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So @judylavernehopps and I discussed of a very very very overprotective Judy XD And I drew this out to fit one of her ideas

It goes as, if Nick got hurt by ANYTHING, even a damn paper cut, JUDY WILL RUSH IN AND PROTECT HER FOX. (Good job, Jude) This is not brand new, but I forgot to post it on here :p

Soso, I hope you enjoy this goofy little comic! XD 

Ransom’s second year of medical school at the U of T and after class he goes to the library to study.  Around 3:30pm he texts Holster, Caught up on tomorrow’s work but I want to get ahead.

At 5:06 Holtzy texts back, Come down and get your dinner. ETA 15.

Ransom sighs because that ETA means Adam is already in the car, dinner in a lunchbox on the seat beside him, so he really does have to pack up his shit and go downstairs.  He doesn’t dare leave anything alone in his study carrel.  Carefully trying not to think about how much of a pain this is, because he does appreciate his boyfriend (and probably needs to eat before midnight), he begins fitting textbooks into his backpack.

While he’s standing next to a loading zone off College Drive and wishing he packed his mittens, a car gets his attention.  It’s not the blue Jeep he’s keeping a lookout for; it’s black and low to the ground, expensive-looking, cutting between lanes like a shark.  It’s beautiful.  When it stops at the red light Ransom honestly considers taking his phone out and and taking a picture.

Then he kind of freaks out when the light changes because it goes straight for him, and he’s worried his staring has offended whoever’s behind that tinted windshield, kind of ducking behind the loading zone sign as it pulls up and rolls down the passenger window–

“Get in, loser,” Alexei Mashkov says.  “I’m taking you to dinner.”

“Tater!” Ransom shrieks, and scrambles for the car.

Getting a backpack full of books into the backseat of a two-door coupe takes a little bit of doing–they both work to shove it between the seats, and Ransom keeps a hand on the strap to soften its landing since his tablet is in there–and then he’s in, the door is shut, and he can delightedly let Tater kiss him senseless.

Someone honks, and they have to re-enter traffic.

“Players’ association meeting,” Tater explains as he wrestles the car onto Spadina.  “Adam thought you would not notice the schedule. I made reservation. He will meet us there.”  He glances sideways and says, “My mother went to medical school. She says you should rest more!  Always study, no sleep, does not make good doctor. We kidnap you if we have to.”

Ransom reaches out to take Tater’s hand, leaning his head back against the seat in a dizzy rush of relief and pleasure.  He has been pushing himself hard–not all the way into coral reef mode, but he could feel parts of himself beginning to turn fragile.  Now he lets Tater drive him in this swawesome car to the kind of restaurant he and Holtzy would have to save for a month to afford.

“Kidnap away,” he says, as Tater reaches up to brush a thumb along his neck, into his hairline. It feels so good.  “Kidnap away.”

Honestly, though, this debate is why I never wanted Bernie to make it to the final round. What I witnessed tonight confirmed that I made a sound judgment call.

Because Bernie, for all his integrity and character, for all of his fire and ethics, would have failed to match Hillary’s calm and collected finesse. Bernie’s a good guy, but Donald Trump has built his empire on the backs of good guys. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both fiery beings, and in a battle of flames, I feel like Donald Trump would have at least emerged more intact than he did tonight.

Bernie was too much of an idealist. Hillary Clinton shut Trump down not with ideals, but with clear and concise plans, laying out all of her methods and launching quick hits to facts. She never quite dug in her roots on moral issues, but she also never turned herself into a stubborn brick that was just sitting opposite Trump. She was fluid and dynamic because she’s a crafty politician–and that’s what we need to stop Trump.

In short, I’m glad it’s her.

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KageSuga 47!!! Doesn't necessarily need to be romantic~

#47) “No one needs to know.”

Kageyama Tobio, star setter, volleyball genius, blossoming celebrity of the Karasuno volleyball team… and absolutely hopeless with most social interactions both on and off the court. He didn’t like being confronted with this fact—especially not by Hinata—but it was hard to feel anything other than completely mortified when he had been the sole maker of his own tragedy.

“I’m… I’m so sorry–“

“Kageyama, it’s okay!” Suga laughed as he patted his junior’s shoulder.  “You’re not the first to accidentally call me ‘mom.’  And I promise I won’t tell anyone.”


“Not a single soul.” Except maybe Daichi.





Yuuko I understand that you steal merchandise from the Clamp multiverse but HOW DOES THIS ONE EVEN WORK.