*pulls you closer and starts a tongue war*

I looked from my laptop up as my sister Angie came into my room.

“Hey Zack, what’s up?” she said

“Hey sis. I just heard from Stephanie. She has too much work to do this weekend, and she can’t make it back.” Our older sister was in college and had been planning to come back for the three day weekend that now stretched out before us.

“That sucks. So are mom and dad at that conference?”

“No, they are out for tonight, back in the morning. Then they leave for it tomorrow morning, and will be gone until Monday night.”

“So, more or less, the house to ourselves for the entire weekend?”

“Yep.” I said with a grin. The two of us had always been really close, and we were looking forward to a relaxing weekend with just each other. My little sister returned my grin and her eyes lit up. She was two years younger than me, but was always more mischievous than I.

“Dinner?” she asked


She shrugged and left my room. It was early still, and I returned to finishing my homework on my laptop. It was Friday and I wanted to be done for the weekend.


Later that night, having finished dinner, Angie and I were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. She was curled up against me, with my arm draped over her. As the movie ended, I switched the TV and looked and my baby sister. Her face was furrowed and she looked like she was considering something serious.

“What’s up sis?” I asked. She looked up at me.

“Can I talk to you about something?”


“It’s kind of awkward and personal”

“Anything you ever want to talk about, I will be here for you Angie” I said. I squeezed her tighter with one arm and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Thanks Zack, I know. Are you a virgin?”

I flushed a bit, but answered truthfully

“Yes. And I assume you are as well” I knew my sister well enough that she would tell me why she asked without prompting.

“Yes, I am. Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked as a blush rose to her cheeks and she turned away.

Rather than respond immediately, with the obvious ‘yes’ I looked as my little sister as a woman, not a girl, taking in her features. She was tall, about 5’10” and thin. She had an incredibly toned and trimmed body from the years and years of gymnastics that she was so found of. Rich chocolate brown hair that cascaded midway down her back. Small breasts, no larger than an A cup, but they sat perfectly on her petite frame that any larger would have looked absurd.

“I think you are beautiful” I replied, and I genuinely meant it. Angie’s eyes lit up, and she could tell my compliment was honest. I pulled her closer to me and planted a kiss on her forehead. She returned my embrace and beamed up at me. Then the smile faded into a look of unease. I could tell she was trying to work her way around to telling me why she asked about my history with women.

“I asked because I figured … well … we know each other really well … and we love each other a lot … and … we are both virgins … and alone … and well…” Her face flushed and she turned away from me, embarrassed.

I looked at my little sister, my mind jumbled, my body fighting for the blood my brain needed to make decisions. A squeezed her closer and brought my left hand around to her chin. I forced her face to turn back to mine, and saw tears of embarrassment shining in her eyes. I planted a kiss full on her lips, the first time I had kissed a girl in all my years. After the longest thirty seconds of my life, we broke apart and caught our breath. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I asked her,

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Absolutely. Do you, Zack?”

“Yes, Angie, I really do.”

“I love you, big brother.”

“I love you, little sister.”

Our lips locked again, and I could see many of my emotions reflected in my baby sister’s eyes. Lust warred with love, each seeking to blot out the other. Our lips parted and my tongue slipped into her mouth, as hers slipped into mine.

I rolled her over, and sat my sister on my lap. Our lips met again, and my hands wandered over her tight back. I pulled her closer to me, out chests meeting and our kiss never breaking. She started to shift her hips back and forth in my lap. Her small breasts rubbed against my chest and my cock started to harden with the constant motion. I shifted one hand down, to grip her tight ass, and the other up to her chest to cup one of her lovely tits. Her hands wandered over my chest and out tongues stilled warred in each other’s mouths.

Our kiss broke, and Angie shifted back slightly on my lap. We were both breathless, and for a moment, the only noise in the room was our breathing.

“That was my first kiss, sis” I said, and she giggled at me.

“Mine too” she said still smiling. There was a long pause before she asked, “Do you want to go further?”

In answer I grabbed her and she squealed with delight as I pulled her back to my lips. Her hands found my chest again, and then started to go lower. She found the hem of my shirt, and began to pull it up. I felt a tingle as the cool air rushed over my warm skin. She pulled the shirt higher and higher, and finally we were forced to break off our kiss as the shirt passed over my head. As soon as it was on the floor, we kissed again.

Then slowly, my hands came around to her firm hips. I grabbed the shirt and raised it up slowly. Our kiss broke again, and I pulled off her shirt and threw it on the floor. I looked at my sister, sitting on my lap, our skin touching. Her skin was pale, as was mine, and against that white background, the rainbow striped bra on her chest looked even more vibrant. It was about a 32-34 A, and seemed to delight in cling to such nubile curves. We resumed our passionate kissing, and she resumed grinding her crotch into mine.

After a few more minutes of this, I stopped her and pried my sister off of me. She looked confused for a moment, but when she saw the grin of desire on my face, lust overtook her. I stood her up in front of me, and reached for the belt around her waist. I unfastened it, and reached for the button on her jeans. I undid it, and drew down the zipper, the hooked my fingers under the waist band of her pants. In one fluid motion, I dropped the pants to the ground, and as she stepped out of them, I looked at her sky blue panties. Under my gaze, she squirmed a bit, and flushed embarrassed.

