An Even Fifteen: (40) By Her Side

A/N: It’s wedding time! And you get it from Fili’s POV! This fic is nearing its end, just so you all know, but I have about four more chapters planned, and a possible epilogue. I will definitely let you know when the last chapter is coming up. Also, please don’t hate me for ending this chapter where I did. I’m not comfortable writing smutty stuff, so you won’t get anything past slight steam or implications. But I still hope you enjoy this chapter! Thank you to all who have been so encouraging and enthusiastic about this story. It means a lot.

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Fili’s POV

When I woke up that morning, I knew exactly what day it was. How could I not? It was the day I had been moving towards since I first met her.

My wedding day. No, our wedding day.

The thought brought a smile to my lips that I could not–and would not–smother. In a matter of hours, I would be forever joined to her, and she to me. I would not wake up another morning without her by my side, snoring softly into her pillow with her hair splayed out to catch the morning sun that filtered through my small window.

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Gandalf: Hmmm…yes…..yes…Radagast, have you had a chance to read this contract?

Radagast: Gracious, no. What does it say?

Gandalf: Apparently, Thranduil and Thorin get to keep their parts of the entire set but their return is contingent on whether or not Elrond and Lindir get longer breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks, larger trailers with fully stocked wet bars and a personal masseuse and upon Smaug getting his own private plane.

Smaug: What?

An Even Fifteen: (41) Completely

A/N: Sorry for the slight delay in posting today! I’m on vacation and I had a very long day yesterday, so I had to finish this chapter this morning. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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You were married.

To Fili.

It was the most unbelievable, most wonderful thing that had ever happened to you.

And as late as it was, as little sleep you had gotten, you were deliriously happy. Completely and utterly filled with joy that you weren’t sure you would ever be able to express sufficiently.

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An Even Fifteen: (39) Don’t Look Back

A/N: Look at me, posting the update on the actual day I’m supposed to! And I know this chapter moves pretty fast, but I think it’s about time that wedding actually came around, don’t you? That said, the next chapter will be from Fili’s POV, so yay for that! Anyway, thank you all for reading, as always. I hope you enjoy this one!

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You and Fili named the baby Rhosgobels that night. It took a lot of discussion, and not a small amount of good-natured teasing. They had their hair now, and their eyes had opened, but their exploration was still marked with hesitating head bobs and the stumbling of uncoordinated baby feet. Their personalities were distinct, though.

Fili named Onyx first. The only black kit in the litter, and the only black Rhosgobel you had ever seen. And his personality was brash. He was the first out of the nest, and the bravest of the bunch. When Fili suggested the name, you had no objection.

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