So this is what my weekend has been occupied with.

Meet Fujin and Raijin! Fujin is the short-haired stripey one, Raijin is the blue-cream fluff ball. (And my husband is the one in the pokemon tee. ;) They are so named because Fujin has been telling us how it is from the very start. Before she got used to us, she would spit fire at us from inside the cat carrier, and hiss at any of our other cats who came near. She also has a fondness for kicking things. She’s very protective of her fluffy brother, who is doofy and sweet as can be. Raj will curl up in a tiny ball to hide in your lap while Fu climbs all over him and literally tries to cover him protectively. When one purrs, the other starts purring, too.

We found these little sweeties under our shed last week, right before I left for Delaware. I had my husband make up some yummy bait and set the critter traps. Before the night was finished, he’d caught both of them and they’ve been living in our bedroom and bathroom ever since.

We took them to the vet, where they tested negative for FeLV and FIV. They got their distemper (DRC) shots (too young for rabies shots yet), dewormed and deflea-ed. They have a clean bill of health and as you can see they are absolutely people friendly, although they may need to warm up to new friends. They are not aggressive towards other animals at all. They are quickly learning to use the litter box, as well!

We already have several cats and as much as we adore these babies, we cannot realistically keep them. So I am putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in two healthy, friendly, absolutely adorable kittens.

I do ask that you have experience with cats already and are comfortable taking kittens who stared out their lives wild. They are shy and will require plenty of gentle handling and socializing, so you must keep them nearby and make time to spend petting and playing with them every day. I also ask that if at all possible, they would be going to an indoor-only home with the promise that they will be neutered/spayed when old enough. I want to have them adopted out together, as they are very bonded and separating them would be stressful for them both.

We will provide their complete medical history and their regimen for shots. Since they are very young, they will need several at various stages. Rabies and distemper booster are up next. We will continue to keep them updated on those until we find a home for them. We are willing to transport them anywhere along the Atlantic U.S. coastal area. So from Maine to Ohio to the Carolinas to Louisiana to the Florida Keys, we can make it happen. If you live further west, we’d have to arrange a pickup somewhere in between.

Please reblog of you can! These two are absolute sweethearts and will be wonderful companions. If you are interested in adopting them, or know someone who is, please drop me a message! We’ll talk. =)

Tip #57: Advanced Tech: Raijin Step

*A demonstration of the Raijin Step*

The Raijin Step is a movement tech that enables the user to move more fluidly over non-team colored ink. Usually used for evasive maneuvers, this tech can also be re-adapted into an offense-oriented maneuver to approach swiftly with the intention to disorient your foe.

This technique can only be done with a shooter, most preferably with rapid fire shooters like the Splattershot series, N-ZAP series, and the o-Matic series.

The setup for this tech is the same as splathopping. From there though, immediately step out and make another shot to the floor to create another puddle. Repeat quickly to make a “path” for yourself across enemy ink.

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      Circuit wasn’t happy about the whole crab incident at all, but it wasn’t as if they could have done anything to prevent it. They had decided to help Amy with cleaning up the mess Dingo had left instead of letting her do all the work. They’d feel bad if she had to do it on her own, after all- especially now that they were sharing a room.

      While Amy was away to put the crabs back in the sea, Circuit was mulling over what their parents had been talking about- something about the Akumas and a boy named Zwei… They were slightly curious, to say the least, but they weren’t sure if they’d ever get the chance to meet the Akumas, including Zwei, at all.

perldough  asked:

A nickname for a Raichu? Thank you!

When its electricity builds, its muscles are stimulated, and it becomes more aggressive than usual. It can loose 100,000-volt bursts of electricity, instantly downing foes several times its size.

