• hinata:kageyama!
  • kageyama:?
  • hinata:I- I-!!
  • kageyama:
  • hinata:r-really l-l-love-!!!!
  • kageyama:
  • hinata:I r-really LOVE--
  • kageyama:I know. I feel the same.
  • hinata:!!! Kageya-
  • kageyama:I really love volleyball too.
  • hinata:
  • kageyama:
  • hinata:OKAY I DO TOO BUT-
  • kageyama:especially when you're there to spike my tosses
  • hinata:!!!!

R.I.P. Blaine Gibson

Disney fans the world over suffered a blow yesterday with the passing of Blaine Gibson. Gibson joined the Disney Studio in 1939 as an animator. Over the next fifteen years, he worked as an animator on most of the studio’s most famous projects, including Fantasia, Bambi, Song of the South, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and 101 Dalmatians.

In 1954, Walt Disney was putting together a team of artists that would help him create the Disneyland park. Walt remembered a small art exhibit he’d attended that featured some animal sculptures Gibson had created during his off hours, and immediately asked Gibson to join his team of ‘Imagineers.’

In 1961, Gibson became the head of the Imagineering sculpture department. Gibson’s sculpture work in Imagineering is the stuff of legend. He sculpted the head of the original Abe Lincoln animatronic (and most of the presidents since), the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean, many of the spooks in The Haunted Mansion and the original Partners statue that stands in the hub of Disneyland.

A great artist, Blaine Gibson will be missed. Thankfully, much of his work still stands at the various Disney parks throughout the world. A lasting tribute to a remarkable man.


             H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  A L L Y S O N  B R O O K E  H E R N A N D E Z                                                                                    J U L Y  7 T H  1 9 9 3   

             “One of my biggest wishes for this world is for everyone to be loved & happy”

Evidence Of The Corporatization Of Pride Parade, In One Pie Chart

Today, I (Riley Konor AKA Riley Kollaritsch) had the pleasure of doing an interview with Rachel Cromidas who writes for the Chicagoist. We discussed the corporatisation of lgbtq+ Pride parades these days, and this is the result:

For better or worse, corporations love Chicago’s Annual LGBTQ Pride Parade. Evidence of this fact could be found everywhere at this year’s parade, from the “I Eat Tacos” buttons passed out by Chipotle reps via a burrito-shaped float to the Google logo-emblazoned sunglasses carted around in a Google Van to the local fitness center employees whose custom T-shirts read “Less Work, More Out!” Acceptance is very, very in these days. And while many take heart to see rainbows and glitter across their favorite brands, some LGBTQ-rights advocates are increasingly divided over whether that’s unequivocally a good thing—particularly if it’s coming at the expense of the radical politics that characterized the Stonewall Riots that birthed the modern pride movement.

Some parade-goers have been complaining for years that Chicago’s pride festivities have gone corporate, and in the process turned into a commercialized spectacle and yet another excuse for straight people to day drink in the streets. Some LGBTQ revelers have simply chosen to stay home from the parade in response; others have turned to the growing Chicago Dyke Marchfor a more indie alternative and still others have opted to bring their displeasure to the parade itself, as a group of #BlackLivesMatter protesters did last week, with a die-in style protest that brought the parade to a halt.

To test the theory, Illinois-resident Riley Kollaritsch crunched the numbersof parade participants, listed on the parade’s website, and graphed them with a pie chart by organization type. Kollaritsch, 27, a writer and creator of the website Project Queer, found that corporate-representation did appear to surpass LGBTQ groups at this year’s parade—several times over. His graph shows there were 132 floats or parade slots held by corporations, compared to 11 LGBTQ groups, 1 bisexual group, 1 trans group and 5 groups related to queer people of color.

Pride Parade and Fest planners did not respond to requests for comment from Chicagoist Monday afternoon.

Kollaritsch told Chicagoist the graph confirmed what he already suspected, after trekking out to the parade from his home in Marseilles for several years. “Pride has become a very heterosexual spectacle nowadays,” he said. “It’s not about the roots of why Pride was started, and it’s not about the people who started it anymore, the [trans and queer people] who took it to the streets and made this a thing.”

Though some may disagree with this perspective, arguing that mainstream acceptance and visibility beget acceptance and visibility, Kollaritsch’s response is nuanced.

“It depends on the corporation. A lot of the corporations that take part happen to be quite harmful to our movement, like alcohol companies that target our communities even when something like 30 percent of our community struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction,” he said. “I like to have the support of a company that genuinely cares, but if it’s somebody just trying to take advantage without doing anything to give back to the community, then I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.”

For a woman who is so protective of her privacy and has been praised for keeping her private life private, it’s utterly ridiculous that she is papped at every apartment she is looking at and now…showing everyone which penthouse she looked at and the address of said apartment.


This is NOT how high profile A-List celebrities look for property to buy.

Zanewinder’s sins and virtues
Seven Deadly Sins

1. Lust - Ty

“Do you have a history with every guy with a gun in the Northern hemisphere?”

- Armed & Dangerous (Kindle Locations 4885-4886).

2. Pride - Digger

“If it’d been me blowing that shit up? Ain’t none of us would have crawled out. That’s all I’m saying.”

- Crash & Burn (Kindle Locations 2846-2847).

3. Wrath - Owen

“Tell him, Grady!” Owen shouted. Nick shoved Owen into the wall and pointed a finger in his face, hissing.

“Get him out of here,” Ty growled. Nick grabbed Owen’s shoulder, but the man shrugged him off.

