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Lucifer x Reader: In Exchange

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Everyone loves a good Reverse au, right? I wouldn’t call it good, but here you are.

Gabriel came running into the room, hands full of papers, “I’ve found something!”

Lucifer downed the rest of his coffee and pushed himself away from his own work, “Finally. What do you have?”

Gabriel pulled up a chair. He placed all of the papers he held and explained his theory about their case. There was a pattern with the multiple deaths that had occurred that Gabriel believes point to were the monsters’ hideout is.

Gabriel and Lucifer heard the front door open and slam shut, Castiel’s agitated voice filled the bunker. Only there were a few extra pair of footsteps.

“Leave me alone, Dean,” Castiel said, entering the room and dropping his duffle bag on the ground.

“C'mon, Cas. I helped you,” Dean spoke, trailing behind Castiel, with Sam not far behind.

Castiel faced the green apple-eyed angel with a glare, “I would have prayed to you if I had required your help.”

Sam, the taller of the two angels, sighed, “I think he’s right, Dean. He had this one handled.”

Dean looked around the room before facing Sam again, “I’m sorry, princess, but I can’t find where I asked for your opinion.”

Sam tilted his head, fixing Dean with pierced lips and a glare. They exchange this face often, and the Shurley brothers - Castiel, Gabriel, and Lucifer - ended up calling this expression ‘The Bitchface’.

Lucifer and Gabriel stand from the table.

“Come on, little brother,” Gabriel said. “We’ve got a case to finish.”

Castiel’s eyebrows press together, “I just got back.”

“I know. Give us a few minutes and wait at the door for us, little bro.”

Castiel picked up his duffle bag and started heading to the door. Dean, whose intent was to follow Castiel, was pulled back by Sam.

“We’ll stay and keep an eye on things around here,” Sam insisted.

“Thanks, Sam-oose,” Gabriel mocked a flirtatious wave and blew a kiss. Lucifer rolled his eyes and followed Gabriel out.

The three brothers moved throughout the building, Lucifer armed with a demon knife, and the other two with an angel blade. The first demon who showed up attacked Castiel, grabbing him from behind. Castiel, on the other hand, was prepared, and reacted immediately.

From that, more demons showed up in groups, in groups of 5-6 at first, but grew to 10-13. The Shurley’s were being outnumbered by black-eyed demons. They were getting worn out, panting with exhaustion. The three brothers used whatever they could to stay ahead, from chairs that used to hold hostages, to the empty vessels as human shields.

A simple snap went unheard within the uproar within the room. The vessels that held demons split and rupture in a muddle of blood and pieces of flesh. The blood and flesh spray along the walls and nearby surfaces, including the Shurley brothers. As if they didn’t have enough blood on them from their own injuries.

A slow clap interrupted the sudden silence. The brothers whip around to a woman sitting comfortably in one of the chairs that resided there. The woman held a smug smirk and held her head up high. The Shurley’s glare.

“I almost thought that you three had this handled,” she spoke.

“Satan,” Lucifer spat, as if the very word was dipped in poison.

The smirk fell from her lips, the red in her eyes showing off a bit more than before, “I do have a name, you know.”

Gabriel scoffed, “As if we’d use it, silver tongue.”

The woman scowled, standing to a powerful stance. A flash of lightning illuminated the room, throwing shadows of what looked to be wings on the wall behind her. The large ever-growing shadows, along with the ice-y blue, glowing eyes, managed to make the woman look much larger and much more intimidating. The lights seemed to burn brighter, as if they were about to burst with the energy it held.

Watch your tone.” The lights explode into sparks and tiny pieces of glass.

The woman closes her eyes, taking a breath, and raising her hands as if in apology. A smirk makes its way onto her face again.

“I’ve come with a proposition, on the condition that you use my correct name,” she spoke with sincerity and travesty of honesty, which made it hard to determine her actual intentions.

“Let’s here your proposition…Y/n,” Castiel spoke. He made a slight face when he said your name, as if it had a bitter taste to it.

Y/n sits down again, “I give you information on whatever you need, as well as my help on whatever hunt you need.”

The three glace cautiously at each other.

“What’s the catch, sugar?” Gabriel asks.

Y/n’s smirk broadens, “You house me at your place.”

“Absolutely not,” Castiel said firmly, shaking his head.

Y/n simply shrugs, “Oh, well. Shame to let all of this information go to waste.”

There was silence a few moments. Y/n, who made the proposition, was getting something out of it. So, when it was declined, why did she just shrug it off?

Gabriel grabs Castiel and Lucifer, “Family meeting.” He pulls them in a huddle. “What do you guys think?”

“No,” they both respond firmly, Lucifer sounding slightly more aggressive.

Gabriel holds a look of being conflicted. They all look over their shoulders to Y/n, who waves, before turning back into he middle of the circle.

“I don’t like this any more than you two do, but The Devil is offering information. All we have to do is deal with her bipolar ass in the bunker,” Gabriel rationalizes.

They all exchange glances.

“Fine, say we did house her, which we won’t, how long would we do it?” Lucifer asks.

Gabriel shrugs.

“As much as I don’t like the thought, we could use the information that she has to offer, as well as her help on hunts that could go unfavorable,” Castiel says.

Lucifer glares and growls, “Fine.”

They break the circle and turn to the fallen archangel in front of them.

Lucifer crosses his arms, glaring daggers at the being, “We accept your offer.”

Y/n stands up once again with a smug smile fixed to her face. “Perfect. Shake on it,” she stepped closer to the group. They tensed, and her smile faltered only a moment.

Lucifer stepped up, but when he gripped Y/n’s hand, his skin broke out in goose-bumps and a shiver went down his spine.

She chuckled, “What? Expected a more warmer hand? Unknown to most, it’s actually the opposite. I don’t burn hot.”

Lucifer ignored her comment, rushing his brothers out to the car with Y/n only a step behind them.

Y/n was the first to step in the bunker, scanning the area.

“Nice place,” she says.

Dean and Sam walk into the room to greet the brother, but stop immediately as their eyes fall upon the archangel.

Y/n turns to them and smiles, “Hello, Sam. Hello, Dean. My brothers.”

Dean growls and goes in for an attack, “You little-” Sam quickly holds him back from you, a look of fear and slight anger.

“You’re the little one, little brother. What’s got your feathers in a twist?” Y/n spoke with a teasing smirk.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean asks aggressively.

“Raising hell, actually, in case you’ve missed that bit.”

“I got that, but why are you here?”

“You have no business here, Y/n,” Sam intervenes.

“In fact, I do, little brother. I’m helping your humans here in return that I hideout here. Which, by the way, you’re not going to tell anyone about my location.”

“Who’s gonna stop me?” Dean glares.

