T-ARA[티아라] “완전 미쳤네 [So Crazy]” Teaser

Augmented Reality Is Finding Success in Enterprise

There is no doubt that augmented reality is a powerful next step in computing. Blurring the lines between the physical and the digital, AR will allow us to engage in the real world while leveraging all the benefits of being connected.

While there are tremendous opportunities in the consumer space for AR, augmented reality is expected to see the most growth over the next few years in enterprise, thanks in part to the introduction of head-worn wearable tech. In fact, a recent report from Juniper Research suggests that the enterprise augmented reality app market is expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2019, growing tenfold from 2014.

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T-ARA’s ‘So Crazy’ Teaser


T-ARA joins the summer comeback fiasco with “So Crazy” MV Teaser for 2015 comeback, their first collaboration with Brave Brothers (cue to his signature “oooh~s” & trumpets)