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Hey I just found your comments about the decline of ragehappy and domination of Fake AH Crew AU's. I've been trying to break in and my only real success has been my one GTA story. There were two I put literal days into writing and people just didn't even give a shit. It's super disheartening because I feel like the only way to do well outside of Fake AH is to be already well known - but you can't do that without compromising what you want to write anymore...

Hey anon, yeah it does really suck that fake AH Crew fics get more attention than others. But , to be fair , the ragehappy side of the fandom has severely declined in general. I remember like last year, I could post a fic and get 20 comments in a day, Fake AH Crew or otherwise! Now I’m lucky to get a few. Interest has just severely declined and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will pick up again soon but , i don’t know. Maybe a lot of us have just grown out of AH. Even I find myself watching and keeping up with the content less and less these days.

But if you wanna link me to your fic I’d happily read it / show some love !!!! :)

“White Collar” - A Mavin Fic

So this is my newest fic! It’s a mavin story, Michael-centric (with some Raywood on the side because I really can’t help myself). No, it’s not Fake AH Crew. It’s something a little different, and I hope you like it!

It would be really nice to hear if you do. Dropping Kudos is awesome but comments are what keep us fanfic writers going most of the time. I’d love to hear what you think, good, bad, ugly. I can take it!

I would describe this fic as a lotta-sad, lotta-hopeful, lotta-mavin. It’s about friendhship and love and pining and how tragic events can kind of push those feelings away. At heart, the story is about Michael, and how he loves Gavin more than anything else in the world. 

So read it on my AO3 here!


White Collar


Summary under the cut!

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Listen…….. im glad there are like clues and smart stuff in Eleven Little Roosters but im gonna be honest. All I can think about are these two… in suits bich. All Black and White suits yo. Im a Weak Man im not gonna be able to focus on the clues .bye.


i did my best to find a banging quite but they’re all so banging i just couldn’t pick one, all that to say have a fahc turnfree from @ganglylimbs​ absolutely AMAZING, INCREIBLE, FANTABULOUS

fic, (the second chapter to be precise), http://ganglylimbs.tumblr.com/post/153430628133/as-the-sun-sets

like this fic is so good, soooooo good

so good

if you dont shower alex with lots of love for their brilliant fic  i will be sad

every year on valentines day, michael and gavin end up saying stupidly sappy stuff to each other via twitter, but what if they did that kinda thing too in the fahc universe? went way outta their way to make a statement and slowly one upping each other every year

like, the first time its not as bad - michael robs a florist and puts all the flowers in gavins room and surprises him when he gets back

the second year, gavin steals a stunt plane and tries to write in the sky - it doesnt look anything like what he planned but michael was still amused and thanks him when he comes back covered in grazes and singed slightly

third time michael sets a bunch of explosives out in the middle of nowhere and demands a jet from geoff - once he gets it, he pulls gavin along and flies above the explosives, detonating them and spelling out like ‘boi’ or something else sappy for the other to see. gavin awes over it as the trees and grass catch fire oopsies

the fourth time gavin sneaks into the military base, almost gets shot multiple times, and escapes relatively unharmed in a besra. surprisingly, he doesnt crash immediately. he spray paints the entire thing fluoro pink, much to geoffs delight, and covers it in ribbons and flowers. he drags michael into it, both of them are squished but gavin flies them up right at sunset - and then almost kills them both in a crash, but gavin bought along parachutes because he knows hes accident prone - and its special parachutes, theyre pink and heart-shaped and michael is screaming and laughing the whole time they float back down to the ground

by the time their fifth year anniversary comes around, the crew knows to hide and just let them do their thing. it doesnt matter if its michael or gavins turn to show off, they have equal chances of something going wrong, and it gets exponentially worse every year. this year michael has set fireworks and flares all around mt chilliad and has dragged lindsay into helping set it up. after nightfall, gavin is worrying something has happened, maybe michael forgot or something, but then michael drags him out in ‘kitt’ to the airport, where lindsay picks them up in a cargobob. as soon as theyre high enough lindsay releases them and lets them glide through the air. michael hands over the detonator to gavin, who presses it instantly, and finds himself right in the middle of fireworks and flares as they explode all around him. by the time the fireworks stop and they land - not without a couple of tumbles and scratches of course - gavin thinks hes deaf but demands to go again.

their sixth anniversary has yet to come but gavin is already trying to plan and scheme with geoff who isnt having any of it - meg and lindsay tend to watch from the sidelines with amused smiles on their faces