Y/n’s teasing expression falls to a glare as well, and the temperature of the room raises a few degrees before dropping below the original set temperature. Y/n and Dean hold their stares for a few moments before Dean takes a few steps behind him, backing down.

“That’s what I thought.”

It’s been a few weeks since the beginning of Y/n’s stay at the Shurley’s bunker, and to the surprise of the brothers, you were very helpful. She gives them information of the whereabouts of certain monsters, as well as information about monsters that they’ve never heard about. Y/n also has saved all of their lives multiple times. Although, with all of that good came a whole lot of bad, but what else would you expect from The Devil?

The brothers quickly found out just how bipolar Y/n was. They never know what mood she could be in at the time, which unnerves them. When they come back from hunts, she could be very polite, greeting them kindly and asking how it went. She may be feeling a bit more anxious, which could go either way for them. Then there’s the possibility that she yells at them, which not only freezes the air, but also breaks bulbs, not to mention absolutely terrifies them. Gabriel’s almost certain that she’ll go against them some day.

It wasn’t only her mood swings they found out about, but also other aspects. For example, she loathes being bossed around and will often not do what they say. She does what she wants and gets aggressive when anyone tries to get her to do something. Although, no matter what she’s feeling at the time, she’s almost always prodding for attention, especially from Lucifer.

Y/n and Lucifer have gotten close over the time that she’s stayed there. So much so that Lucifer expected and enjoyed her company most of the time. He even got Y/n to try a few human things. The was appalled by all of them, but one: sleeping. She won’t admit that she likes the dormant act, but she spends a decent amount of time doing it, especially if everyone else is.

“Pay attention to me, I’m bored,” Y/n complained, leaning her head back at an uncomfortable angle.

“Not now, Y/n. I have research to do,” Lucifer said, not even glancing up.

Y/n lifts her head and rests it against the table, “You’re always on a case though. You deserve a break.”

As tempting as it sounded, Lucifer decided that it was his best bet to ignore her.

She got up and sat next to Lucifer, who sat on the couch, before laying down and resting her head over his book, which resided in his lap. “Pay attention to me.”

Lucifer sighed, “Y/n…”

She frowned, “Is your book more important to me?”

“I wouldn’t have to do this much work if you didn’t start the apocalypse. Get off.”

Y/n sits up, “I don’t have a choice.”

“Everyone has a choice, it’s just your decision to make it or not. Now leave me alone.”

She growls and gets up. For a few moments, Lucifer actually wondered if she left, but that though left when he felt an ice cold forked tongue make it’s way up his neck and the shell of his ear, causing him to shiver.

Y/n blew frosty air over the saliva left behind, causing another tremor, and whispered in Lucifer’s ear, “You know what else the term ‘sliver tongue’ is used for…”

Lucifer slams his book shut and turned the his devilish friend, “If I spend time with you, will you leave me alone?”

She grins and nods.

“Fine. Only for a while.”

Y/n rounded to the front of the couch again, wrapping her arms around Lucifer and falling into the couch.

“What are you doing?” Lucifer asked.

“You’re always want me trying human things. This is a human thing, right?”

“I guess…” Lucifer trailed off, shifting to make his position more comfortable.

“You know what else is a human thing?” Y/n asked Lucifer, although there was a mischievous, devilish glint in her eyes.

“What?” Lucifer responds.

Y/n presses her lips against Lucifer. It was the opposite of what he expected from Satan herself. It was softer, leaving room in case he decided that’s not what he wanted, but also warmer. Being the walking air conditioning that she is, it came as a surprise to him. He feels the forked tongue prod at his lips and he pulls away before he was too tempted.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that tongue,” he tells her.

“Maybe I could persuade you otherwise. Besides, I am the master at persuasion and temptation.”

Valentine’s Day Shenanigans


Tony stepped into his workshop and froze. There were dozens of flower arrangements scattered around the place. Even Dum-E had a single red rose clasped in his claw.

“JARVIS… what the fuck?” Tony asked.

It’s Valentine’s Day, sir,” his AI responded.

Tony thought he heard a touch of humor in his response.

“Is it?” Tony asked.

He walked over to the nearest arrangement and gently touched a petal. The flowers were very nice.

“Who did this?” he asked.

I believe there is a card on the one on your main workbench, sir,

Tony crossed the room and found that there was indeed a card nestled into the flowers. He plucked it out and opened it up.

Be mine because you’re fine.

Tony sat down and let out a long suffering sigh. A smile that he would deny until the end of his days crept along his face. Cheesy pickup lines were the best pickup lines.

“J, who did this?” he asked.

I have been sworn to secrecy,” JARVIS replied.

“What? My own AI conspiring against me? The betrayal,”

Tony slumped back dramatically, his arm falling over his eyes. One of the bots beeped curiously.

I believe, sir, that there are a few more cards,” JARVIS said, not sounding at all like he cared about betraying Tony.

“There’s a shit ton of college campuses just waiting for you J,”

So you’ve said,”

Tony swatted his hand in the general direction of JARVIS’s nearest speaker and started to hunt around his workshop for the rest of the cards.

In total there were seven more cards. Each of them had a ridiculous pick up line. Tony was torn between laughing at the ridiculousness of them, and groaning at how god awful they were.

Roses are #ff0000, violets are #0000ff. All my base are belong to you.

You know what’s on the Valentine’s Day menu? Me-n-u

Did you put snickers in your valentines? Because you satisfy me

Do you like cats? Because I’d like you to take meowt for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Dayyyyyyyum

You’re so sweet you’d put Hershey’s out of business

I’d melt in your mouth, not your hand

Tony wondered who could possibly have it out for him this bad to send him such wonderful/terrible pickup lines.

“I’m getting some coffee,”

Tony pushed away from the small stack of cards and headed up to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. There weren’t too many people in the Tower who would take the time to write out such thoughtful words.

Tony took a sip of his coffee and sighed contently.

“So Tony,” Bucky started casually as he walked into the kitchen.

“Yea Buckaroo?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

Tony almost spat his coffee out at the line.

“We’ve met already Bucky, it doesn’t work like - wait a shit…”

There was shit eating grin on Bucky’s face.

“How many more of these am I going to have to suffer through James?” Tony asked trying, and failing, to sound upset.

Bucky laughed and walked over to Tony, he stopped just short of the engineer.

“Be mine? Valentine?”

Tony groaned and tried not to laugh.

“If I say yes will you fucking stop?”

The shit eating grin was back on Bucky’s face.

“Yes,” he said.

“Then yes,”

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CS + 21 for the drabbles if you're up for it please 😊

I am always up for fake relationship aus, I hope you like this!

21. “We have to pretend to be married.”

“We have to pretend to be married.”

Killian almost chokes on his coffee, and she thinks maybe she should have picked another time to mention this to him. Maybe more strategically. And not in the middle of their favourite diner, during the breakfast rush, no less. “Pardon?”

