Athelnar isn’t canon no matter how much their fans wish it to be true. If anything Ragnar sees him like a brother and more importantly a friend/confidant whom he can speak freely too without judgement. You could see he missed that while Athelstan was away. Make no mistake Lagertha is the love of his life. I just wish fans wouldn’t read so much into little gestures, and get carried away. It happens in every fandom, they end up ruining the show by making two men who are clearly hetero, gay.

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five ships i will go down with

tagged by @acanofpeaches because they like to see me suffer

1. Enjolras/Grantaire literally my favourite ship of all time i will never be over them and never stop crying about their relationship. the most tragic and beautiful and profound bond and just so much angst and love i would talk about them forever but i won’t subject you to that. just know i am eternal ExR trash.

2. Athelstan/Ragnar i love my tiny monk son and his giant puppy dog viking. this ship. it hurts me. from their very first interaction i knew i was fucked. there is so much love and loyalty between these two and i cry. i will never be ok because of these two.

3. Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham i am a dirty dirty sinner who loves unhealthy relationships and murderous codependency. my ship of sin. everything is blood and sex and deeply fucked up understandings of each other and i love it. throw me in the dumpster where i belong.

4. Freddy Newandyke/Larry Dimmick (Orange/White) my ultimate weakness and yet another tragic ship that im fucking obsessed with. when a guy is willing to kill his boss, a man he’s trusted and respected for years, and possibly (almost certainly) get shot for some kid he’s just met- that seems an awful lot like love to me

5. Howard Moon/Vince Noir (and basically every other iteration of a noel and julian character) don’t even get me started on these two, holy shit. they have that perfect level of bicker-flirt and are so in synch and know everything about each other and they care so much about each other and i could just ramble for days about how in love they are 

honourable mentions go to: stucky, lams, hamilton/burr, charliemac, 00Q, and newt/hermann

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