

You took a deep breath to steady your growing frustration and refocused on the task at hand. You had to judge this battle from a mental standpoint because Roan was always going to beat you in terms of physicality. Perhaps, you were overestimating him. He was a highly skilled fighter, no doubt, but he wasn’t invincible and his overconfidence accounted for half of his intimidation. There was weakness in his arrogance and you could use his hubris against him.

You picked up your sword, now with more peace of mind, and returned to fighting formation. You were counting on the fact that Roan would underestimate you again, that he would use his strength more than well-rounded technique, and that he would slip up because he pegged you as an easy opponent; however, this time, you would catch him.

As you suspected, Roan was being slack about his footwork, relying strictly on his muscle, as he hammered away at you with his blade. For the first time ever, you were able to knock him off balance and disarm him. A triumphant grin spread across your face as you watched him surrender to the end of your sword.

Roan met your gaze with a look of pride as you removed your blade from his throat. He grabbed you around the waist and pulled you into a close embrace. You closed your eyes as his lips nearly met yours and felt his warm breath cascade over your skin. You expected a kiss, a well-deserved reward for your victory, when you heard him mutter, “Again.”

seunghoon; sweet nothings

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

sidenote: dancer!AU where in which Seunghoon falls for a dancer who happens to be Minho’s best friend. 

Fluff, scenario of 2k words. 

The first time he met her, she was spontaneous.

Laughing breathlessly as she chased Minho through hallways that looped around the building’s practice rooms. He stood by the far right, startled as the two of them burst into the dance room, with her cackling on the floor when Minho collapsed into his embarrassing lack of stamina.

Seunghoon had long forgotten about the track he was contemplating on while he observed the odd pair wrestling over a phone that was presumably hers. He couldn’t help but be a little entertained at how oblivious she was, pulling Minho into a playful headlock making the fellow rapper whined in defeat. For someone her size the victory was quite impressive, that, or Minho was just being careful.

She wobbled as she got to her feet, brushing the disheveled locks off her flushed face in a hurry.

“Must you be so violent?!” Minho groaned into his hands and rolled onto his back.

“You could’ve just deleted the photo, Minho!”

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Give No Quarter XIII

Thorin stood before the door of his cabin, a hand set on the salt-stained wood as he pondered knocking. The thunder overhead and the thrashing waves below had him as off-kilter on his feet as he felt inside. Slowly, he lowered his arm to grip the handle but quickly rescinded it. He was afraid to open the door and find himself to have been too late.

Another woman’s suffering would weigh heavy across his shoulders.

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Fourth Round - AJ Styles

Prompt: #35 “SHHH! they’ll hear us.” & #48 “Are you drunk?”

It was after Battleground and a few of the superstars (Including AJ, Naomi, Jimmy and Jey, Natalya, Xavier, Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Becky and Charlotte) decided to go out for a celebratory round of drinks after the PPV.

AJ called it quits after the first round, which you weren’t surprised about. He wasn’t much of a drinker, aside from a couple of beers here and there.

“Oh, come on, AJ, is that really all you can handle?” you teased. AJ ran his fingers through his hair and scoffed.

“Darlin’, I can handle another round. I just have an early flight tomorrow. And you know I like my sleep,” he said, taking the last sip of his beer before standing up. “Don’t stay out too late, kids.” he said, like the dad he is.

If only we listened.

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Daddy and Paddy(Avengers x Banner! reader)

Summary: Bruce has a daughter and no body, but Tony, knows until she pops up uninvited. But Tony doesn’t mind not one bit.

Warning: Anxiety, fluff, shy, father-daughter moment 

Note: First Avengers daughter one shot it’s been a while I bored I know it’s probably sucks. But I thought I would make it it’s been an idea

Pairs: Father! Bruce x daughter! reader , Father figure! Tony x daughter! reader 

(y/n)  was curled up on the couch in the middle of the famous Avengers Tower doing her homework. A small ice pack on her forehead. Nobody was home at the moment everyone was away on a mission. She had used her personal key card to let herself in.

