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Hope is not for suckers

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https://www.change.org/p/netflix-continue-girl-meets-world-on-another-network?source_location=minibar It takes a small person to make a difference Just one person to type and Sign a small letter to show all their appreciation and love We are SCARY PEOPLE IVE SEEN IT HAPPEN BEFORE THE WILL OF HUMANS ESPECIALLY PEOPLE LIKE US SHOULDNT BE MESSED WITH SO LETS SHOW PEOPLE THAT

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I would like to raise a white flag immediately. This is not to offend Stalia shippers… I know, I know… it seems that way but it’s not. I heard this song and thought about the Stydia/Stalia dilemma. No one wants to talk about it but the truth is Malia had to accept that fact that the boy she loves has been in love with someone else since the start of time.  That just sucks and I feel bad for Malia… but then I’m dancing like crazy for Stydia, it’s ALL VERY CONFUSING. So when I heard this song, their triangle popped into my head. PLEASE BE NICE!!! 

Bedroom Window

Prompt: Hey I love you’re writing!!! I was thinking you could write a story where Clarke and Lexa are in high school and live next door to each other and one night Lexa accidentally sees Clarke changing through her bedroom windows! Thanks!!!!!

The summer had gone rogue, running roughshod over June and July, and strangling the whole of mid-Atlantic in the chokehold of a terrible and relentless humidity.  By August, those who had waited patiently for the season to raise the white flag of surrender found their hopes dashed, as the temperatures climbed even higher, and the brutal heat wave gave every indication that it intended to poke its ass into September.  In Martin’s Addition, Md., the thick, heavy heat sent most people scrambling off to air conditioned rooms, and dark, cool basements, desperate to find relief from the weather.  However, as a new school year loomed sullen and ominous on the horizon, the village’s younger residents clung desperately to the last vestiges of their liberty, braving the stifling heat in order to squeeze the final precious ounces of freedom from their summer.  All of them, save one.

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on the blu confusion

blurryface tweeted:


A bunch of people are saying that since tyler wore blue blurry is defeated. But blurry wouldn’t tell tyler how to defeat it, blurry wants to survive! This tweet is telling tyler to wear blue on stage as a sign of defeat, like raising a white flag. And that’s what tyler did! The blue was a sign of tyler sacrificing himself to blurry to stop blurry from tormenting the fleet a.k.a followers a.k.a the clique.

Blurryface will never be defeated, blurry is in us all. Blurryface isn’t just a twitter account (which who knows where it’s gone or if it will return), it’s a character that represents many bad things and insecurities. Tyler gave himself over to blurry so that it would stop bugging us all, he’s trying to give us peace of mind.

That’s that as far as the symbolism of the tweet goes for me. The jumpsuit from vessel era and all that other stuff just makes for interesting theories that hopefully we’ll determine if they’re true soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m psYCHED about theories and symbolism but I think the tweet was pretty clear. 

Peace will win, fear will lose |-/ good luck theorizing, frens!!


May 13th 1862: Robert Smalls’s escape from slavery

On this day in 1862, Robert Smalls made his escape from slavery by stealing a Confederate ship. Smalls, the son of a house slave and, allegedly, the plantation owner’s son, was raised in the family home. As a teenager, he worked as a day labourer and sailor on the waterfront in Charleston. When the American Civil War began in 1861, Smalls was hired as a deckhand on Confederate supply ship the Planter. Smalls meticulously noted details of the ship and planned navigation routes, preparing to make his escape. In the early hours of May 13th, 1862, while the white crew slept in the city, Smalls and a small group of slaves - which included his wife and children - sailed the Planter out of Charleston. Smalls applied his knowledge from months of working on the ship to provide the correct signals at checkpoints, enabling the ship to sail to the Union blockade. The Planter raised a white flag of surrender, and was accepted by the Union ships. Smalls brought him not just recently-freed slaves, but the valuable Confederate plans and weaponry found aboard the ship. His daring escape earned him accolades from Congress, and his subsequent speaking tour made him a visible spokesperson for African-Americans fighting in the Union army; Smalls himself served as a naval captain. After the war, Smalls bought his former owner’s house in South Carolina and established a business. He entered politics after the enfranchisement of African-Americans, and served in the House of Representatives from 1874 to 1879. However, Smalls’s political career was marred by racially-motivated accusations of corruption. Robert Smalls, war hero, black activist, and Congressman, died in 1915 aged 75.