  • Surge: a powerful movement. Can apply to electrical currents. 
  • Mito: Short for Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell
  • Raijin: Japanese lightning god
  • Kifuka: a village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lightning occurs there more than anywhere else on Earth
  • Thor: Norse thunder god 
  • Jigawatt: fictional measurement of electricity from Back to the Future 
  • Rauru: The light sage from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Sidious: after Darth Sidious from the Star Wars movies

Ghetsis Harmonia Groupius - German 
Nazaire ‘N’ Harmonia Groupius - ??? (Greek)
Armand 'Looker’ Devereux - French
Bianca Aurelio - Italian-American
Lenora Lamarque - African-American/Creole
Alder Takoda - Native American 

Cheren Miroslav - Bulgarian
Roxie McClane - American
Attenborough 'Burgh’ Northington III - British
Raijin 'Elesa’ Nariko - Japanese
Clayton 'Clay’ Mauricio - Hispanic
Skyla Strumvogel - German
Crown prince Draidendra/Drayden Nagendra - Indian-Gorkha

 Xun Tao 'Shauntal’ - Chinese
Grimsley Ducarde - American
Catalina 'Caitlyn’ Dragomir - Romanian
Marshall Matthews - African American
Iris Nagendra - Indian Full names/edited names of our main players. 

Because I’m a stickler for that shit ayyyyy. Also for future reference in design and portrayal.


This is what I had in mind for Circuit’s new outfit!

Circuit got one huge confidence boost thanks to Amy (prior to the summer event) while they were videocalling (Circuit wasn’t wearing their hoodie at the time and Amy complimented them), so Circuit will no longer need the hoodie after the EXE summer party (they’re still keeping the vest, though (for the colder days), but they will no longer wear its hoodie over their head.

The colored version will be up on my art blog as soon as possible, but for now, I’m just gonna leave the unfinished version here.


          ϟ ➝ &&. EYES are frozen wide in horror—oh, gods above, how did THIS happen? he’d only intended to join fujin in his nightly walk. never did he expect that out of all nights, THIS would be the one that ryoma would awaken. awaken and manage to see him attempting to sneak out of the tent, nonetheless. immediately, he feels an overwhelming sense of panic overcoming his entire body, and within seconds he’s TREMBLING, as if in the presence of a faceless. 

        RAIJINTO does not know how long the two had simply made solemn eye contact with each other for, but finally, he seems to come up with some sort of reaction. he looks around nervously—once, twice, and then proceeds to crouch upon the ground, lowering his head and covering it with both arms. SOMEHOW, perhaps ryoma won’t see him. 

Egg Boss Realism-Check Nr. 12 (SPECIAL):

Bride of the Conquering Storm (PRE-SGW):

Her Clan’s designation “Raiju Clan” already plays into Storm’s background as a character. In japanese history clans played a major role, and they also did in the Pre-Super-Genesis-Wave-Universe. The four noble clans were the 4 major powers in Japanese history, and they also are in the Sonic-Universe; The 4 clans, Raiju, Shinobi, Gossamer and Yagyu were the 4 biggest powers of Dragon Kingdom, alongside the free people and the Iron Dominion, which eventually united them for a while. 

The Raiju Clan, named after the legendary japanese creature/semi-god “Raiju”, is probably the Clan in Dragon Kingdom with the most offensive power. The name “Raiju” is a fitting one, since Raiju is the thunder beast in japanese mythology, and it’s also the companion of the god of lightning Raijin, which is closely resembled by Iron Oni, the fighting-mech of the Raiju Clan.

But let’s get back to the actual star of this check; The Bride of the Conquering Storm, arguably the most powerful bride in Dragon Kingdom. Beloved by some, unknown for many, but recognizable indeed. 

With her distinctive orange fur-color, pushed down lynx-ears, asian conical hat and a purple uniform, she’s nothing you can forget too easily. As far back as my first posts, the lynxes were my obsession, and I’m going to do it all over again in this post.