(y/n) was Bruce Banner’s daughter most people thought the jolly green giant was alone and couldn’t have kids but with the help of an unimaginable amount of booze and a one night stand Vo-La (y/n) Banner was born. Of course with her father being the hulk her getting a few extra genes was expected. She got telekinesis, which didn’t start developing until she was 6, which her mother ban her from using. With her outstanding abilities and greedy people her father thought distance and secrecy was best phone calls and mail became their online way of contacted but then he moved in with his annoyingly noisy friend Tony Stark got involved now they both, Tony and Bruce, visited and took (y/n) once or twice a week. Tony, and probably Fury, was the only onw who knew about his daughter, and her abilities, and he given her a key to the tower for her to come and go as she please for emergencies or to party. But at the moment it was on emergencies. 

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anonymous asked:

So what about y/n teasing archer jeon that he's not as good as he thinks he is (but we all know this kid's good at everything let's be honest) and he challenges her to a match but she sucks and he tries to get some moves on by teaching her how to shoot and what do you know she manages to get a bulls eye! -archer anon

“already you have your head up in your ass. you don’t need to see me fail to boost your ego,” 

“c’mon, you were so head on about learning a thing or two earlier,” he hands you his spare bow, along with a pouch of arrows, “getting cold feet?”

he should’ve known you were the competitive kind, seeing the spark in your eyes rekindling to your ego.

“…you’re on.”

fifteen shots later (with an accidental shot over the fence and almost shooting someone in the butt), you’re more than willing to raise the white flag to signal jungkook’s the victor in all of this. he’s the school’s top archer for a reason and he has a tag for korea on his chest for the clear skill he has to be able to hit the bullseye fifteen times in a fucking row.

“okay, jeon,” you remove the pouch and throw it to the floor, the second after he picks it up and laughs at your defeat, “you win. what do you want me to do? run across the field with ‘i heart jungkook’ painted across my face?”

“you really think i’d make you do that?”

“i’ve seen the shit you’ve made taehyung do over a bet. so i’m pretty sure i’ve talked enough smack to get my share of your dark mind,”

he gazes up to the sky and taps on his chin, something about the motion makes him look like he’s deep in his thought when he could be thinking about macaroni and cheese for all you know. it’s not until you fold your arms and exhale deeply, the will to knee him in his abdomen runs high when you move your leg. he dodges it before it even happens, grabbing onto your shoulders and turning you to - “i get it, jungkook. i can’t shoot an arrow to save my life,”

“no,” he tuts, placing the bow in front of you and with the cocking of your brow, meeting his straight face you have no other choice than to hold onto it. he adjusts your position and you click your tongue, eyeing his hands over yours, “this is pointless, you know,”

“think again,” he murmurs into your ear and if there was one thing jungkook loved about you the most it was how honest you were even if it meant bringing up things people usually won’t.

“this isn’t about to get sexual, is it? i’m not into that life out in the open here,”

“oh my god shut up and focus, will you?”


“straighten your back,” jungkook’s voice trails down your shoulders, “keep your grip firm - not too tight,” his fingers overlap yours, “not too loose,” and he lets go. 

“close your left eye and align your arrow to where you’re looking at,” he slowly backs away when you manage to remain in the pose he’s set you up in. gulping, with his cue of let go when you’re confident, the end of the arrow slips past your fingers and cuts through the air to strike on the board.

having both eyes opened, you can’t quite believe you’ve just - “bullseye!”

“oh my fucking god! i did it! yo! if i break a leg and get removed from the running team, i could join archery!”

“let’s not get carried away there, y/n,” jungkook snorts, taking the bow from your hands to put his arms around you. something he’s used to that you’re used to that requires no skill whatsoever.

“eh, you’re right. i’d do much better a water boy.”

War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 10 (Final)

Words: 4749

Tags: @pearltheartist @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandomsinabookshelf

Warnings: violence, cursing, unwanted advances, ?

A/N: GUYS THIS IS THE LAST ONE! I’ve been working on this for about two weeks (yea i know) and its finally here! ive had a lot of fun writing this and im sad that its over. Well, that’s all i have to say. enjoy!

Previous Chapter // Extra Scenes

“You, what?” Lafayette said. You smiled, looking down at the ground. He lifted your chin, making your eyes focus on him. He moved closer, leaving less than a foot between you two. “Please say that again, Y/N. I want to make sure what I heard is true.” You blushed at the proximity.

“I love you, Gilbert. I have for a while now.” He laughed, letting go of your face. You watched him jump in glee, and you were surprised at how relaxed he was. He was always straight and proper around you, it was nice to see him loosen up. Once he was done doing whatever he was doing, he turned back to you.

