MY FIRST PURCHASES OF THE CON if you can’t see the decal on the right it’s a hufflepuff one for my car~ and oF course i had to buy the one piece of hobbit merch i’ve been able to find so far in the vendors room like honestly i was kind of disappointed each dwarf didn’t get their own button (SEEING AS YKNOW THERE’S 13 BUTTONS. WHY DO GANDALF AND RADAGAST HAVE THEIR OWN WHILE BOFUR DOES NOT???????) but i love how it’s packaged with bilbo at the center of his company of dwarves uvu

There are five of us. The greatest of our order is Saruman the White. And then there are the two Blue Wizards… You know, I’ve quite forgotten their names. And the fifth? Well, that would be Radagast the Brown. Is he a great wizard, or is he more like you? Well, I think he is a very great wizard… in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals for others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too. For always evil will look to find a foothold in this world.

More Valarin reconstructed names

As for the Maiar, only Ošošai’s (Ossë) Valarin name is known. Here are some Valarin names reconstructed for many of other known Maiar, helpers and servants of the Valar:

Noldorin Quenya - Neo-Valarin - Primitive Quenya/Valarin/other sources

Five Istari:

Olórin (Gandalf) - Ibrîgûlôz (silver servant) - Ibrî (“silver”, from Ibrî-niðil-pathân-ezêl “*Silver-flower-leaf-green”, Valarin); Gûl (“servant, wraith”, from Nazgûl “Ring-wraith”, Black Speech)

Curumo (Saruman) - Igwiša3ûlêz (white crafter) - Igwiš (“white”); A3ûlêz (“crafter”, as Saruman was more into machines, being a Maia of Aulë, both Valarin)

Aiwendil (Radagast) - Âyawin-gimabâz (bird-finder) - Aiwē-n(d)il (“small bird-lover”, Primitive Quenya); gimba- (“find”, Black Speech, almost corresponding in function to “-ndil”, in that Radagast seeks to see and be with the birds and wildlife of Aþâraphelûn)

Alatar or Morinehtar - Pûruzu-bagêz (darkness-destroyer) - Búrz (“darkness”, Black Speech); bag (“torture”, Lower Black Speech, third translation)

Pallando or Rómen(s)táro - Barâdâz-âyanâz (east/raised-helper) - Barâdâz (“raised”, used for “east”, as this is from where the Sun has been “raised” into the sky, Neo-Valarin from Primitive Quendi Baradá “lofty, sublime”); ayanûz (“Ainu”, used for “worker”, as the Ainur worked to create and sustain the universe, Eä, Valarin)

Evil Úmaiar:

Sauron - Aþa3uzônôz (the cruel) - Saura (“cruel”, Primitive Quendi) and Þauza (“foul”, possibly Vanyarin Quenya)

Mairon (Sauron)- Mayazônôz (the admirable) - Mairon (“admirable”, Quenya)

Other Servants of the Good Valar:

Eönwë - I3ônowêz (herald) - (no known etymology)

Ilmarë - Gili-mâz (star-light) - *Gil(ma) (“starlight”, GIL is related to the root for Ilmen, “Space (for stars)”, Primitive Quendi and Quenya); -rë (feminine suffix)

Arien - Tulukh-igas (yellow-heat) - Tulukh (“yellow, gold”); Igas (“heat”, both Valarin)

Tilion - Ibrî-3arôz (silver-horned) - Ibri (“silver”); Arôz (“horn”, based on Arômêz, “horn-blower”, both Valarin)

Uinen - Uyu-ninêz (seaweed-maiden) - *Uy (“seaweed”, unknown non-Elvish language, possibly Valarin); *Nen (“water”, Quenya)

Salmar - Salimâz (harp-man) - *Salma (“lyre, small harp”, Quenya)

sent to: Radagast

[02:11:00PM] how many were-pups would I have to trade you to convince you to try to call of the Eagles?
[02:45:26PM] oh come on. Remember when I took the blame for you stepping on Yavanna’s favorite flowers? I didn’t have to do that.

received from: Radagast

[02:47:17PM] Seriously? You’re pulling that card now?
[02:49:09PM] do you have any concept of how expired that blackmail is??

radagasts-owl asked:

2, 15 and 30? ; v ;

2. have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

actually no, they’re either too creative to think like me or think completely opposite of me and i get pissed off it’s quite sad

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

harry potter saga, the lord of the rings, the hobbit, the picture of dorian grey, waiting for godot 

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

i will pick “we create our own demons.” because it’s probably the most powerful quote i’ve heard in my life. it’s the one that gets me through my anxiety and all shitty moments in life and in the end of the day you’re playing the game against your own mind. GOD BLESS IRON MAN 3

Algunas cosas del Hobbit/lotr en español

Thorin Oakenshield: Thorin Escudo de Roble

Bilbo Baggins: Bilbo Bolson

Gandalf the Grey: Gandalf el gris

Radagast the Brown: Radagast el pardo

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: Lobelia Sacovilla-Bolson

The shire: La comarca

Misty Mountains: Montañas nubladas

Laketown: Ciudad del lago

The lonely mountain: La montaña solitaria

Dwarrows/Dwarfs: Enanos

Elf: Elfo

Lord of the rings: El señor de los anillos

Saruman of many colors: Saruman el de muchos colores

Poplitealqueen's Headcanons: Radagast & the Ents

Radagast speaks fluent Entish and you can’t tell me otherwise.

I’m convinced the only reason he was around Orthanc long enough to teach Saruman how to talk to birds was because he was off having a long-ass gossip sesh with Treebeard, and needed a place to crash.


anonymous asked:

Ooooooo for the Lord of the Rings au, Zoey could be Radagast the Brown...

That would be so cool! 

- Mod Edelweiss

Manwë’s Eagles?

Tooks and Bagginses, this is the third discussion topic (based on the Week 3 chapters) celebrating the final week of the Hobbit Read-Along! Feel free to contribute any thoughts, meta, or art this topic inspires or reminds you of.

Inspired by hennethgalad‘s discussion of agency, and ridiculoussquid‘s post about luck and the Powers…

In The Silmarillion Thorondor and the eagles are sent to Middle Earth by Manwë, out of pity for the Exiles. And at least in the case of Maedhros and Fingon, the eagles are summoned by invoking Manwë’s name. 

But by the time of The Hobbit the Valar are withdrawn from the world. Because of Radagast, Gwaihir and the eagles still aid the Istari, but the Istari too are acting without active guidance from Manwë. 

So is it just by pure luck that fifteen dwarves in five fir trees are espied by the Lord of the Eagles, and just curiosity that brings him to their rescue? Or is there another power at work here, the same power that lay behind Bilbo finding the Ring?