«E se di me gioia ti vince,
è nodo d'ombre.
Non altro ora consola
che il silenzio: e non ci sazia
volto mutevole d'aria e di colli,
giri la luce i suoi cieli cavi
a limite di buio.

Mobile d'astri e di quiete
ci getta notte nel veloce inganno:
pietre che l'acqua spolpa ad ogni foce.

Bambini dormono ancora nel tuo sonno;
io pure udivo un urlo talvolta
rompere e farsi carne;
e battere di mani ed una voce
dolcezze spalancarmi ignote.»

Salvatore Quasimodo, Mobile d'astri e di quiete.

(Maurits Cornelis Escher, Vincolo d'unione)

Disney This or That

Bold which you’d rather! 

  • Spend a day under the sea with Ariel or spend a day in Olympus with Hercules
  • Sail the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?
  • Attend Topsy Turvy Day with Quasimodo or go to Halloweentown and hang out with Jack Skellington?
  • Bake with Tiana or Paint with Rapunzel?
  • Fly around with Baymax or Peter Pan?
  • Hang out in Arendelle or Corona?
  • Have Lady or Duchess for a pet?
  • Be adopted by wolves in the jungle like Mowgli was or by gorillas like Tarzan was?
  • Would you rather have ice powers like Elsa or fighting skills like Mulan?
  • Would you rather get turned in to a bear like Kenai or a llama like Kuzco?
  • Wear Cinderella’s 1950′s dress or her 2015 dress?
  • Do you prefer Aurora’s pink or blue dress?
  • Have Esmeralda’s dancing skills or Mulan’s fighting skills?
  • Spend the afternoon with Gaston or Frollo?
  • Would you rather have Belle’s library or Ariel’s grotto?
  • Would you rather wear Pocahontas’ necklace or Cinderella’s glass slipper?
  • Have Anna’s braids or Jasmine’s ponytail?
  • Would you rather be in a live action or animated Disney movie?
  • Do you prefer princess or animal movies?
  • Which soundtrack do you prefer; The Lion King or Pocahontas?
  • Would you rather be in the Sugar Rush racing game or in the Hero’s Duty game?
  • Travel to Atlantis or Treasure Planet?
  • Travel by magic carpet or by Pegasus?
  • Be a hero or a villain?
  • Be a shapeshifter like Madam Mim or have magic like Dr. Facilier?
  • Bring back Mufasa or Tadashi?

Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame was first released on June 21st, 1996.

While Quasimodo is singing ‘Out There’, the camera pans over Paris and zooms in on a street. In this scene, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991) is seen walking and reading her book (walks out the bottom of the screen, to the right of the well), Pumbaa from The Lion King (1994) is being carried on a pole by two men (carried out of the bottom of the screen, but left of the well), and another man (in a gray-blue tunic) is shaking out the Carpet from Aladdin (1992). (x)


Nicoletta Manni as “Esmeralda” and Ivan Vasiliev Иван Васильев as “Quasimodo”, “Notre-Dame de Paris” choreography by Roland Petit, 2015 Benois de la Danse Gala, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia (May 26, 2015)

Photographs by Jack Devant