Extinction Countdown:

100-Year-Old Turtle, the Last of Her Kind, Could Soon Be a Mom

by John R. Platt

I have written about a lot of causes of extinction over the years. Climate change. Disease. Overhunting. Pollution. The list goes on and on. Well here’s a new one that could end up on the list: a mangled penis.

Now, normally a single set of damaged sexual organs wouldn’t make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. But nothing about the Yangtze giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) is normal. Only a single mated couple of this species remains anywhere in the world.

The two massive turtles, each estimated at more than a century old, have lived together in captivity at China’s Suzhou Zoo since 2008. (Two other Yangtze turtles, both male, live in Vietnam.) Although they have engaged in mating behavior several times over the years, the female has never laid fertile eggs.

No one knows how long these two turtles will live, but time is obviously of the essence. And so, with the clock ticking, scientists set out to see why fertilization has not yet occurred. That meant finding out if the male turtle still had viable sperm…

(read more: Scientific American)

photograph by Gerald Kuchling, Wildlife Conservation Society

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which of your ocs is most famous?

moggs without contest lmao, the only one who comes anywhere close to her is ghuff and she’s still a long way off. 

this is like 90% owing to the location and the time period she rose to prominence: because she was soo fuckin popular in Cyrodiil, word of her was more effectively spread to each of the other provinces (in a time where the Empire actually controlled the entire continent). Plus, well. The main reason she managed to get so famous in the first place was due in large part to the sheer novelty of a “clever orc”. Even in the late third era orcs were typically seen as little more than goblins and it was rare for them to be so successfully integrated into the society of any of the other races, much less buddyin’ up with the Emperor himself (god i wish bethesda had done more with this in oblivion its only like 30-some years after daggerfall wtf). 

Ghuff eventually becomes more famous as a dragonhunter than the actual dragonborn, mostly because ~*the dovahkiin*~ is a relatively culturally-specific thing and killing dragons is not. And Lurdge was always more on the infamous side, mostly as an anarchistic dissident hohoho. She had a brief surge of fame after she defeated Dagoth Ur but she ruined that almost instantly by throwing up a huge middle finger to the government of Morrowind and going on a big slave-freeing rampage before Red Mountain’s eruption. In fact I imagine she pissed off the government so much that most stories about her say she ~*died heroically*~ in her fight with Dagoth Ur rather than continue on as an irreverent revolutionary. But that suits her i guess, she’s more comfortable as an anonymous old lady anyway  

(painting is based off Lieutenant Charles Legrand by Antoine-Jean Gros B^) )

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