how to forgive yourself for all of the people you never became:


teach yourself to swim

but drown for a moment

in the wasted figs of your future.

feel the brush of the earth against your heel

and remind yourself that the mud

doesn’t give a fuck about your potential.


give them names you loved as a child

and sew them into your seams.

trace your index finger along the lettering

and mourn for a moment


in the next moment call them ghosts

scream demon

scream goblin

scream wicked witch

rip the stitches from seams.

bury string below your feet.


apologize to your mother for never forgiving

the fight she crusaded for a different you.

her mother bared armour of her own.

be the first to raise a white flag in this battle.


ask your father to wash their names from your feet

and send him violets next january.

forgive him for all the fights he could not see

the fog was too thick that year.


read the letter you wrote to yourself at fourteen

and know that who you were writing to

will never wash ashore.

swim harder than she ever could.

 -feb. 2017

Musings About Peridot’s Character Arc and Role

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A Peridot redemption arc has been a fan favorite and a hot topic since Peridot’s initial introduction. And, honestly, I’ve been skeptic from the start. Now, though? Not so much. It’s definitely gained traction and plausibility. 

If anything, Peridot has definitely undergone a dramatic character evolution. She started out as cold, logical, and efficient. The longer she stays on Earth, the more her true personality peeks out: She’s ornery, a little childish, and curious. Enter “Catch and Release” and Peridot starts an entirely new arc in her character development. If not being entirely re-introduced to fans. 

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After losing her robotic appendages and getting bubbled, she’s rendered confused and helpless. When pushed into dire circumstances, Peridot readily raised the proverbial white flag; ready to exchange important Homeworld information for her self-preservation. This was a last-ditch effort on Peridot’s part, though. Despite her current state, she’s still a very adaptive and resourceful Gem. Mostly out of necessity and survival instincts, due to her small size and stature, if not her inability to summon a weapon (This is still up for debate at this point in time). But, both Ruby and Sapphire are also smaller Gems, and they’d still put up quite a fight on their own merits. Another factor plays into Peridot’s behavior here, too, though…

Some important notes are how quickly she lashes out, gets on the defensive, and assumes the absolute worst in everybody. Another fan pointed out that her behavior features hallmarks of abuse. What was it like for Peridot on Homeworld? What kinds of conditions and treatment would lead to Peridot depending so heavily on her artificial limbs and showing such a keen interest in finding new weapons? Another point of compare and contrast to Peridot and either Ruby or Sapphire are that both Ruby and Sapphire have a strong support system and are confident in their own abilities. If Peridot’s circumstances are truly awful, she may very well find better company, peace of mind, and compassion amongst the Gems. 

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The most intriguing part of “Catch and Release” to me was her interaction with Steven. He’s fascinated her from the start, so much so that she adopted the little “nyehhh!” gesture from him. Here, he steps in as a concerned older sibling figure, reaching out to and appealing to Peridot with ornery childish antics, a warm smile, and an open mind. Steven’s approach is exactly why a Peridot redemption arc seems possible: Steven may very well be the first person willing to level talk to and relate with Peridot. And, she seems quite receptive. Slowly, but surely, she lowers her guard around him and is willing to talk honestly and openly. Given enough time and cooperation, Steven and Peridot may become friends. Or, at the very least, Steven will change Peridot’s first impressions and expectations of the Crystal “Clods.”