The Bride of the Conquering Storm, probably an eurasian, or even more specific a turkestan lynx, seems to be designed very carefully. Even the unusual orange fur-color is based on the eurasian lynx, which is a miracle when you look on some other characters and their fur-colors. There are many weird things, like purple cats, or blue hedgehogs, but this species in particular seems to be pretty accurate in terms of colors. 

When we look down at Conquering Storm’s behind, we see a tail slightly above her butt . Even though the tail is missing the black tip, I can tolerate that. The tail looks a bit spiky, but you can just say the longest part is the tail itself, and the smaller part is just some fur here and there.

When our martial lynx takes off her conical hat, we get to see her ears more clearly, which are a bit over-scaled but at least have detail in form of the black markings and tufts on the ears, which lynxes have in real life too. 

Her clothes are of a typical shortened hanfu-type, alongside a conical hat, bandages for better blocking, gloves and back of hand protectors for the safety and iron shoes, possibly for a stronger kick. She got everything she needs to fight, and she can use it.

Storm was seen wielding a Katana in the comics or more likely just a Ninjatō, a shortened version of the katana suited for a stealthier approach, implying she has ninjutsu-skills in terms of sword-skill too, while her minions seem to have more simple fighting skills.

But then … that thing happened.

Conquering Storm (POST-SGW):

Designwise Storm was generalized with the other lynxes, but the fur around her mouth isn’t too much of an issue. The fur-color changes slightly between colorists, but it seems either like winter-fur or the normal orange-beige-fur.

The first appearance of our lynx-madam in the new continuity showed her during meditation, clearing her head, or possibly searching for the inner peace. In any case, she was interrupted during her spiritual exercise, which are common  in Japan since around  the 5th century. 

The only other real thing we got so far besides the meditation is the fact that Connie was using a smoke bomb to escape, which are unrealistic in the way pop-culture depicts them. The possible origin of this popular tool might be the Metsubushi-Techniques, that rather focussed on distracting and blinding your enemy overall instead of making you invisible through the smoke. 

And sadly, we haven’t seen much else about Storm herself so far in the new continuity, which is a shame to be honest. Anyway, this was my Realism-Check for (the Bride of the) Conquering Storm. It was an honor.

Next time; Now that we’re through, there are no egg bosses left to analyze, so I’ll just start to ask you guys, who do you wanna see? I’d like to know which characters you want to be checked off, so you can just message me some character in any form, but just make sure it’s clear enough what you mean. So don’t just write “Relic” or something in the ask box or anywhere else, make sure I know what you mean. You have the freedom to choose, but I won’t do the Main-cast such as Sonic or Knuckles, since I want some Archie-aspect in this format. 

So leave your ideas, thoughts, hopes or dreams here, and I’ll see you guys next time. Do svidaniya.

Mogeko/Funamusea/Deep Sea Prisoner OC?

Narukamine. She’s a Witch of Storms.
Especially prominent in things regarding wind and thunder and lightning.
The bringer and finisher of most storms in the world.
She travels a lot, usually out at sea because its a great place to stir up bad weather.
Likes lemons/lemon flavored things and cute dogs.
Thinks Shirogane is a cute dog.
Does not have a bellybutton.
Loud and brash and a little stupid, honestly.

(I based her on the Raijin legends, yeah)

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      Instead of getting in the water, Circuit had decided to go for a walk across the beach. To them, this was a way of relaxing– especially now that it was nowhere near as crowded as the streets of DenTech City. They were carrying their PET as they walked, though, just in case.

      As much as Vesper wanted to say that her operator should go make some friends, she didn’t want to push it. She was afraid that it would make it even harder for them to approach anyone. 

      Besides, Circuit seemed to be in such a good mood now… she really didn’t want to ruin it.

Agave isthmensis ‘Ohi Raijin Shirofu’

Agave isthmensis is a small species from eastern Oaxaca, and it has many cultivars that are even more compact, often with variegated leaves. This one is called ‘Ohi Raijin Shirofu’, with a broad white stripe down the middle of each leaf.