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which of your ocs is most famous?

moggs without contest lmao, the only one who comes anywhere close to her is ghuff and she’s still a long way off. 

this is like 90% owing to the location and the time period she rose to prominence: because she was soo fuckin popular in Cyrodiil, word of her was more effectively spread to each of the other provinces (in a time where the Empire actually controlled the entire continent). Plus, well. The main reason she managed to get so famous in the first place was due in large part to the sheer novelty of a “clever orc”. Even in the late third era orcs were typically seen as little more than goblins and it was rare for them to be so successfully integrated into the society of any of the other races, much less buddyin’ up with the Emperor himself (god i wish bethesda had done more with this in oblivion its only like 30-some years after daggerfall wtf). 

Ghuff eventually becomes more famous as a dragonhunter than the actual dragonborn, mostly because ~*the dovahkiin*~ is a relatively culturally-specific thing and killing dragons is not. And Lurdge was always more on the infamous side, mostly as an anarchistic dissident hohoho. She had a brief surge of fame after she defeated Dagoth Ur but she ruined that almost instantly by throwing up a huge middle finger to the government of Morrowind and going on a big slave-freeing rampage before Red Mountain’s eruption. In fact I imagine she pissed off the government so much that most stories about her say she ~*died heroically*~ in her fight with Dagoth Ur rather than continue on as an irreverent revolutionary. But that suits her i guess, she’s more comfortable as an anonymous old lady anyway  

(painting is based off Lieutenant Charles Legrand by Antoine-Jean Gros B^) )

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which language would you say has the easiest pronunciation? i think japanese is the easiest imo because they don't make any difficult sounds. like german for example their ch is pretty difficult and some languages roll their r's and i have just recently been able to do that.

Japanese doesn’t have a difficult pronunciation, but I haven’t figured out how to pronounce “r.” The Japanese r is a mix between l and d..and I’m not sure how it works yet. So at the moment I roll my r in Japanese. 

Same with Spanish. v and b have the same pronunciation and it’s a mix between v and b and it’s difficult for me to find the correct pronunciation.

but other than that..

German has a few letters that don’t exist in English like ä,ö,ü and both ch sounds. But the good thing with German is that the pronunciation isn’t different from the written word..I think that’s a problem in French. 

in the end, every language has their weird sounds xp 

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hey guys !! this is my fourth cpsd, made because i realized i hadn’t used photoshop in weeks. the psd used is bubble gum by seltalksrp, and the text is arial so you won’t need to download any fonts. of course none of the textures were made by me, but i did spend a lot of my time searching for a majority of them on google, d.a., etc. if you happen to have any problems with the cpsd, don’t hesitate to hit me up and i’ll get it fixed in no time !!

  • you’ll need one png ( or more, you do you !! )
  • everything should be labeled and it’s pretty easy to edit
  • please like/reblog if you use it, are a rph, or maybe even if you just find this helpful and tysm for downloading my cpsd !!

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