“Don’t have to tell me twice. I’m fucking out of here.” He stormed out, letting the door slam behind him.

- Touch & Geaux (p. 102).

4. Gluttony - Zane then

The craving for the drugs echoed through his head, the urge to find a drink curled in his gut, and the wish for a cigarette set his fingers to twitching.

- Cut & Run (Kindle Locations 7106-7107).

5. Sloth - Eli

Well, he is dead so…

6. Greed - Nick

He’d had his share of exhibitionist moments, and most had been well worth it. He didn’t want that with Kelly, though. He wanted Kelly all to himself.

- Cross & Crown (Kindle Locations 2312-2314). 

7. Jealousy - Kelly

“Aidan,” Nick provided, trying not to laugh. “We’re not dating, but not for lack of trying.”

Jealousy spiked so quickly that Kelly barely recognized the feeling. “I don’t understand what that means.”

- Shock & Awe (p. 36). 

Seven Heavenly Virtues

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

1. Chastity - Eli


2. Charity - Ty

Ty just nodded and looked her over carefully. She looked back at him defiantly, seeming to think he was contemplating taking her up on her services after all. Instead, he reached into his back pocket and took out three more bills and handed them to her. “Buy yourself a couple days off, huh? Safer,” he grunted as he turned around and began making his way back down the alleyway.

- Cut & Run (Kindle Locations 1253-1255).

3. Diligence - Digger

“I have a bunch of ear buds, a few other things,” Digger said. “Sniper rifle, a couple smoke canisters, Kevlar vest.”

Kelly leaned forward. “A Kevlar vest?”

Digger nodded.

“You travel with full assault gear?” Ty asked.

“You don’t?”

- Touch & Geaux (p. 183).

4. Temperance - Zane now

He’d begun his AA meetings again, keeping the anchor token with him at all times. He’d stopped going to the gym quite as often, trying to fill his free time with other, more varied things.

- Touch & Geaux (p. 261).

5. Patience - Nick

Nick stopped and rolled his neck, like he might have been irritated by Kelly’s repeated attempts to keep him from descending the stairs. He turned, though, the same easy smile on his face, his feelings masked by his legendary patience.

- Shock & Awe (p. 12).

6. Kindness - Owen

If Owen hadn’t slipped him a key, he’d still be stuck in that fucking bed.

- Crash & Burn (Kindle Locations 1283-1284).

7. Humility - Kelly

“We’ll stay here. Make sure he doesn’t die,” Kelly offered, smiling widely.

“That’s … that’s comforting, thank you,” Zane drawled.

Kelly shrugged. “I do what I can.”

- Touch & Geaux (p. 83).

heliosmuva asked:

(I'm sorry im new to your blog but) what are your thoughts on brendon urie saying that shit abt transracial identity? and if you've already addressed it could u link me? thanks!

i think that it really displays his ignorance imo, at its core that way of thinking is transphobic and racist, and there’s nothing i can really say to excuse it. brendon is a white-passing dude who has been in the public eye since he was 18 and he’s never had to think about marginalized groups that dont concern him. he just doesn’t. he’s never had the opportunity to be taught about those things because he’s catered to pretty heavily. so i think his comment was ignorance. i think it was him not knowing better. i don’t think it comes from hate, i dont think he is prejudiced or hateful, but intention never matters when it comes to comments like that. it’s not about what he meant, it’s about what he said.

i do think that the word “transracial” has been used to obscure the discussion in a way that makes it easy to confuse people who aren’t educated. it’s not surprising to me that he fell for it. brendon is supportive of transgender people and was so happy and proud of caitlyn jenner for being able to present the way she has always felt inside. that’s something i know he feels. but he doesn’t understand that being “transracial” is different. the way he sees it, its about “being yourself” even when we all know that’s not what it is. 

it’s hard, because to someone who has never had to learn about that stuff, it seems like a very simple comparison to make.

gender is a social construct. race is a social construct. to someone who isn’t well-versed in these kinds of things, it would make sense to them that “transracial” is just as valid as transgender.

i know that it’s not. we all know that it’s not. we all know that what she did was basically put on blackface for 10 years and lie her way to positions of power that should have belonged to black people. we all know that she claimed an oppression that wasn’t hers. 

but to someone like brendon? that shit just seems like it’s the same. it makes sense to him to see it as the same because the word “transracial” is used to obscure the discussion, it’s being used to excuse the abhorrent and disgusting thing that rachel dolezal did even though “transracial” isn’t a thing and never will be.

i think brendon is a good person! i think he cares about others. i know that he supports the transgender community. but to get right down to it, he’s ignorant. he’s uneducated. he equates the two things because his worldview is very narrow and he doesn’t see the fundamental difference between a transgender person and rachel dolezal. and i wish he knew better. i wish he didn’t say what he’d said. it was transphobic and racist and harmful to so many people and it made me feel physically sick when i heard him say it. 

i guess the important thing for me to remember (and for everyone else too) is that yes, he’s ignorant and uneducated, and we know he isn’t hateful, but that doesn’t make what he said excusable. you can’t like… excuse someone’s harmful words/actions just because they don’t know any better. i think it makes me easier to forgive him because i know that he’s not a hateful person. but it doesnt mean that people who can’t forgive him for it, people who were devastated and hurt by his comment and what his comment represents, are wrong for feeling that way or are overreacting.

this is jumbled a bunch but i hope this makes sense!

any of those fics w/ self harm or eds or anything tht real ppl go thru tht fckign nt ppl who hav never experience them write r so gross and i hate that they exist i hate tht ppl think mental illness is a plot line and not something real and horrible lol