“I love you, Y/N. I am sure of it now,” He walked back to you, closing the distance again. Your heart couldn’t take all the stress that you placed in its care, and when he said that to you, it finally relaxed, letting out a deep breath. You were leaning on a tree, and Lafayette had his hands on either side of you.

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How you see things when you’re a KookMin Shipper Pt. 1

You’re excited to celebrate you’re 4th FESTA with BTS and you see this, you maybe had your 10000th happiest moment with them. (Well, having one happiest moment is impossible when you’re an ARMY) And seeing the poster made you more giddy…

But then because you’re aware that KookMin is real (?) you see things differently. You saw something that tingled that KookMin heart of yours,

Well, maybe BigHit is finally ready to raise the white flag ‘coz the husbands (?) cannot be tamed anymore~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Race Fast & Die Hard-Part 2

 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: light swearing, illegal racing

 Pairing: Zhang Yixing x female reader

 Word count” 4, 577

 Summary: After going to the races with Baekhyun you see what kind of world he really lives in. A dangerous and illegal world, something you secretly enjoy. Things there are captivating and stressing enough, but then cops decide to show up. What will happen when you get separated by Baekhyun? Who will be your knight in shining armor?…or in this case, your bad boy in a sports car…

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A useful lexicon of military-related Japanese terms

第二次世界大戦 (Dainiji Sekai Taisen, World War II)

兵隊募集 (heitai boshū, military recruitment)

軍事義務 (gunji gimu, compulsory military service)

徴兵 (chōhei, military conscription)

軍服 (gunpuku, uniform)

軍人手帳 (gunjin techō, a pocket-sized booklet carried by every soldier and sailor, containing the bearer’s identity and military record)

腕章 (wanshō, armband)

はちまき (hachimaki, headband)

千人針 (senninbari, a “thousand-stitch sash,” a sash sewn by women and worn by soldiers for good luck)

二等兵 (nitōhei, private [the lowest enlisted rank])

気をつけの姿勢で立つ (ki o tsuke no shisei de tatsu, to stand at attention)

安めの姿勢で立つ (yasume no shisei de tatsu, to stand at ease)

立ち番 (tachiban, person on guard duty)

階級 (kaikyū, rank)

将校 (shōkō, officer)

勲章 (kunshō, medals or decorations)

軍刀 (guntō, military sword, carried by officers)

鉄帽 (tetsubō, literally, “steel hat,” i.e., a helmet)

防暑帽 (bōshobō, a pith helmet)

帽垂れ (bōtare, cloth strips attached to the rear of a cap to keep the sun from the wearer’s neck)

背嚢 (hainō, a back pack)

落下傘 (rakkasan, parachute)

工兵 (kōhei, combat engineer)

十六条旭日旗 (jūrokujō kyokujitsu-ki, rising sun flag with 16 rays)

民兵 (minpei, militia)

兵営 (heiei, barracks)

本営 (hon’ei, headquarters)

司令官 (shireikan, commanding officer)

起床らっぱ (kishō rappa, morning reveille)

点呼 (tenko, roll call)

装備 (sōbi, equipment)

飯盒 (hangō, mess kit)

水筒 (suitō, [water] canteen)

歩兵銃 (hoheijū, infantry rifle)

機関銃 (kikanjū, machine gun)

弾丸 (dangan, bullet)

銃剣 (jūken, a “gun sword,” i.e., bayonet)

引鉄 (hikigane, trigger)

雷管 (raikan, detonator)

遊底 (yūtei, bolt of a rifle)

手投げ弾 (tenage-dan, a hand grenade)

前線 (zensen, front line)

迫撃砲 (hakugekihō, mortar)

戦車 (sensha, tank)

塹壕 (zangō, military trench)

蛸壺 (takotsubo, foxhole)

鉄条網 (tetsujōmō, barbed wire)

停戦線 (teisensen, armistice line)

無人地帯 (mujin chitai, no-man’s land)

爆弾 (bakudan, bomb)

地雷 (jirai, a land mine)

魚雷 (gyorai, a torpedo)

火炎放射器 (kaen hōsha-ki, flame thrower)

トーチカ (tōchika, a pillbox [from the Russian tochka])

占領軍 (senryōgun, army of occupation)

民間人 (minkanjin, civilian)

非戦闘員 (hi-sentōin, non-combatant)

衛生兵 (eiseihei, combat medic)