“Actually, marriage would mean we’d have to have pictures of some kind of wedding and knowing Granny, she’d want to see the certificate, too.” Emma groans. “Engaged,” she nods to herself, and then to Killian, “we have to pretend to be engaged.”

Killian pushes his coffee mug away from him, and shakes his head as if coming out of a daze. “Apologies, Swan, but I don’t follow.”

Emma sighs. “My brother’s getting married.”

“And apparently so are we?” he interrupts with a quirk of his brow.

“No. Well. Look, David is getting married and I have to go back to my hometown for the wedding. Which means every single person will realize how much of a loner and shit at life I am and I can take it, but my mom doesn’t need that from her neighbours and her colleagues and, like, the fucking grocery store cashier.” Emma inhales heavily, and squeezes her eyes shut. Honestly, small towns and their stupid judgmental gossip mills. “So, would you pretend to be my fiance?”

When she opens her eyes, Killian’s blinking at her. The whole concept is ridiculous, and it’s just for that reason that she think it might work. Besides, when she came up with the plan at three in the morning, a very large part of her brain told her that letting Killian wrap an arm around her waist and curl his hand around hers wouldn’t be the worst thing. (It would probably be one of the best, if she lets that small voice in the back of her head be heard.)

“You are going to your brother’s wedding,” Killian says slowly.


“I am to be your date.”


“And not just any date. A fiance. Your fiance.”


He continues to stare at her with an expression she can’t read. She fidgets with the zipper of her jacket before reaching up and curling her hair around her ears.

“Is it really necessary for you to go through such a charade?” he asks, finally breaking the tense silence.

And okay, she knew there was fifty percent chance he’d say no. They were best friends, but that didn’t mean he would willingly jump into the mouth of a snapping crocodile for her. But she’ll be lying if she says she isn’t a little disappointed. At the prospect of not getting to act like he’s actually hers, or him not wanting to see her that way, she isn’t sure.

He’s still waiting on her answer, so she supplies him with a weak nod.

“And when is this wedding?”

“In three weeks.”

“How long will it be?”

“A week, maybe two, if David wants me to come early and help out.” She sighs, and resigns herself to his rejection, tries not to take it too personally. It’s not like she’s told him flat out that she has feelings for him and he’s shot her down. But, still.

Killian keeps his expression pointedly neutral, and reaches for a napkin. He lays it out in front of him and maneuvers a pen out of the pocket of his jeans. He clicks it open and begins writing in his stupidly perfect cursive.

“What are you doing?” she chances, after he’s already reached halfway to the bottom of his napkin.

“I’m writing you a list of things I will do as your fake fiance, should you need me to do them.” He says it so casually, that she can only assume he’s making fun of her.

“Killian, I was being serious about this.”

He looks up at her, pen poised over the napkin. “As am I.” It takes everything in her not to jump over the table and pull him into a crushing hug when she hears no lie in his words. Instead, she nods, and picks up her mug of coffee while he goes back to his list. She watches as strands of his hair fall into his eyes, and as he pauses every few moments to think before jotting down more points, ever so often smiling to himself. Some days she tries to talk herself out of loving Killian Jones, but in moments like these she finds that that isn’t exactly possible.

It takes him a few minutes, but eventually he slides his napkin to her side of the table and watches her expectedly as she picks it up.

  • Regale the story of our first meeting and of how I proposed to you
  • Constantly provide you with drinks to make the experience easier
  • Alternatively: propose a drinking game based on your relatives
  • Brag about your achievements
  • Start a fight with an old boyfriend who decides he wants you back (can be physical, if need be)
  • Steal the mic at the wedding to tell everyone how much I adore you
  • Pretend to be really drunk so you can leave early
  • Let you eat my slice of the cake

More to be decided upon further request from the future (pretend) Mrs. Swan-Jones

There’s a tightness in Emma’s throat as she re-reads it once (okay, maybe twice) more, which is why she prides herself in how even her voice comes out when she says, “You’re ridiculous.”

“Ah, but you want to marry me anyway.” He gives her a full grin this time, the one that reaches his eyes and brings his dimples to life. She has to snap herself out of staring, has to remind herself that even if there’s a lining of truth to his words, that this will all be pretend.

Two weeks. She can do two weeks of pretending to be in a long term relationship with a guy she’s head over heels about, one who doesn’t share her feelings. How hard could it be?

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This is the last one I swear it just came to me and I had to ask, could you do Elriel + "Did you really just ask me that? Of course I do!"

This stupid non-canon ship will be the death of me dammit.


Azriel didn’t mind working at the cafe. They were flexible with his class schedule and his meager salary was just enough to pay for rent, a few groceries, and drinks with Rhys and Cassian every month.

The cafe was split into two parts: the actual restaurant and the coffee bar. The restaurant side served basic deli sandwiches and some soup options, and the coffee bar had all sorts of fancy drink options that were a real hit with the college students.

One of those college students was Feyre’s sister, Elain. He had met her while at Feyre’s birthday party last month held at his shared apartment with Rhys and Cassian.

He’d never seen Elain before in any of his classes, so she certainly didn’t run with any of the engineering majors. When Cassian mentioned something about Azriel’s job at the cafe, it hadn’t escaped him that she had started listening pretty intently.

So he wasn’t too shocked when she showed up the next week.

She was a pretty girl with a unique style. Her skirts and sweaters were always bright colors and soft material. Some days she would wear flower crowns and they somehow suited her even in the middle of winter. She was a bright contrast to his dark style and jet black hair.

When she had first started coming in she would always sit in his section on the restaurant side.

Azriel was uncomfortable with all the customers, but none more so than Elain. At least at first.

His hands would fidget on his notepad, shaking when he wrote down her order - the same thing every time: a BLT with extra pickles and a lemonade. As soon as she said it she would smile at him brightly and he would mumble something about the food being out soon before vanishing to the back room.

She stayed forty-five minutes every day. She would eat, read, glance at Azriel every two minutes, and then leave as soon as he caught her eye long enough to give him a goodbye wave.

It was routine. Azriel could handle routine. And he didn’t dislike Elain, not by any means. She just… intimidated him. She was so bright and smiley and sunshiney and nothing that he understood at all.

But… he liked her. He liked her visits. After a few weeks he found himself anticipating her arrival every day, making sure to keep her table open and the pickles stocked.

And then he got moved to the coffee bar.

It was the most popular part of the cafe, and they had more than enough waitresses on the restaurant side. And according to the manager, Azriel’s “mysterious aesthetic” matched the coffee shop culture they were trying to advertise… whatever that meant.

So when Elain stumbled into the coffee shop side on his first day as a barista with wide eyes at the crowd full of beanie wearing, script writing hipsters, Azriel finally forced himself to recognize that she came to the cafe every day for HIM.

