It was very, very close to the end of filming, so you’re always building up for it and thinking, I hope that I can fulfill that. I hope that I do it justice. I hope that we can create this journey whereby there is the payoff in that moment. So, for all of the times when we were making Thorin alienating and allowing the audience to really dislike him, we knew that at some point, we’d have to turn it around for that scene.

~ Richard on Thorin’s last lines [x]

(original photos by Matt Holyoak)


“Both of the characters that I’ve been exploring with Thorin and Hamlet have that kind of introspection, and there’s a moment in this story when Hamlet realizes that he is a lot of his father, Old Hamlet, who is described as being rather cruel and bloodthirsty, a warmonger, and Hamlet realizes that he shares many of those qualities; and I think there’s a moment in The Hobbit when Thorin realizes the same thing, it’s something he’s always known.”

Richard Armitage on narrating Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel (x


I think the way it’s changed my life is that the global reach of the films has an impact. Certainly this year, being on stage in “The Crucible,” I felt it acutely that we filled the theater very, very quickly and people had come from all over the world to see the play. I was just astonished. It was only really a 900-seat theater but it fills me with a sense of expectation and pride that the people have traveled that far.

~Richard on how Hobbit has changed his life [x]