*punches everyone in the face*

Guys, I know everyone loves reblogging that Spencer gif of him getting punched in the face, but we shouldn’t be spreading the idea that it’s okay to punch Nazis. 

I know whoever punched him had good intentions, but he could have seriously, seriously hurt his own hand. Punching someone in the face is probably the quickest way to break your fingers, so if you’re inclined to remind greasy, cowardly white supremacists that they’re not safe in your city, might I suggest forearm smashes, palms, and elbow strikes instead? They tend to hit just as hard/harder and don’t carry as much of a risk of injury. Maybe take some yoga classes so you can limber up and put your foot in their hate spewing teeth?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but let’s be smart going forward folks.

Trends that need to die in 2017

People scrambling to find any mental illness that could possibly describe someone they don’t like

People describing people they hate as “narcissists”, “mentally unstable”, “borderline”, “histrionic”, etc etc, especially given that almost none of the people they’re talking about actually fit those diagnoses and instead are just emotionally abusive neurotypicals, but hey, why remember THAT when you can be an ableist dipshit instead

The same people turning around and claiming that we “need to end the stigma on mental illness”, being blatantly transparent that while they consider things like depression and anxiety to be mental illnesses, they think personality disorders are insults, character flaws, not real illnesses, and the fault of the sufferer

People believing that those who are Crazy Enough™ simply HAVE to be abused, there’s no other way, we’ve Tried Our Best But Just Look At Them

People distancing themselves from more stigmatized mentally ill people, because “oh I’m depressed and anxious but I’m not like THAT, I’m not crazy” like honey we know, believe me

Again, the armchair diagnosing of enemies to justify hating them. Stop it. Psychology degrees take time for a reason. That checklist you read on NPD does not mean that Trump has it. Take a nap.

when mankind discovers a way to bring fictional characters to life it won’t be to unite man with his waifu it’ll just be to give everyone a chance to punch Huey Emmerich in the face

Kill them with kindness
  • INTJ: how do you manage to always be nice to everyone? don't you ever just wanna punch everyone in the face?
  • INTP: oh, yes, constantly. but then i remember that appearing as someone who's cute, adorable and always kind to everyone arouses protective instincts in your acquaintances, and hence those who behave rudely towards you and hurt your feelings are perceived by everyone else as utter jerks, and get disliked by most. also, the more you are nice to people, the more they will feel bad for mistreating you. y'know, it's a win-win situation. you get to have your revenge on those who hurt you without having to do anything morally wrong.
  • INFP: oh my god, INTP, is that really how you see being nice to others?
  • INTP: INFP, whether you're aware of it or not, this is a fact that can not be ignored. besides, i'm not saying that i am only nice to others for this reason, i do like the idea of brightening other people's days with my kind behavior, but i can't deny that the idea of getting revenge like this kind of delights me.
  • INTJ: can you believe i'd never thought of that? damnit, INTP, i can't believe that i'm saying this, but you actually are pretty smart.
  • INTP: thanks bud, i know i am
  • INFP: i can't believe you two

One time I dreamt I was captain of the star ship Enterprise and my interstellar diplomacy policy involved violently punching everyone I met in the face. My dog was my first officer and he was in a permanent state of concern.

there’s so many foxes-playing-never-have-i-ever au headcanons going around but i give you this

  • super late post game stoli rasberry vodka shots
  • okay that’s one of my favorites but whatevs we’ll use it
  • andrew only drinks jack daniels
  • because he’s p r e t e n t i o u s
  • i hate jack
  • the freshman and the whiskey
  • and it’s so easy to make andrew drink and he hates them all so much because never have i ever killed someone? never have i ever been to juvie? never have i ever punched through a window?
  • these assholes play by targeting and tonight andrew’s the one getting targeted and he’s furious but neil’s laughing so whatever it’s fine
  • even the casual ones; never have i ever given a blowjob or never have i ever punched someone in the face ((everyone drinks))
  • but there’s one that nobody’s said yet because half the team can’t say it
  • they’re all thinking it but they’re all guilty of doing the same
  • finally when it’s renee’s turn allison whispers something into her ear. renee laughs (she has a laugh like windchimes)
  • “okay. never have i ever thought about kissing neil.”
  • there’s a brief pause, then;
  • andrew drinks
  • nicky drinks with the most guilty look on his face
  • allison drinks
  • matt and dan link their arms and take their shots together, laughing at an inside joke that no one wants to ask about
  • kevin lifts his glass halfway to his mouth, sighs, and takes the shot
  • neil watches this absolutely confounded
  • aaron looks a little sick
  • renee has the most smug grin on her face and it matches allison who was the real mastermind behind this one
  • “what the fuck.” neil says
  • aaron mimics it and reaches for the full bottle of vodka praying he won’t remember that in the morning
A Complete Guide to the Captains

If the Captains were transported back in time to 2016-17 

 Kirk: Would see trump and the republicans and lead protests and show people how to contact representatives to get shit done. 

 Picard: Would look at the trump presidency and write speeches condemning the actions of trump, but also tells the american people to be calm and tell them that rioting is not the answer. 

 Sisko: Would go back and forth about whether or not he should punch trump in the face.  ultimately decides that changing the future isn’t worth it. 

Janeway: Say fuck this and takes Sisko back in time to before the primaries through the Starfleet Temporal Agency. They both rush the stage to punch trump in the face. It was glorious. 

 Archer: Straight up Punches trump in the face. Calls up everyone involved in the temporal cold war to Punch Trump in the face.