She had smiled brightly at him the same way she always did, cutting her eyes over to him every few seconds while waiting in line. When she finally reached the register and he went to take her order, she froze.

“Ummm… what do you suggest?” She had asked innocently. Azriel had to bite back a laugh.

“Well I drink an Americano almost every day.”

“I’ll have that then,” she had said brightly, standing up on her tiptoes excitedly.

After he had made her drink, he kept his eyes on her while serving the other customers. A guy ordering a mocha frappuccino had looked at him like he was insane when he laughed suddenly after seeing the hilarious face Elain made at the first sip of her drink.

It was clear she hated the coffee, but she stayed the whole forty-five minutes like she always did. He wasn’t able to look over at her or talk to her hardly at all since the coffee bar was constantly busy, but he knew she was there.

He did make a point though to catch her goodbye wave through the crowd.

This continued for a week. Every day he suggested her a new drink and she agreed immediately. And every day she could barely swallow it down and threw it away without another sip.

Then on Friday, there was a horrible thunderstorm that closed down half the bridges in the city. So on Saturday morning when Azriel was working, the coffee bar was - for once - blissfully quiet.

And there she was. In her bright blue raincoat and a yellow umbrella stumbling through the door with a huff as she pushed her wet hair out of her face. Azriel leaned against the counter and laughed.

“Nice umbrella,” Azriel called out. Elain jumped, the umbrella in question slipping from her hand and clattering to the floor.

“Oh shoot,” she murmured, making Azriel laugh as she bent down to pick up the umbrella. She whipped her head up at the sound of his laughter, whacking herself in the face with her wet hair. “For goodness sake,” she huffed as she finally pulled herself together.

Azriel was still chuckling as she hung up her coat and umbrella and walked over to the counter.

“It’s quiet in here,” she said, a blush blooming on her cheeks. “I’ve never seen it not packed before.”

“That’s because most people aren’t crazy enough to come to a coffee shop when half the city is shut down.”

“I’m not crazy,” Elain bit back. Azriel’s brow lifted in surprise. “I just like… coffee,” she said carefully.



“Elain,” Azriel deadpanned, narrowing his eyes at her. “Come on. Do you really like coffee?”

“Did you really just ask me that? Of course I do!” Elain shot back incredulously.

“Okay.” Azriel stood to his full height. “If you love coffee so much…”

He reached out and grabbed a small cup, filling it halfway with their traditional house blend. He sat it down in front of her smoothly.

“Drink that.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Elain’s eyes were huge.

“You like coffee, right? Then plain coffee shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Right,” Elain said slowly, nodding her head. “Coffee. Plain coffee, of course I like plain coffee. I drink plain coffee all the time, it’s like my lifeline you know? Can’t study without coffee, am I right?”

Her nervous fake laughter was the most adorable thing Azriel had ever heard in his entire life.

“Oh for sure.” He nodded back to her, biting his lip to keep back his smile.

“Okay. I’m just gonna… drink this now.”

“Go ahead.”

“I will.”


Azriel propped his chin in his hand and watched as she lifted the cup to her lips. She winced when the smell hit her and his shoulder started to shake with restrained laughter.

Closing her eyes tightly, Elain threw back a decent amount before setting the cup down in front of her.

“Good job,” Azriel said. “You still haven’t swallowed it yet though.”

Elain nodded, her face red in pain. She squinted her eyes back shut as she forced herself to swallow the drink in full.

She took in a deep breath, licking her lips.

“Mmmm. Coffee.”

Azriel kept it together for about two seconds before he burst into laughter. Elain groaned, pushing the coffee away from her and putting her head on the counter.

“Is it really that obvious?” She moaned.

“Oh painfully so,” Azriel said. In a rare moment of confidence, he put his index finger under Elain’s chin and lifted her face to his. “You know you could’ve just ordered water.”

Elain blushed profusely, dipping her eyes away from his gaze.

“I know, but… I thought that would make it even more obvious why I come here every day.”

“And why do you really come?”

“You know why.”

“Yeah. But maybe I want to hear you say it.”

Elain took a deep breath, biting her lip.

“I like being around you,” she whispered. “You look at me like… like I matter. You don’t make fun of the bright colors in the middle of winter, or the flower crowns. You just seem to see… me.”

Azriel stared at her, his mouth parting at her words. Instead of saying anything though, he leaned across the counter and pressed his lips to hers.

He felt her sigh into his mouth, her lips so soft under his own. She tasted like peppermint chapstick and…

“You taste like coffee,” he said with a laugh.

Elain huffed.

“So do you. If we’re going to do this more often you need to start carrying around a toothbrush.”

Coffee Breakup (Reader x Bucky)

Word Count: 1103

Summary: Bucky witnesses the reader’s breakup and decides to do something about it.

A/N: hey you cuties!! I’m trying to slide right through these requests. You all seem to really like the Pietro ones where he’s dating Tony’s daughter and I have a few requests for those, so I’ll save the rest of those for after I finish these other ones (or when I get stuck on others) Enjoy!

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The Fox: Part Two

Read part one, homies!

(Yo yo yo! Hey friends, I know this took a million years, but here it is: part two of The Fox! This was really fun and quite challenging to write, but I enjoyed myself. I hope you like it! And I’m just realizing this is really long? oops. Y’all know what’s up: these are not my gifs! And if you have any comments/questions/concerns you know how to reach me! Thanks for the patience and support!)

Pairing: Barry x Reader (gender neutral!!!)

Word count: 2400ish (yikes)

Warnings: Eh, this one isn’t that bad


Months had passed since your kidnapping, and lots has happened.

Well, first, you’ve been able to control your abilities. You’re now able to free use your intuitive aptitude to master anything you please, which comes in very handy. 

You’ve also been about to control your cosmic awareness. You can manage it so well, that whenever something bad happens, it pops up like a little notification in your mind, so the imagines and warnings don’t overwhelm you.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going down in Central City. But this way, you can pick and choose what’s the more urgent and go stop it.

This cosmic awareness power has kind of put Cisco out of a job, or so he claims.

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What If || Jack

Request: Hi there! Could you write one based on the recent Jack’s vlog (the one about him and Conor filming something “top secret” and then Jack going back home and wondering what to do for the rest of the day)? I’d like it to involve Jack inviting the reader over, as he’s super bored, and they just spend a nice evening together at his flat (could be friends, could be a couple thing, up to you) :)


Jack’s POV

Today was a busy day for Conor and I. We had spent nearly the whole morning and into the afternoon filming some stuff for YouTube. Once we were done, Conor was headed over to Joe’s flat to film some impressions covers, which meant I was alone in the flat, as Josh was never here anyway. I sat around for a bit, editing a vlog and watching some TV, but I was bored out of my mind.

Almost instinctively, I picked up my phone and rang (Y/N). We had been friends for a while now and she was always up to have a chill night in. “Ello, Jack,” she said in her cheery voice when she picked up the phone.