衛生下士官 (eiseikashikan, corpsman)

救急救命士 (kyūkyūkyūmeishi, paramedic)

担架 (tanka, a stretcher or litter)

従軍記者 (jūgun kisha, war correspondent)

従軍牧師 (jūgun bokushi, military chaplain)

軍票 (gunpyō, occupation currency or military payment certificates, used outside of Japan)

防空壕 (bōkūgō, air raid shelter)

防空電球 (bōkū denkyū, light bulbs for observing blackouts)

非常袋 (hijōbukuro, emergency kit)

観兵式 (kanpeishiki, military parade)

出征 (shussei, departure for the front)

休暇 (kyūka, leave)

除隊 (jotai, military discharge)

開戦準備 (kaisen junbi, preparation for war)

同盟国 (dōmeikoku, allied country)

枢軸国 (sūjikukoku, countries of the Axis pact)

連合国 (rengōkoku, the Allied countries)

最後通牒 (saigo tsūchō, ultimatum)

宣戦布告 (sensen fukoku, declaration of war)

遠征隊 (enseitai, expeditionary force)

掃討戦 (sōtōsen, mopping-up operation)

戦争症候群 (sensō shōkōgun, “shell shock” or post-traumatic stress disorder)

空襲 (kūshū, air raid)

持久戦 (jikyūsen, protracted warfare)

抵抗運動 (teikō undō, resistance movement)

略奪 (ryakudatsu, looting)

悪虐 (akugyaku, atrocity)

軍事裁判 (gunji saiban, military court martial)

戦犯 (senpan, war crime or war criminal)

銃殺刑 (jūsatsukei, execution by firing squad)

戦死 (senshi, to be killed in action)

殉国 (junkoku, to die for one’s country)

大和魂 (Yamato damashii, the Japanese fighting spirit)

玉砕 (gyokusai, literally “jade shards,” meaning an honorable death or death without surrender. Sometimes referred to in English as “banzai charge.”)

弔電 (chōden, telegram of condolence informing of someone’s death — also called お悔やみ電報 okuyami denpō)

竹槍 (takeyari, bamboo spear or, figuratively, people’s last line of defense against invaders)

白旗を揚げる (shirahata o ageru, raise a white flag of truce)

無条件降伏 (mujōken kōfuku, unconditional surrender)

捕虜収容所 (horyo shūyōjo, prisoner of war camp)

how you get the boy - ten

“I didn’t cross any line, did I?” He asked next, concern clouding his blue eyes.

“Not at all,” I shook my head. I watched as the worry in his eyes faded away, replaced by relief. A smirk returned to his face and I found myself reciprocating the expression. It was hard not to.

read below // story page

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anonymous asked:

You and Eternity scare the shit out of these assholes (wanker, fatboy and BG included). Both of you are smart but even more importantly you're both street smart. You've got a different eye and mindset from the rest of us and our also two of the first who called this #shamzie relationship as bullshit. These bullies know they can't intimidate either of you and you're not afraid to call them out for the lying assholes they are. I'm glad you're both here. Fuckers went too far this time.

One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII 


I don’t love you as if you were a rose of salt, topaz,  
or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:  
I love you as one loves certain obscure things,  
secretly, between the shadow and the soul

I love you as the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries  
the light of those flowers, hidden, within itself,  
and thanks to your love the tight aroma that arose  
from the earth lives dimly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,  
I love you directly without problems or pride:
I love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love,
except in this form in which I am not nor are you,  
so close that your hand upon my chest is mine,  
so close that your eyes close with my dreams.

“We could summarize this poem in four words: this guy’s in love. But we’ll give you a little more, just so you know what to expect.

The speaker is addressing his lover, and begins by saying that he doesn’t love her in the way that someone would love beautiful flowers or gems. Great; so how does he love her? Well, first, he loves her in secret. Scandalous! He also loves her as if she were a flower that wasn’t in bloom, which is full of beauty on the inside. And in fact, that flower (his lover) produces an aroma that he carries inside of him. A rather interesting metaphor, don’t you think?

After spending the first eight lines trying to describe his love, Neruda uses the remaining six lines to raise the white flag: he can’t explain his love, he just plain loves this girl. His love is simple and humble. The speaker ends with the image of him and his lover, intertwined, as if they were one body and one soul. He may not be able to define his love, but his attempts sure are evocative.” -Shmoop.com