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Pushing Daisies: Ned possesses a rare gift – the ability to restore life to the dead – with a touch. He puts his power to good use, helping an investigator solve murders by reviving the victim and asking the deceased to name the killer. Complications arise when Ned brings his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, back from the dead with the intention of keeping her alive. There’s just one snag: If Ned ever touches Chuck again, she goes back to being dead, for keeps.

PushingDaisies!AU + Solangelo

I was thinking of writing a Pushing Daisies AU with Solangelo do you think that’s a good idea?

This was supposed to be one paragraph not one chapter what is wrong with me???? but like if you want me to continue then hey be my guest should I post this as a one-shot or a multi-chapter? Do you want to know who killed Will??? es? no? anyway

Here is chapter 1-ish  :

Nico works for Reyna, the best private investigator in town. He doesn’t have special investigating skills or any for that matter. What he did have was a special ability to bring people back from the dead. Solving murder cases was so much easier when you can ask the people who died directly.

But there are rules. One touch alive. Another and they’re dead forever. Keep them alive for more than a minute and someone else has to die. Usually, someone within the vicinity.

So, it goes. Nico brings the dead back for a minute then he touches them again. Cut. Clean. Simple.

Up until Nico stumbles upon an old childhood love.

Will Solace.

Will Solace. 26. Tall. Blond. Blue Eyed. Athletic. Murdered.

Reyna brings Nico to the funeral place. He told her his affiliation with their new victim and requested to have a few moments alone while he spoke to the dead. She obliged though very cautiously with copious amounts of suspicion as though Nico was hiding something from her. He was.

His true relationship with the recently deceased was far more intimate than he would have  liked to divulge to her. Which was probably what led Nico not sticking to the usual rules. 

It was supposed to be cut, clean, and simple. The timer counted down from 60. One touch and Will opened his eyes, bright blue and startled.

“Where am I?” Will asked sitting up from his casket. Not an unusual question but he was unusually calm.

“Hi, Will. You’re dead. Someone killed you. Did you see who?” Nico replied going straight to the point. 55 seconds.

“Nico?” Will looked at him “I haven’t seen you since summer camp”

“Yes. You’ve been murdered and I need to know if you know who did it.” Nico explained quickly though he felt his heart racing. Just his luck being reunited with his first love and he was dead.

Will looked at him for a moment. 

55 seconds.

“Gee. I’m sorry but I don’t really know,” the man in the casket looked apologetically at him. 

“You don’t remember anything?” Nico pressed. 

He was the one murdered yet he looked sorry. Nico found that a little ironic.

50 seconds.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“You’re dead and you’re the one who’s sorry?”

45 seconds.

“Yeah. I don’t really know who this works. I’m new to the being brought back to life thing.”

Nico smiled at that. He was a little happy to know that Will didn’t lose his sense of humor. Will to his credit smiled back. For a moment they just smiled at one another. They haven’t seen each other since Nico was 11 and a half and Will was 12, it should have felt weird, awkward. It should not have felt normal. He shouldn’t feel a mixture of happiness and sadness at the thought of getting to speak to Will for one last time.

40 seconds.

Reyna banged at the door “Hurry it up!” she said urgently.

“Is my time up?”

“Uh, yeah kind of. Sorry.”

Will smiled at him sincerely and said “Well, thanks for stopping by.”

“You know you were my first-lo–, er, um,I had a huge cr-, Ah, I mean, You were my first kiss,” Nico suddenly blurted out. Nico was not sure why he said it or why it came out in a fluster but if he had to guess it probably had something to do with that smile the other man gave him.

“You were mine too,” Will said

30 seconds.

There was another wave of that small happiness mixed with a kind of sadness that washed over Nico.

“So, you wanna be my last?” the blond man proposed then said quickly “If that isn’t too weird.”

25 seconds.

“No,” Nico said “That wouldn’t be too weird.”

Will closed his eyes and Nico did too. Nico leaned his head slowly, his lips pausing a breath away from Will’s.

20 seconds.

Nico tried. He really did but he couldn’t knowing that one press of his lips. One touch would kill the other. Again.

15 seconds.

Will opened his eyes not moving away whispering to the other “You know if you don’t want to kiss me it’s fine.”

“I want to,” Nico said moving back from him “It’s just that…”

Will quirked his head to the side in silent inquiry.

Nico had an idea.

“Lie down and pretend to be dead,” Nico ordered. 

Will complied quickly.

“Easy enough,” Will said with humor in his tone lying back and crossing his arms like he was a mummy.

10 seconds.

Nico exited the room quickly finding Reyna grabbing her and walking as fast as he could without running.

“What did he know?” Reyna said all business “And why are we running?”

8 seconds.

“He didn’t know anything,” he said ignoring her second question

7 seconds.

Reyna’s shot his a wide-eyed slightly disbelieving, slightly shocked, and slightly angry “You didn’t.” she said to him moving faster away.

5 seconds. They were outside now.

Nico have her a pitiful shrug. Reyna narrowed her eyes disapprovingly at Nico’s ife choices then bolted to the car.

Reyna Avilla Ramirez-Arillano was not going to be a replacement death.

“I’m sorry!” Nico called to her.

She shot him a glare from inside the car then sped away.

0 seconds.

Somewhere out there someone has dropped dead.

He went back to the room where Will’s casket was to find him just as he had left him.

“Will,” he called to get the other man’s attention.

Will opened his eyes looking up at him “So, what happens now?”

“I don’t know,” Nico answered honestly, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly

Will grinned at him in return.

Nico di Angelo did not know what was going to happen next but what he did know was that Will’s life wasn’t the only that was revived today. As brown eyes looked back at amused blue ones, butterflies started to flutter within Nico.

Will could not have possibly known this and it was silly to think in the current situation but at that moment Nico has never felt so alive.

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