Drunk Americans illegally float into Canada
Some 1,500 drifting revelers were rescued.
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Illegally entering Canada and being rescued by the coast guard was not what the swimsuit-clad Americans who were swept into foreign waters on Sunday had in mind when they set off from Port Huron, Mich.

But that’s what happened to Ann Levere, who has spent many summer days in an inflatable raft on the St. Clair River bordering Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. The annual Port Huron Float Down, which draws cooler-toting revelers in colorful dinghies and inner tubes, is a tradition dating to the late ‘70s, and Levere has been a regular for nearly as long.

This year strong winds blew Levere eastward, separating her from her family. In an attempt to point her raft in the other direction, the 48-year-old grandmother slipped and fell into Canadian waters.

She wasn’t alone — some 1,500 river partygoers inadvertently drifted across the northern border, entering Canada without documentation on Sunday. Most had to be rescued through a massive effort from several Canadian agencies, then were returned to the United States by bus.

Others were given a lift back to the American side by friendly Canadians on the water.

After Levere tumbled into the river, a Canadian woman pulled her up onto her own raft. Together, they latched onto a Canadian freighter that towed them toward Port Huron. By the time Levere reached land, she had been on the water for nearly seven hours.

“They just made me feel so warm and comfortable,” she said of her rescuers in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”

Other floaters were just as grateful for the neighborly assistance.

“God bless Canada!” a raucous group shouted in a Canadian Coast Guard video posted by the CBC.

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird 2016 20 – Zen Glen, Indian Land, South Carolina, August 22, 2016

Evolution doesn’t know what it’s doing.

It doesn’t have a goal in mind.

“Goals” are our gift to the matrix,

Along with “beauty” and “justice,”

And all the values that have been identified

Over the course of human existence.

We now find ourselves with 80 +/- years

In which to explore the experience of being alive–

“Doing our thing” in light of the best we can imagine,

With self-transparency and compassion

Guiding us along the way.

Small rafts of awareness

Upon the heaving surface

Of the wine-dark sea.

We each have the opportunity

Of being something that has never been

And will never be again,

Of bringing to light what can be brought to light

Within the time and place of our living.

It was dark before we came along.

Why not let our light shine while we can–

As only we can?

And not worry about “Why?”

Or “Where it’s all going”?

Home or High Water

Bending your beliefs like wind in a sail,
Pulling my raft across a river of bodies turned pale.
Fags, hags, heathens and cigarette butts.
Heavens trash falls to populate my land behind the vale.

Gritty be my bloodline the sediment runs deep,
I couldn’t allude temptations and faith is a leap.
Snatching airborne particles the benefits we reap,
We’ve become werewolves in a herd full of sheep.

Pain sprinkles down like summertime freezing rain,
Twinkles off of off key piano keys, dripping down a window pane.
Cheering for the beast as the knight lays slain,
Wasting my time I’ve been casting curses in vain.

Bestowed is my prince’s crown by spirit of sparrow,
Rituals and potions stirred under the weeping willow.
Blood, flesh and semen. Ginger and tally weed.
Blessed by tears that my royal family will swallow.

The sound of nature plays through the air,
The breath of the woods and breaking branches.
It swallows your soul and leaves you feeling bare,
The cold, bold stares and fabulous taboo.

A delicate and deadly dance like that of moths in light.
The skin, eyes and leaves that the moon’s reflection bleaches.
Too many phenomenon, science will lose this fight.
Our forest, our kingdom will not let you define its reaches.


Just gonna… say hi to the recent surge of new followers on here, glad to have you on board this small raft in the middle of the ocean. Thanks for being here. I haven’t done a lot of fanart recently but that can change.

Most of this blog right now is just my OCs, memes and korean hip hip (jokes! It was just Show Me The Money, a tragic show about korean rappers, and now it’s over)  Also if any of you like khh please talk to me I am dying, in fact just talk to me, tell me abt your favourite prof or smth

And my instagram is @peevishpants if you want to see traditional art (and 1 blurry photo of my face) go check there!

One last thing:


esieexists  asked:

If you were stuck on a desert island with one book, what book would you choose? I would have 'how to build a raft' personally.

Since I’d have a lot of time, I’d bring Game of Thrones a song of ice and fire with me. I read the first 100 pages and I think it has more text than the bible in the first 10 pages. It’s so so so flipping good though.

Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » Diane… #10: Twin Peaks Episode 8 – May the Giant be with You

from @dianepodcast: “The reason I bring up both of these stories is because they are often conflated, the princess and the dragon and the damsel in distress. They’re very interesting in relation to Laura, for a whole raft of reasons. The main reason though is because she’s dead. And I think that says very, very interesting things about the damsel in distress story, doesn’t it? The fact is, as we’ve discussed endlessly, she’s very definitely a presence in Twin Peaks. And she is locked away somewhere. And we’ve already seen her in this mysterious nether-region that we went to in the first episodes. The process of rescuing this individual is quite a complex one.