“Hey, (Y/N), what are you up to?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said. “Just got off work.”

“Do you want to come over? The lads are all out and I’m bored.”

(Y/N) laughed her beautiful laugh, “I’ll be over in ten. I’ll come straight from the office. Make sure you have something comfy for me to wear.”

Knowing that (Y/N) was on her way sent butterflies loose in my stomach. Somehow, in the many years of our friendship, I had blurred the line between just friends and more, and I had fallen for her. I hoped she felt the same way about me, but I was never sure, and my feelings weren’t stronger than my fear of rejection.

(Y/N) buzzed into my flat and I immediately jumped up to let her in. “You have sweats?” she said after giving me a hug. “I’ve been in this outfit all day.” I laughed and nodded, telling her that I had sweatpants and a jumper on my bed for her. She looked incredible in what she had worn for work: a tight tan skirt and a red button up blouse. No matter how hard I tried to stop thinking what I was thinking, I couldn’t.

I sat on the couch under a blanket, flicking through films on Netflix we could watch. When (Y/N) came back into the room, her hair was tied up on her head and she had washed the make up off of her face. This was one of my favorite looks for her. I know it sounds cheesy to say that she was beautiful just the way she was, but it was true. Seeing her like this, all cozy in my slightly oversized clothes, just made me want to hold her and never let her go. “So what have you been up to today?” (Y/N) asked me as she plopped on the couch beside me, pulling the blanket so that we could share it.

“Just filming some secret stuff for YouTube,” I said.

“Ooo what is it?” she said.

I laughed, “I told you, it’s a secret!”

(Y/N) just laughed and picked up the remote so we could decide on a film. “What do you want to watch?” she asked me, flipping through the categories.

“Whatever you want,” I said. “I don’t care. What about that one movie you’ve been wanting to watch?”

What If?” she asked.

“Yeah, that one.”

“Jack,” she laughed. “That’s a rom com. You don’t want to watch that.”

“I don’t mind,” I shrugged. “Whatever you want.” She shrugged and searched for the movie, pressing play and smiling excitedly to herself.

The movie was about Daniel Radcliffe meeting a girl who already had a boyfriend and agreeing to be just friends with her. As the movie progressed, he started developing feelings for her. It was almost like a modern day take on When Harry Met Sally. What were you meant to do when the love of your life was also your best friend?

(Y/N) was engrossed in the movie. She laughed at all the funny parts and held her breath when things got serious. I was more engrossed in her than I was in the movie. As it went on, (Y/N) had cuddled closer to me, laying her head on my chest. I could tell she wasn’t comfortable. She kept adjusting herself and wasn’t sitting still for more than five minutes at a time. Finally, she sat up, picked up the remote, and paused the movie. “What’re you doing?” I laughed. She didn’t answer, instead, stood up and pushed the coffee table away from the couch. She left the living room for a few minutes, coming back with as many blankets and pillows as her small arms could carry. She then threw them on the ground in front of the couch and laid them out so we would have a soft ground to sit on.

(Y/N) looked at me, her hands on her hips. “Sit down,” she told me. I laughed and did as she requested, sitting on the ground and leaning my back against the couch. Whenever (Y/N) had an idea, she was determined to do everything in her power to follow through with the idea to the best of her ability. Just when I expected (Y/N) to sit beside me, she pushed my legs so that they were spread apart and laid in between them, her head on my chest. I sat there frozen, but she grabbed my arms and wrapped them around her so that my hands rested on her stomach. Then, she pulled a blanket over us, grabbed the remote, and resumed play on the movie.

I was sure she could hear the sound of my heart thumping in my chest. How did she not realize how crazy she made me feel? “Jack?” (Y/N) spoke suddenly.


“Is there anyone you would travel across the world for?” she asked, her voice small. I brought my eyes to the TV, realizing that Daniel Radcliffe had traveled to Taiwan for the girl while I was day dreaming about (Y/N).

“Yeah,” I said slowly. She looked at me, her eyes full of curiosity. “For you.”

(Y/N)’s face dropped and I immediately wished I could swallow the words back up. She reached over and grabbed the remote to once again pause the film. “For me?” she said gently. She was now seated differently, still in between my legs but facing me now, her legs criss-crossed. I wanted her to turn around. I wanted her to turn back to the TV and pretend that the words I had just spoken hadn’t left my mouth. But, I was in too deep now.

“I would run as far as my legs could carry me, and then even farther for you,” I said boldly. My heart was still pounding too fast, but one look into (Y/N)’s eyes and I somehow found peace again. Her cheeks had a slight blush to them, as if my words were affecting her.

“If I went across the world,” she said slowly, “you would come after me?” Her fingers traced along my jawline, making my eyes flutter closed at her touch.

“Yeah,” I breathed out.

“Why?” she asked, her thumb now brushing across my lower lip.

“So I could tell you that I love you,” I said, my eyes still closed. “So I could tell you that I love you and that I want to be wherever you are.”

I felt (Y/N)’s lips close to mine, making me open my eyes. “How long have you felt this way?” she asked, her fingers now laced in my hair.

“Probably since the day I met you.”

After that, (Y/N) closed the slight distance between us in a kiss. I placed my hands gently on her waist, holding her close to me. When we pulled apart, (Y/N) had a big smile on her face and went back to laying between my legs with her head on my chest. Before she pressed play again on the remote, she looked up at me and said, “You know, I’d travel across the world for you too.”

“Would you?” I smiled. “And what would you say?”

“Nothing,” she said, shaking her head. “I think I would just kiss you.”

The Christmas We Never Had [Part 11/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Word Count: 827

>> Read Part Ten | Read Yesterday’s Post <<

“Who needs three safes in a house?” you murmured and then snorted to yourself. “Oh right, somebody involved with a multimillion dollar weapons organization.”

You were set up on the corner of the street in your car with your computer on your lap, looking up from your typing every few seconds to make sure the coast was still clear. “Bucky, you almost good with the cameras?”

“Yeah, just a sec,” his voice echoed through the earpiece.

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how fast we fade

If she had known they were going to have their first argument tonight, she would’ve stayed at Josie’s.    

“Jesus Christ,” she gasps as he materializes from the living room.  He looks like he hasn’t showered in the six weeks since she’s last seen him - hair longer than she remembers sticks up from his head at all the wrong angles, a layer of stubble dusts his face - but she’s just thankful he’s not bleeding.   

“You need to stop digging,” is his reply, and even though she’s relieved to see him, she can’t help but feel a pinch of irritation.  It’s not like she expects to hear from him - she honestly never expected to see him again after the night he vanished from that rooftop - but it’s been six weeks this time, no word, nothing, and every time she settles back into her life, ignoring the hole he leaves behind, he pulls shit like this.

