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Vikings R&A - one night stand and falling pregnant au *please dont hate me*

I don’t hate you, anon. But I see where you’re going, and sorry, not going there. So…


“Lagertha’s pregnant.”

Athelstan - Stan to most of the people he has ever met, because people apparently think Athelstan is a weird name - blinks, pauses with his cup of coffee in midair.

“Uhm. Congratulations?”

Ragnar looks at him blankly for a moment.

“Right. Let me try again. Lagertha’s two months pregnant.”

And Athelstan’s eyes grow round in understanding, because two months - it was two months since…

… since a couple of absolutely gorgeous people had ended up lounging next to him on the beach, since they’d basically chatted him up and brought him back to their summer house and given him a  very memorable night.

“I thought you said she was using protection!” he blurts.

“She was, the doctor insisted after her last miscarriage - but that stuff doesn’t always work, you know,” and Ragnar sighs, looking down at his coffee.

“And - and you think that I got her pregnant?”

“Maybe. The timing fits. Or I did. Or maybe we both did. Apparently, that’s something that happens sometimes.”

He glances at Athelstan’s face and apparently realizes that’s not what Athelstan needs to be hearing right now.

“Listen, nobody’s expecting anything from you. You didn’t sign up for this, and anyway, it’s far too soon to tell whose child it is. I just - thought you ought to know.”

“Are you keeping it?”

“Lagertha’s keeping it, yes,” Ragnar nods, decisively. “Or she’ll try, at least. We’d stopped trying for another one, you see, after the last miscarriage, but - well.”

There’s something helpless about Ragnar, but Athelstan can’t really focus on that right now, just like he can’t stop the helpless little laugh coming out.


That’s one of the things he really liked about Ragnar and Lagertha - they actually used his name.

“I’m sorry. It’s just - I don’t hear from you for two months and then you call me up for coffee to tell me I might have accidentally gotten your wife pregnant. It’s just a bit much, you know?”

“Well,” and Ragnar folds his arms, defensively. “It’s not like you called either.”

“I didn’t have your phone number! And the firm that rented out the cabins didn’t exactly want to hand out your contact info to me!”

“Sorry,” and at least Ragnar looks contrite. “I meant to call sooner, it just got a bit hectic - I had to find a new apartment and have you any idea how hard it is to find a decent place in this city quickly? And then…”

“Wait. Apartment?”

“Yeah. Lagertha kicked me out and it was too expensive living in a hotel, and my brother…”

“Wait, wait - kicked you out?! Because she got pregnant?!”

“What. No, no, calm down, it’s - we just split up, but she kept the house. We’ve not being doing so well, recently - work stress and Gyda getting sick and the miscarriages. It just got - a bit too much.”

“So you left your pregnant wife,” and Athelstan doesn’t mean for that to sound like an accusation.

“Got kicked out,” Ragnar corrects him. “I’ll still be there for her. And the kids. All the kids. Just - not while living with them.”

They fall quiet for a bit, Athelstan sipping his coffee.

“You didn’t seem like you were doing badly when I met you?”

“That was one of the last good days. You should have heard the fight we had the next evening. The neighbours almost called the cops.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s not like it’s you fault.”

“And you don’t think this new child will bring you together?”

“It might. It might not. We’re not stupid enough to think a baby is some miracle fix-it for what ails us.”

Ragnar pauses, takes a deep breath and looks Athelstan right in the eyes.

“But I am going to be there for them. Whether the kid is mine or not.”

It’s a question if Athelstan ever heard one.

“And - and if I can’t do that?”

Ragnar sighs, then empties his coffee and reaches for his coat, rooting through a pocket.

“Then that’s fine. We’ll put my name on the birth certificate, and you won’t have to worry about anybody coming after you for child fare or anything. I just thought you might like to know.”

He pulls some change out of a pocket and reaches out to leave the tip for the waitress.

“Hey,” and Athelstan wraps his fingers around Ragnar’s wrist. “I didn’t say… It’s a lot to take in okay, but…”

And this time it’s Athelstan’s turn to take a deep breath before lifting his head to meet Ragnar’s sky-blue eyes.

“I always did want to have kids, you know? I just - wasn’t expecting it to happen quite yet.”

He offers a cautious smile to the man standing above him and feels his heart skip a beat when the man slowly smiles back at him.