Peridot’s perspective and experiences on Homeworld present a new means of exploring, comparing, and contrasting Gem culture with Earth culture. Homeworld is generally presented as the “bad guys.” From the kindergarten to the fusion experiments, there’s an underlying note of dehumanization; a disregard for their own kind as living, sentient beings with rights. Gems are mass-produced. Shards of fallen Gems are given new life and merged into Frankenstein monster brand horrors. The fusion experiments are key to this discussion: Rewind to the scene in “Keeping It Together” where the fusion experiments are first introduced. While the big, amorphous hand creature was the star of the show, there was a smattering of smaller experiments with hands glued together, or other feet and limbs glued together.

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These same dismembered and cobbled-together limbs made their initial debut in “Secret Team.” They were kept in a Rose Quartz bubble. There’s speculation about Rose initially holding a high ranking or important role in Homeworld’s hierarchy or government. What her implied involvement with the fusion experiments means is unknown; she may have been one of the head honchos, just carrying out orders, or even trying to contain the experiments…Another note here is how Lapis was trapped inside a mirror, used as a piece of equipment for recalling events. None of the Gems knew she was trapped in there. Did Rose trap her? Even if not, what if Rose was aware of this, but kept this a guarded secret?  

Peridot mentions something called ‘The Cluster’(I always think of the bug-robot race from Rob Renzetti’s “My Life as a Teenage Robot’s,” here, heh), how unwieldy the Cluster is, and that the Gems have no idea what they’re contending with. Rose knew about this, but kept it another guarded secret from the Gems. The more we as viewers find out about Homeworld, the more mysterious Rose becomes and the more her morality comes into question. I doubt she’s evil, but the Crystal Gems have probably committed their share of wartime atrocities (Lapis’ imprisonment just being the first revealed). 

Peridot is going to reveal tidbits about Homeworld’s side of the narrative. She’s key to some of the questions keeping SU fans up at night; the kind that lead to sitting up ramrod straight in bed, sweating profusely and mind racing. Hopefully, “Catch and Release” is the beginning of a better life, character development, and redemption for everyone’s favorite space dorito. 

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Often people ask me “why do you smoke,”

Truthfully I don’t have an answer for them,

Except because the earth is sometimes ugly;

And can be hurtful beyond compare.

So because hurting in a good way

Is better than hurting in a bad way

I indulge in the numbness of my heart.

Inhaling the ugliness, the distaste,

Surrenderance to the things permanent.

Solemn by the end of my cigarette

I raise a white flag in honor of life;

In honor of creation and nature

As well as hot embers and destruction.

During the nicotine it’s beautiful,

Infinite and passive and holistic.

– Jacoby W.


Eyes like a tornado; I’m awestruck as I watch the reds and green swirl around each other. A defense team of splattered rainbows.

Instead of raising a white flag like I’ve been taught to, I can’t help myself but to walk forward, absolutely captivated by you.

Fists kissed by life, little knicks here and there and I smile because I have the strongest warrior by my side.

Finger tips slightly calloused because I have a tendency to get myself lost in nature and I know it isn’t easy, reaching slowly into my mind to pull me back.

Lips raw and swollen because I’m petrified that I won’t be able to kiss you good morning or goodnight.

I wake up every time you have a nightmare and I cradle you until your breathing evens and then long after, yet you’re the one who makes me feel safe.

I always find myself reaching for you, as if your hand is my life line, like being away for longer than an hour makes my soul feel homesick.

I propose that it is normal, as I believe you and I were created from the same furiously breathtaking comet.

Our galaxies intertwining and creating something truly different, like a new color to be exploded into the night sky.

I’m not scared of the dark, but your voice makes all the bad things go away.


My ideal type is someone with more sex appeal than me. Even if I don’t say it, a guy who shows me through actions. Rather than the bastards who are all about talk. A bastard who pulls my hair so I can’t even look at other guys. You wanna check it. I’ll raise my white flag to a guy like that. My hobby is stealing boys who don’t even know this is about them. Who are next to strict girls.

spockoandjimjim  asked:

Imagine Jim having panic attacks after missions where they lose a crew member (particularly when they lose a young one, or one that was particularly promising, and he works on the enterprise so everyone is young and promising) and Spock lies him down while Jim shakes and cries and blames himself and melds with him and takes as much of the pain as he can