*punches merlin* 'it works on the knights'

zinfandelli  asked:

yo, so you had me thinking about Eggsy's agent names all damn day today, and i have to agree i really like him as Mordred and 2nd favs is Excalibur. they're just over the edge of special snowflake to toe the still within reason line and i like our boy being special hah. Also, Mordred just gives a really awesome and dark dynamic to Eggsy's position and social standing within the organization. Always gives other knights pause when the king killer's name shows up.

It was like the best punch in the gut he ever got. In one fell swoop he got back what he lost - and lost what he gained.

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Merlin Rewatch: Love in the Time of Dragons - 3x09

“How is punching me in the arm meant to cheer me up?” “It works with the knights.” “Well, they’re thick aren’t they?”

This episode had some very beautiful scenes. Took it as an opportunity to practice my gif making.

Arthur trying to cheer Merlin

Arthur: “OH! Cheer up! Will you!” *punches Merlin in the arm*
Merlin: “How is punching me in the arm meant to cheer me up…”
Arthur: “…It works with the knights.”
Merlin: “Well they’re thick aren’t they!”
Arthur: *stern look* “I’m a knight.”
Merlin: “There you go then…”
Arthur: *punches him for real*
Merlin: *gives his unbelievable look*