So she says, “Nice to see you too, Frank,” with as much sarcasm as she can muster, shrugging out of her coat and depositing her satchel onto the kitchen counter.    

“Don’t do that,” he rasps.  “This isn’t…this isn’t a goddamn joke, alright?”  

She turns, startled by the venom in his voice.  His face is a blank slate, unreadable, but his fists are clenched tightly at his sides, tendons straining beneath his skin, and she’s seen him angry before, but never this angry.  Never at her.  Jesus, what’s this about?  What could I have possibly done?  


“Kandahar.”  The word escapes her lips, barely louder than a whisper.  “How did you know I was-”

“Doesn’t matter,” he says.  “You’re digging into some serious shit here, and if you keep at it, the wrong people are gonna notice.”  

She tilts her head, studying him more closely.  It hits her in this moment that she’s never really seen his true face, the one he wore when he was just a man, just a husband and a father.  When punishment was a time-out, an early bedtime, not a body in a morgue.  The only face of his she’s ever known is the one he’s wearing right now, swollen, painted with bruises, unflinching.  His eyes are guarded as they meet hers - it’s the same look he gave her the night they first met, the night she shoved that photo in his face, told him that none of them would get any answers if he was dead.  He’s looking at her like she owes him something.       

I knew I should’ve left Kandahar alone.  She’s spent more sleepless nights than she’d like to admit poring over Frank’s file, re-reading police reports, digging into the colonel’s past.  Trying to connect the dots.  Most of the time, she doesn’t even realize she’s spent the whole night awake until sunlight is spilling in through the blinds.  But sometimes, very rarely, there are nights when she’ll stop, push her coffee away and set down whatever document she’s been dissecting, remind herself that the trial is over and the world has moved on.  No one cares about Frank Castle anymore.  These nights, she’ll ask herself why she still does.

“Look, Frank,” she says.  “You don’t need to worry.  I’m just-”

“Just what?”  He takes a step towards her.  “Just what, Karen?  You have no fuckin’ idea what you’re messing with here, no goddamn clue.  You think you’re a big kid now just because you’ve, what, written a few articles?  You think that gives you the right-” he shakes his head, raking his hands through his hair.  She can see his chest rising and falling from here, the controlled, measured breathing of someone who is struggling to remain calm.

Right there with you, asshole, she thinks.  Her irritation has evolved into something resembling anger, and it churns in the pit of her stomach.  She knows she has no right to exhume his past, knows it’s dangerous, but six weeks have come and gone, and damn it, if he really cares about her, really wants her to be safe -  

He has a fucked up way of showing it.  

“You don’t get to do this,” she says, voice shaking.  “Disappear for weeks without a word and then show up here like you give a shit.  You-” she cuts herself off, afraid of what might spill out of her if she continues.

“Is that what you think?” he growls, narrowing his eyes.  “I’m risking my own goddamn neck to be here, I don’t have to-”

“You’re right, you don’t have to!”  She can’t hold it in anymore; she erupts, every negative thing that’s been simmering beneath the surface for the past six weeks finally igniting as she screams at him louder than she’s ever screamed at anyone in her entire life.  “I didn’t ask for this, Frank, I didn’t ask for you to come here!  You were the one who walked away that night with Schoonover, you slammed that door in my face!  What the hell did you expect?  Did you expect me to just drop it, walk away?  Well, I can’t do that, alright?  I can’t-”

It takes her a fraction of a second too long to realize that he’s crossing the space between them; before she can react, his hands are on her face and his lips are crashing down onto hers.

His mouth is urgent, desperate, kissing her as if he’s breathing her in.  Hands cradle either side of her face, fingers unexpectedly gentle and feather-light against her skin, and she knows he’s holding back, knows how much damage these hands have done.  He tastes like smoke and metal and rain, and for a breathless moment, she imagines encircling his waist with her arms, pulling his body against hers, losing herself inside of him.

She imagines his sharp edges, imagines them cutting into her hard enough to bleed, to scar.  

She pulls away.

His fingertips leave a trail of fire against her face as she steps backwards, sliding out of his grasp.  Something in his face shifts, darkens.  Her pulse is pounding in her ears, drowning out the silence that’s stretching between them.

“I…I think you should go,” she says softly.  

He hesitates a few moments before asking, “That really what you want?” His voice is hoarse, his eyes are burning into her, and something tightens within her chest.  

What she wants is to smile with him in the spaces between kisses, count the laugh lines that frame his eyes, explore the contours of his torn and tattered skin.  She wants stability and promises that can be kept, arms that will hold her more than once every six weeks.  She wants more than he can give.

So she steels herself, hardens her gaze.  “Maybe you should think about what your family would’ve wanted, Frank.  Is this it?”  Confusion flickers in his eyes. She takes a breath.  “Is this what Maria would’ve wanted?”

That does it.  His face crumples, twists with rage, and she hates herself in this moment for being the source of his pain.  “Shit,” she whispers, voice cracking. There’s a lump in her throat, a stinging pressure behind her eyes, regret in her veins.  “Shit, Frank, I’m so sorry-”

But he’s already pushing past her, slamming the door to her apartment, leaving behind a silence wide enough to swallow her whole.  She sinks to her knees, sobs until her chest aches from heaving, until her eyes are bled dry of all moisture.  Exhaustion overtakes her.  

In her dreams, he kisses her again and again.

(Credit for this gif goes to whoever made it! GIF IS NOT MINE.)

Young & Beautiful

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

Warning: age difference – about 12 years, language

Summary: Despite the age differences between Reader, 19, and Steve, they have undeniable chemistry. Too bad Captain America is too righteous to give in to his feelings.

You stumble into the Avengers Compound behind Wanda and Pietro at 2AM, and the three of you make your way to the elevators noisily. You’re giggling over something Pietro had said 10 minutes before, all of you high on happiness. It’s not often that you get to go out and have fun; fighting alongside the Avengers is mainly all work and very little play.

The laughter subsides as the three of you step into the elevator, and you rest your head on Wanda’s shoulder as Pietro presses the button for the 3rd floor.

“Tonight was fun,” Wanda says happily. “I wish we got to go out more often.”

You nod against her shoulder as Pietro agrees, “Going out is fun. Even if the both of you always cockblock me.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a smut where Niall injures his arm and Y/N "nurses" him back to health while wearing a sexy nurses outfit. The smuttier the better 😉

“I’ll tell you one thing, if I’d been around for his knee surgery he’d be dead.”  Your friend Janey sputtered into her coffee, choking out a laugh.  “C’mon, it can’t be that bad?” she reasoned.  Rolling your eyes, you elaborated.  “I mean, I love Niall.  I do.  In any other circumstance, I’d probably take a bullet for him.  But you’d think he was on death’s door instead of having a broken wrist.”  

