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Looking back through your Naughty Boy tag, I wonder if Zayn and NB's songs not getting onto Four was the catalyst for all of this. Everything seemed fine, NB said he was looking forward to recording all of the boys for One Chance To Dance and thought it would be a single, Zayn was closer to his pre-Four demeanour aka not overtly hating it. Then suddenly you have Zayn and NB spending lots of time together, tweets about never betraying each other, 'the future is bright'?

That… sounds right to me.

From March 1, I think. 


Fairy Tail Chapter 426 Spoilers

Spoilers from 2ch:





第427話「地下の激闘」につづく TO BE CONTINUED 

Crappy Google translation:

Black heart along the way toward the black magic cult summer talk that it was said of future Rogue to Lucy who should future has changed, but the previous summerwhile you are fighting Gray and mulled-Gières, looking at the black pattern that undermine him was anxiety want summer Lucy worry Sunnah, what is even gray’s fellow of my people, and soothe the other hand, question Gray to be a betrayer of Council Council from other black magic cult members suspected crack But Gray, my goal’s book of END cares others, say that anything use anyone if to defeat the END of the same time approaching the summer we waste church hideout of enemy troops of Council Council also black magic cult was moving to subdue subordinates to report to the captain that there are gray with information betrayer but is someone that knew the strange, Gajiru became a member of the troops is to say On ■ Gray ” surprising “a piece are attracted … !! TO BE CONTINUED following the Episode 427 “underground of fierce fight”


What I got from this is that Gray IS pulling a Silver, in that he isn’t REALLY with these Avatar people, and they may even suspect that he’s double-crossing them. But at the same time, the mark on his body is worrying Natsu, because he saw it surface when they were fighting Mard together. 

Also, Gray DOES sound like he’s fixated on END to the point where nothing else matters, and he’ll utilize anything and everything he can to find and destroy END. And Gajeel shows up for some reason (something about the Magic council, so maybe he’s working for them?). Sounds like he too is after Avatar. Plus, Future Rogue warned that they had changed the future…I think. ^^’ 

Basically, I’m not sure about any of the above, and am looking forward to some better translations to make more sense out of things haha.

But baby, I’m just passing time ×

Mon amour
Je sais que tu m’aimes aussi
Tu as besoin de moi
Tu as besoin de moi dans ta vie
Tu ne peux vivre sans moi
Et je mourrais sans toi
Je tuerais pour toi
—  Meine Liebe,
Ich weiß, dass du mich auch liebst.
Du brauchst mich,
Du brauchst mich in deinem Leben.
Du kannst nicht leben ohne mich,
Und ich würde ohne dich sterben.
Ich würde für dich töten.