• ATLUS guy 1: You know what? In a game where you refuse society's standards we need to accept that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love"; Let's make it possible to date the teacher.
  • ATLUS guy 2: What if we let the protagonist, who's a boy, date other boys?
  • ATLUS guy 1: Unrealistic. Impossible. Blocked. Get out of my sight.

listen the absolute best feeling in the world is when a band you really like relases new music and you get to listen to it for the first time that’s just how it is nothing beats that feeling

ok so honestly whoever posted those tweets of that fake phil account saying they’re getting a dog truly like???? trolled a girl who’s too lazy to put her glasses on thank u i’m………i experienced true and pure happiness for a short time but it is now gone™…there is no phan dog………..