“She’s not secreted away in just a room, she’s secreted away in tapes, in photographs, in rumor, in people’s memory, in videos, in more than one diary. The process of rescuing Laura really - the process of rescuing a princess here, in Laura’s case, is about finding out who she really was. Laura’s a dynamic individual, rather than everybody’s fantasies about her, everyone’s delusions about her, the lies they actually quite consciously tell themselves about her. And this case that Cooper’s on and James and Audrey and Donna. It isn’t just about uncovering, he murdered her. It’s about uncovering the life that inevitably wound up with that murder.

“And so when this princess is finally rescued, when her life is finally brought to life, the realm itself will no longer be under threat because it will know itself better. Twin Peaks will know its shadow self better, it will know its underside. The lies it tells itself will be brought to light. Also, I reflected, the other ways we conceive of Laura, these are probably the main ways we conceive of Laura, are through the photos. And you look at the frame of that prom queen photo and it could just be the frame around a window in a tower, Laura waiting for her knight to come. But of course there’s a flicker whenever you see that photo, because the other image of Laura that we have of her is her basically going blue, wrapped in plastic, and dead.

“And she is a fascinating character, the way she flickers between life and not-life. And the thing is with this investigation, when it’s through, she’ll not only be given her life back in a way, but she’ll also be finally given her death.”


The Last Shopkeepers

In the words of the artist Francesco Pergolesi:

Temple guardians of a little vanishing world, brave and full of passion, they valiantly defend the meeting places for human exchange and relationships, set in unpretentious frames, nibbled by the passing of time. As survivors on a tiny damaged raft , they face restlessness and greed, on a dangerous sea that doesn’t care about the past and its traditions, smashing together people and principles, obeying the march of progress.

Before it’s too late I shelter memories smelling of yellow paper, and “Ceci n'est pas une pipe” , like a freshly gathered broad bean listening to the gossip of old pilgrims, religiously sitting on green Formica chairs, conserving cloth in dusty trunks and expert hands. They cut cloth in the dead of night, while I preserve pure white clouds made by an ancient pink oven, as old as time ; work done by glue and saw, buds and sharp prickles, made by a real good morning and good night!

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Along the winding North Platte River, just a few miles from Casper, Trappers Route Special Recreation Management Area offers easy outdoor fun for kids eight to 80, from fishing to wildlife watching to picnicking.

Want to get out on the water? Floating in a raft or a tube from Bessemer Bend to Robertson Road, just outside of Casper, will take around four and a half leisurely hours and drop you right near town just in time to grab a post-float treat.

If camping is what your family wants, there are four developed campgrounds along Trappers Route.  Campsites are $10 per night and have trash cans, picnic tables, shade structures and restrooms. To get there drive south from Casper on WY 220 toward Muddy Gap sites can be found on CR 412 (33 miles) and CR 316 (20 miles) with additional sites at Bessemer Bend (8.1 miles) and Miles Landing (33 Miles).  

CLICK HERE for a map and float times for your #mypubliclandsroadtrip.

Announcer: “Aaaaand it looks like the Rottens put a box of termites on the Yogis’ raft!”

Me: “Um… no, they obviously didn’t.”

*show cuts to closeup*

Me: “Ah, never mind, I guess the Rottens teleported it there while the animators were zooming in.”

These off-camera secrets are the real mysteries of Scooby-Doo.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (1956). David Niven, Cantinflas, and an ensemble cast race around the planet in this adaptation of the Jules Verne novel by director Michael Anderson.

anonymous asked:

Instead of Leo going to Calypso's island I think it would have been kinda cool to have Calypso show up at Camp Halfblood sometime during Trials of Apollo or the end of HoO and if someone asked how she even got there she would say "I learned to love myself, and the raft came to take me off my island" and her and Leo become close and she teaches him you don't need a BF or GF to be happy and be loved (which is a lesson that should have been taught in HoO) and then they are best friends forever

!!!!!!! I would pay so much money to have this be canon. P l e a s e  it is perfect I need it

Honestly though,

burdening a story, or a tv show, or a book or movie with completely fixing your inner pain is such a tail chase.  It will never fix your broken pieces.  It might, temporarily, but then your brain is going to remind you that nothing has changed, nothing has erased your hurt.  Brains are awesome like that.

Lashing out at tv writers won’t heal you.  Lashing out at fans who don’t agree with a ship won’t heal you.  In the night, when you lay down, the dark cloud of whatever pain you carry is sitting over your head.  Nothing fictional is going to erase it in the long run.  You have to find real support and help in real life.  I hope everyone can do that, somehow, some way.  I’m doing it too, and it’s hard, but you have to try.