some matt the radar tech stuff

-Imagine figuring out right away that Matt the Radar Technician is actually Kylo Ren. It only took you a few seconds, after he introduced himself to figure it out. His voice was the same, and with you spending so much time listening to Kylo talk, it wasn’t that difficult. You keep that to yourself though, and use it as a tease token.

-Imagine Matt asking you what you think about Kylo Ren, and before giving him an answer, your lips are curling into a smirk, and you’re saying, “General Hux is better.” Before continuing off with work. He can’t tell if you’re kidding or being serious, so he proceeds to follow you.
“Better?” he mumbles.
“Better.” You reply sternly. “Especially in bed.”
“I’d believe that if you weren’t screaming for more last night,” He uttered more to himself.
“What was that, Matt?” You swallowed, trying to keep yourself composed.
“Nothing…” He whispers, his jaw clenching tightly as he looks down at you with dark eyes.

-Imagine Kylo trying to get to General Hux all day, because he truly suspects that Hux may be after you. He bothers him with things like, “(Name)’s pretty cute” and “what do you think about (Name)?” But, being the way he is, General Hux stays stubbornly silent and only demands Matt to get back to work before he’s thrown outside into the snow.


-Imagine Kylo naked, but in the Matt wig and glasses, lying on his bed and telling you that his ‘calcinator is broken, why don’t you come fix it?’

-Imagine Kylo Ren go undercover as Matt only to understand you better, as you are one of the hardest people to understand. You can go from happy to murderer alarmingly fast, it was fascinated with other words.

-Imagine Kylo (as Matt) telling you facts about himself, things he like and sometimes if you are lucky he will tell you what he hopes the future will look like for him and galaxy.

-Imagine hearing someone insult Kylo Ren not even five feet away from you and just lose it. You would be on that person and have nothing but murder in your eyes. Tell them that Kylo Ren is the strongest force user and most loyal man this base have ever seen.

-Imagine Matt standing next to you blushing so hard it looks like he could win agains Hux hair. He would be forced to drag you away from there before someone would tell Hux that would start looking for Kylo to tell him what happened. He would later fill in the report of the event with great detail and send the person far far away from him and you.

-Imagine finding out that sweet Matt that probably have some heavy anger issues is the feared Kylo Ren and the only thing that your brain could take in was the fact on how many times you have defended both Kylo and Matt when someone picked on them.

-Imagine Kylo telling you that under these weeks he was ‘Matt’ he got a crush on you, more like he had fallen for you and just refused to get up. But he didn’t really put it like that, it was more like “I feel gratitude that you defended me and would like for you to follow me to my personal quarter”.

-Imagine him finding a better position for you after it “mystically” became free for someone to take. You didn’t really want to think about how or who had to pay that price for that.