This weekend we hosted Trans Youth Leadership Summit, a collaborative fellowship-style program providing young transgender people the opportunity to work toward liberation through collective organizing for solidarity, advocacy, and empowerment. TYLS is the only national program by and for trans youth of its kind. We’re so excited to see many young, brilliant, revolutionary trans organizers getting together to learn and grow.


Here it is boys & girls!! 🎉

My collaboration with @clarisonic_au the leading and super gentle cleansing brush - so excited share with you all this mini video, Enjoy! 📽🙊

Special thanks to the team on the day! @johnnyvision @danbrophy and @qtsydneypics
#iloveclarisonic #Benjiaus #qtsydney #gifted (at QT Sydney)

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anonymous asked:

thank u 4 cheering up the beautiful hog boy!!! ps ur blog is literally my favorite i love everything u post sm

anything for our fav cutie hog  ♡

( thank u so much qt ; v ; !!! it means a lot <33 )

Tday is: bein siQ, spend all morn tryn 2 kill fly in my room:(, drawn some qts on duty, painting myself a bad alien riri patch 🎷🐛

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Do you have any cute ways to tell a crush you like them? (I would prefer irl but over text works too)

well i once got told somebody likes me in math class by a message he wrote on a worksheet i was helping him complete that i was a “QT 3.14”

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Dandy:  Where exactly is ‘home’?

Meow:  Home is, like we guessed, where she was built.

The businesses on this planet uses up all the resources for one purpose: building large space crafts.  There are actually a ton of planets like this all over the universe and once they planets are just giant floating space rocks– the companies bail.

Dandy: Bummer.

Meow:  It also says that aliens from all over will take things from the deserted factories and sell them online.  Just, like, scrap metal and dated tools.  I guess some species even live here after all that.

QT: Oh! Like that thing?

Dandy:  Hah?

QT:  I bet that alien is a scavenger!