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T'Challa loosened his tie as the elevator climbed to the designated floor. A soft chime signaled its arrival and the doors quietly slid open. He lifted his head, eyes narrowing at the stiff stance and pinched expressions of the Dora Milaje he left to look after their guest. They were stationed outside of the lab where he and James Buchanan Barnes occasionally discussed the creation of a new vibranium arm. Today was supposed to be the first fitting of the prototype, but from the looks of things, something went amiss. 

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Well, this worked out beautifully! You anons are fantastic.

So, here it is, a pile of shameless fluff for you.

Stay Warm

Jo/Seb; SFW

Warnings for: Illness, Vomiting, Profanity

Sebastian dialed Joseph’s cell phone, tapping his foot nervously. There was no way he was going to get any work done while his partner was MIA. The least he could do is make sure the man was still alive, hadn’t gotten hit by a car or something.

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The Wrong Time(baekhyun x reader) Pt.5

Originally posted by thesilverlights

Guess who’s back?! This time I’m here to stay. So in this chapter, the angst starts to come in and it’s getting to the main part of the storyline. So I hope you enjoy this chapter and look forward to the rest! - Kat x P.S I changed the gif

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

You and Baekhyun rode the bikes all around town. Through the woods, around the park, by the river. It was so fun now that you could finally go on dates and do stuff like a normal couple. To be honest, looking back it seemed stupid to waste your time trying to hide your relationship when you could be having fun like this. Now you were sitting in a small coffee shop across from the park. You both sat occasionally sipping your drink, chatting, however, you could sense something wasn’t right. Baekhyun seemed as though he was hiding something. He was currently babbling on about the cute dogs he could see in the park across the street but he seemed nervous. This made you uneasy so you got straight to the point and cut him off.

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When the Night Keeps You From Sleeping (i will be your remedy)

Based of this prompt that came across my dash, that I couldn’t resist. So have some Olicity angst, with a tender side of smut. Thanks to @machawicket for fixing my sh**** grammar and the lovely @fanmommer for helping me believe it wasn’t terrible.

I hope you enjoy it! xx jen

Felicity wasn’t much of a cleaner. She generally left those types of chores until she ran out of clean underwear or she had to use her finger to stir the creamer into her coffee.

So the level of dust that’d collected beneath the bed didn’t surprise her in the least.

She grumbled to herself about doing better as she took out the dry mop and floor cleaner, remembering how he used to handle this task with the utmost care.

“It’s been months, Felicity,” she spoke to the empty room as she sprayed and mopped. “You can at least say his name in your mind.”

But, she really couldn’t. It hurt to think of him and how happy they’d been and how foolish he was and—

“No,” she said, halting her chore for a moment. She would not go down that road. She would not give in to more tears, not today if she could help it.

She continued her chore, pausing every so often to spray more cleaner, the rhythm becoming steady and calming.

She pulled back when she felt the edge of the mop hit something beneath his side of the bed. Or, what used to be his side of the bed. The side she did her best to ignore.

Crouching down, she saw a small, gray box against the wall. She dropped the mop and got down onto her stomach, stretching her arm out, her fingertips gripping enough of the box to pull it towards her.

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Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Vacation [vey-key-shuh n, vuh-], noun.  A period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday.

Summary: Imagine forcing Dean to take the first vacation of his life.

As was requested by the beautiful truemagiciswithin.  This was based (loosely) on the song Escape (The Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes (which you can listen to here)

Word Count: 5,868 (I’m sorry it’s such a long beast)

Dean grumbled when you dug your fingertips into his shoulders, his tense muscles apparently causing him just as much pain as they caused your thumbs.  You knew your way around the muscles after having spent the earlier years of your life in school to be a masseuse, but this was a whole new level of tense, even for you.  Dean let out a small whine when you took your elbow and pressed it against one of the knots in a rather vigorous attempt to get it out, to which you rolled your eyes.

“Well I’ve been telling you that you need to take it easy so this is what you get.” Your voice had an especially stressed quality to it because of the mad physical exertion it took for you to massage Dean and you cleared your throat, adding, “Are you even relaxing right now?”

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Preference #64: He Likes You but You’re Dating a 5SOS Member (His P.O.V.)

***Authors Note: A little Christmas gift for my amazing followers! I hope you guys have an amazing holiday season and an amazing New Year! xx

Harry: (Luke)I don’t know how I got myself here. How I ended up at the love of my life’s engagement party. But here I am, wasting away my invaluable time, drowning myself with alcohol. I inhaled the last gulp left in my glass and let it drop to the counter loudly. I signaled the bartender to get me another and he obediently listened. He may not know me but the liquor he was providing showed me that he knew what I was going through. I scanned my eyes across the room and looked for the dazzling eyes that have tantalized me for life. But they found me first. “Hi Harry.” She murmured. She kept a slight distance from me. She could probably smell the alcohol. I smiled brightly, too brightly for a friend. “Hi love,” I said as I pulled her into a hug. She embraced me and held on tightly, “We are about to do a few speeches,” she whispered into my ear. “I would love it if you made one.” She said. And I was convinced. If she told me something and I would do it. I would do anything for her and I just wished she knew that, and then maybe things would be different. “I’ll make one.” I reassured her. She smiled and walked away, probably back to her soon-to-be-husband. Soon enough the sound of knife on glass echoed in the room. I raised my hand before the announcer could even say anything. I walked, stumbling slightly to the podium. Up there was where I saw them. He had an arm draped around her and worst of all she looked incredibly happier. Happier than she would with me. I smiled through the pain and towards there way, “I would like to make a speech,” I mumbled. I raised my glass of scotch that stood out from the glasses of champagne. “Here is to the lovely couple,” I sadly laughed. “Here’s to the um-to the um- nights I stood alone. To the nights I stayed up thinking about her, to the words I never said,” I did not know why I said those things. I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t stop. “Here’s to the hours upon hours I have stared at her, admiring her, falling deeper in love with her,” I saw her running towards me, completely in shock. “And here’s to all the times she wouldn’t look back.” She finally reached me and took me by the hand, “Please stop,” she begged. “Please Harry.” Being in the state I was in, her little tug pulled me off the podium. I walked down with her, then away from her. I walked out the door. I knew if I turned around, I would say all the things I should have said in the first place.

