*punches jinki in the stomach*

mynmisfr  asked:

Love orphan ontae sibling UA sooo much!!! Will you write more about it? Can I request for this AU? Can you write when Jjong comes to the picture, trying to woo Jinki, while Minho appa and Taemin dongsaeng being overly protective over Jinki, and Gwiboon umma feeling excited to dress Jinki up as they (Jinki and Gwiboon) are still awkward around each other? Well, more likely Jinki feels awkward around his new parents but Minho and Gwiboon are so open up to him already. Is this confusing? Sorry....

I feel like this isn’t exactly what you asked for since it’s more focused on ontae than jongyu but I hope you still like it! :3 (i also did not read it again so excuse any mistake)

First Part here (x)

Jinki shuffles in the vast living room quietly, trying to go over his practiced wordsin his head.

“Hey you okay there buddy?” Minho asks when he sees him standing there and Jinki looks up toward the man sitting on the couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

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