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early morning with ryjackeoff? *if you shipped them that is. <3

@miss-ingno: pssst, morning cuddles. not having to leave the bed. not quite dawn, not quite awake. just lazy warmth intimacy.

((u guys know me so well already))

It’s Jack who wakes up first, normally being the first to rise. She blinks awake as the early morning sun starts to slip through the blinds. Geoff pressed against one side, arms thrown around her waist and head against her shoulder. Ryan was pressed on the other side, curled close to her, warm and thankfully sleeping for once.

A small smile forms on her face as she glances between her two lovers, warm and soft as they sleep besides her. She presses a kiss against Geoff’s temple, another on Ryan’s knuckles as she holds his hand.

Geoff stirs first, eyes cracking open as he looks over at Jack. She gives a smile and Geoff is quick to mirror it. He shifts closer to her, putting a hand to her cheek to pull her into a kiss. Its lazy and soft and calm and Jack can’t help a giggle as Geoff’s beard scruffs her face. Geoff’s smile only widens as he kisses her again.

Ryan stirs next, awoken by their shuffling. He shakes his head at them, but smiles. He wraps an arm around them both, pressing small kisses against Jack’s back. Jack hums through her smile.

“Hey, no kisses for me?” Geoff says over to Ryan and Jack laughs, falling back into the bed.

Ryan smirks. “Nope.”


Jack falls into a fit of laughter as she lays between the two of them. Geoff glares at Ryan and Ryan smirks back, neither seeming to make a move. Until Ryan finally breaks, rolling his eyes and pulling Geoff into a kiss.

Jack takes that moment to slip out, leaving as their kisses get deeper. She smiles over at the two of them, heart bursting with love for these two men. Then she turns towards the kitchen to get food started and guns cleaned and plans revisited. Just another morning in Los Santos.

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Could you do a Mad King!Ryan x Reader with the song MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday?

Word Count: 883

“How did I even get here?” you mumbled to yourself, wrapping the sheet of the bed around your naked body. This was never how you planned it to go down. You weren’t suppose to get close like this. Go in. Grab all his secrets then break his heart, if he had one.

“Good morning, my darling,” the mad king sang as he brought in breakfast on tray.

“Oh my goodness. What’s the occasion?” you asked playing up the innocent act as you always did with him. Never wanting to pose as the threat you were.

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“Oh my god,” Jeremy gasped out, looking at the now confused barista in front of him. Looking at his now blue eyes and green apron.

“Uh, how can I help you?” The barista asked awkwardly, not understanding the situation.

“I can’t believe this is happening! I never thought it would happen in a Starbucks in New York!” Jeremy laughed. If he were being honest, he didn’t think it would ever happen at all.

“What are you talking about?” The barista asked. Jeremy looked at his name tag.

“Ryan, we’re soulmates! You’re having such a different reaction to seeing color though, weren’t you excited?”

“But…. I don’t see any color,”

gavin was talking about how pokemon go was making him uneasy because there is a pokestop right outside his house and he’s scared of fans seeing him and knowing where he lives

So please, if you are playing this game and happen to stumble across any member of RT (or any other celebs) in their own houses (someone found Jack’s house by accident playing the game) be respectful, do not share their address, do not knock on their door, do not enter their property. If they happen to walk out onto the street away from their house then okay maybe you can politely approach them and talk to them but don’t bombard them and don’t share their private personal details, and do not linger outside their private property

They are people too. Don’t stalk them. Don’t post any information that allows people to track them. We’ve already had one YouTube star this year get shot by stalker fans, so realise how terrifying this invasion of privacy is to them.

I just really liked how Michael (aka the rageguy) was wearing all pastels and Gavin was wearing black and madly screaming all over the place. 10/10 fashion on today’s Go.

Also unrequested bonus -  

rest in peperoni ryan

congrats Lil J you lucky bastard

i haven’t been able to stop thinking about this, so i’m gonna share it with all of you: you know that one au that’s like “your soulmate’s last words are tattooed on your body”?

so my brain took that and said, “okay, but what about that with immortal fake ah crew?”

because, god, i’m just imagining the sheer number of words? ray’s got them sprawling down his sides in neat columns in fine print. geoff has them circling his arms, from his shoulders down to his wrists like tat sleeves. gavin’s got them scattered all over, collarbones and hips and fingers and behind his ears.

some of the words are ridiculous. laughable. “you know what, i think i did forget to pack parachutes.” “fifty bucks says i can make that jump.” michael’s got “oh, fuck me” on his lower back like a tramp stamp and displays it proudly.

others hurt. “go! go, get out, i’ll hold them off.” “fuck, i’m sorry, i’m so sorry.” ryan finds “oh, god, don’t let him see my body like this” and something in his chest aches finely.

jack’s the one who finally makes them all chronicle them, dozens of pictures in a book they all pour over, grimacing and laughing in equal measures. 

(“you know, i think most of these are gavin’s.”


“yeah, you could say fucking any of these in a british accent and i’d believe it. fucker dies like three times a day.”