Louis: (Michael) I wasn’t a believer of true love until recently, until her. Until I couldn’t go a day without seeing her charming smile or hearing her enchanting laugh. Until not seeing her seemed like the biggest punishment of them all. I know I shouldn’t have asked her to the coffee shop where we had both met but I thought if I took her back to the place where it all started then she would change her mind. She would want to be with me. I saw her walk in, as swiftly as ever. She wore plain jeans and a t-shirt but nothing about her was plain in fact she was the most striking woman I had ever met. “Hi.” She said lively, with a bright smile on her face. I replied with a timid ‘hi’ back and stood up to hug her. She hugged me then sat in the chair opposite to mine. “So what did you want to talk about?” she said. I laughed at how direct she was. Oh god, I really missed her. “I miss you.” I blurted my thoughts. She blinked a few times and looked down at her hands, like she was expecting me to say it. “Louis, please,” she said quietly. “We’ve been over this.” She looked sad. I didn’t know if she felt pity for me or for herself. “I know but,” I shrugged. “I can’t shake this feeling off.” She bit her lip. I know she was trying to hold herself together. She had always tried her hardest for the people around her but it was the people around her that have always disappointed her. I included. “Is that why you brought me here?” she asked. I shook my head sadly at her. “Yes,” I whispered. “But at the same time I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen. Am I?” I murmured. She wouldn’t look at me and I immediately felt bad for putting her on the spot. I, yet again, was ruining her chance at happiness. “Yes Louis,” she said. “We have already tried this. We were poison for each other.” I stood up and took one of her hands. “I’m glad he’s everything that I wasn’t.” I said. I kissed her hand and walked out of the shop. I did not look back. There was nothing to look back at.

Liam: (Ashton) It came out like word vomit. We were talking about our jobs, the weather, when suddenly I told her I loved her. When the words came out there was a sense of relief but at the same time my heart skipped a beat. I knew how she felt about me. I knew nothing had changed but I wished she would change her mind. Maybe like my word vomit, she would say something she hadn’t meant to. I watched her chest breath rapidly. She opened her mouth and shut it over and over again. Soon the silence became unbearable. “Please say something.” I said softly. I took one of her hands from across the table. She didn’t pull back but there was nothing attracting us. I knew there was something pulling me towards her but there was nothing pulling her towards me. She finally met my eyes and again my heart skipped a beat. “How long have you felt this way?” she asked. She looked worried, like liking her was a disease but if only she knew that her love was the only cure of heartbreak. “Since the tour started. I fell for you but,” I whispered. “I fell for Michael,” She finished my sentence. “Liam I wished you had told me.” She said. I sighed and threw my hands up, “If I did would it have made a difference?” I asked. She looked away and let out a tiny breath, “I don’t know I mean,” she said. “I guess we will never know now.” She said looking up at me. From across the table I stared into her eyes, desperately getting lost in them. There was another moment of silence, where neither of us spoke, just the sound of waiters placing plates down and the hum of others speaking quietly over their dinners. “I’m sorry Liam.” She finally said. I felt bad for making her feel guilty. It wasn’t her fault that I never knew what say and said everything that came to my mind. “Don’t be,” I said softly. “I know it hurts right now but I will get over you soon.” It was true. I may be in love with her now but in time I will let another girl whisk my heart away and repeat the cycle of heartbreak.

Zayn: (Calum) When I think about all my lowest points, I realize this was one of my worst. I got piss drunk and let the love of my life haul me back to my own apartment. I was upset. It wasn’t her fault. I shouldn’t have fallen for her knowing she was with someone else and knowing I was also with someone else. But the late nights on tour, the long conversations over the phone, and the undeniable feelings made me fall for her, quickly too. She held me straight up and took out her key to my apartment. She unlocked and opened the door. She led me to what I thought was the bedroom but swerved into the kitchen. She led me to the counter, “Sit.” She said. I smiled at her, “Of course. Whatever you say princess.” I giggled. I put my hands in front of me and starting tapping them. I saw her pour some coffee for me, for the alcohol but I was more intoxicated on her than any other booze. She brought me the mug with a smile on her face. She was always so happy. When I was at my darkest, she was my light. “Thank you,” I say. “You’re always there to help me.” I said leaning forward. I was inches away from my destination but she put a soft hand on my chest and pushed me back into the chair. “Zayn,” she said. “Behave yourself.” She said softly. I smiled sadly back at her, and pushed the coffee away, “I can’t control myself when I’m around you,” I said. “I’m just too in love with you.” And there it was. What I had meaning to say for months and all it took was some alcohol. “Zayn. You know I’m with Calum.” She said softly. She pushed the coffee mug back towards me. I drank a sip, and then set it down, “Why did you choose him over me?” I asked. I wasn’t in any state to be having this conversation but I wanted to ask these things while I had my confidence at a high. “Because he wasn’t torn between his fiancé and me. He knew what he wanted Zayn.” She said. I knew she wasn’t trying to be hurtful but her words cut like a sharp blade. She was about to walk away, probably to get herself some water, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer so our faces were inches away. I spoke in barely above a whisper, “I’m sorry I wasn’t everything you had ever wanted.” Her face saddened. She placed a hand on my cheek, “I’m sorry I found everything in Calum before I found it in you.” She whispered. Her words haunted me for months. I knew exactly what I wanted but I was too scared to let go of security. She was the chance I never took but will forever regret.

Niall: (Luke) You don’t know true pain until you see the girl you love with someone else. Finding out that (Y/N) and Luke are in a serious relationship broke my heart. I wasn’t ready to move on but she already fell in love with someone else. I asked her to come over today to pick up a few things that she left behind. Secretly, I didn’t want her to take the only things that I have left of her but I had to talk to her and I knew she wouldn’t come over unless she had a good reason. I broke her heart and watching her breaking in front of me broke my heart. I heard the doorbell ring and ran to the door. When I opened it, the rush of cold air hit me quickly but her beauty warmed me. She glowed in her casual clothing and her light smile gave me goose bumps. “Hi,” I murmured, admiring her. “Come in.” I moved my hand signaling her to come inside. She offered me another smile and walked inside holding onto the strap of her bag. “So,” she said. “Where are the things I left?” she asked. I could tell she was uncomfortable. This house held so many memories, so many bad ones. “I actually have to talk to you,” I said fumbling with hands. She looked surprised but composed herself, “Oh,” she sighed. “Okay.” She went over to the couch and sat down. I followed suit and sat next to her. “What is it?” she asked directly. I again played with my fingers, “You know I make up these impossible scenarios of us getting back together. Despite me breaking your heart and despite you being with Luke, we ended up together. These lies just stay in my mind and I hope that they come true.” She sighed, and for the first time I saw that she was tongue tied. “I don’t know what to say,” she said. “But those scenarios are exactly that, impossible.” And there it was the inevitable heartbreak. “Never?” I asked. She shook her head lightly, “I’m sorry.” I chuckled sadly, “Was it easy, you know, leaving me?” I finally asked the question that would have silenced her. She blinked back what looked like tears. “No,” she said. “It wasn’t easy Niall. I loved you.” She looked away and reached for her bag. “I loved you too.” I said. “I still do-” “Niall please stop,” She said, frustrated. “Just mail me my things.” She stood up and walked to the door. I followed behind her. She reached for the doorknob but turned around before she left. “You can’t erase the thoughts of me but you can move on Niall.” She said softly. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. Then she left. She was gone and out of my life for good.