“Stand up, bro. It’s not fair that you’re wearing pants.” She whined playfully.

I stood, and her hands were at my waist, undoing my belt, as her lips found mine again. She reached for the zipper on my pants, and the next thing I knew, my pants were around my ankles. I stepped out of them, and fell back onto the couch, grabbing Angie as I went. She sat, straddling me, as we kissed again. We looked at one another, and nervous laughter rose in our throats. She resumed grinding our crotches together, but this time, but with only her sky blue panties and my red boxers on, the feeling was much more intense. My cock was rock hard at this point, and only the weight of my baby sister was holding it down. She was also getting into it, I realized, as I saw a damp spot growing on her panties. I kissed her again and again, one hand around the tight muscles of her ass, and the other around her back, snaking up to the back of her head, holding her close to me.

I looked down, breaking off our kiss, and looked at our bodies. Angie had on only her sky blue panties and rainbow striped bra, and I with only red boxers. Our flesh gleamed with sweat and her body, sculpted from almost a decade of gymnastics, was taut and perfect. She started pushing our bodies together faster and harder, and my cock started rubbing against her pussy.

At the same time, completely independent of each other, our hands started to reach towards our lap. Mine trailed down her chest, her taut stomach, and came to rest just on the elastic band that held her underwear up. Her hand did the same thing to my body. She raised her hips, and I slowly inched my fingers down on to her sweat mound, feeling the fabric under my touch, and beneath that, my sister’s warm wetness. Her hand traced its way over my boxers to the base of my straining erection.

She began to stroke my cock through my boxers, as I began to run my hand over her pussy. The friction of her hand and my boxers on my dick sent a wave of pleasure through my body. I rubbed her faster and faster, and in response she stroked me faster still. Our hips ground together, our hands rubbed at the others genitals and we saw bliss reflected in each other’s eyes. Her wet spot grew larger and she began to moan, softly at first, then louder as I groaned at my need for release.

Angie’s breathing got faster and faster and I could feel her trembling. I could also feel my own orgasm getting closer. All at once, we both stiffened and moaned. We both orgasmed in our underwear and collapsed on to the couch. We lay there for the span of several long, shuttering breaths, my sister’s lithe body draped over my larger one, her face pressed against my shoulder. Finally reality reasserted itself, and I looked over at her.

“Well…” Angie said, before we both burst into laughter. We laughed long and loud, uncontrollably, until we were both gasping for air. We were not laughing at anything, but we could not stop.

Our merriment finally subsided and we looked back at each other. I could feel a contented smile on my face, and it was reflected on my baby sister’s.

“That felt amazing, Zack.” She sighed, contentedly.

“You too, Angie.” I replied, giving her a squeeze. She giggled and writhed on my lap, rubbing our sodden underwear together. We both looked down and laughed again.

“Shower?” I asked.

“Together.” She responded. “Just let me get my breath back.”

We sat there for another few minutes, until Angie rolled off of me, and we stood up. We gathered our clothes, and I chased her up stairs to the bathroom we shared. We turned the water on, and as it heated up, started kissing again. Our mouths joined together, and we embraced tightly.

My hands roamed across her back, and found the hooks of her rainbow bra. I unclasped them, and peeled off the garment. Then I got my first real look at my sister’s naked breasts. They were small, but perky and sat perfectly on her slight body. I let my hands wander lower and lower until I felt her small tight ass. I slipped two fingers under the elastic band of her sky blue panties and slid them around to her hips. All at once, I jerked my hands down, carrying her underwear with them. I beheld her virgin pussy for the first time in my life. She was unshaven, and the coarse brown hair stood out in contrast to her perfectly smooth legs.

She blushed and turned away from me, allowing me a perfect view of her perfect, tiny ass. I drew her close to me and planted a kiss on the top of her head. I could see her smile and feel her relax and she turned back around and reached down. Her hands gripped the waistband of my boxers and eased them down. My erection was now back in full swing, and popped out. I was also unshaven. It was the first time I had ever been exposed to someone in a sexual manner. We stepped out of the clothes around our ankles, and kissed again.

My sister and I drew back the shower curtain and slipped inside. The warm water and close confines made me feel as though my head was in a fog. We started washing each other all over. My hands, lathered with soapy water, found their way around her back and came to rest on her petite breasts. I savored the experience, my first real skin to skin sexual contact with her, as I began to massage her boobs. Angie started to whimper slightly, and then as I tweaked her tiny nipples, she let out a moan.

I left off and snaked my hands down lower and lower. I ran my hands over her tight legs, higher and higher. Her lean calves, her firm thighs, and then above that, the golden territory, all covered with soap and water. A thought crossed my mind and I rested my hand on her bush, and asked

“Why shave your legs, and not up here?”

“Because,” her response was bashful, “I was afraid it would hurt if I slipped.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“Yes. But not right now. You got me wound up, and I need release.”

I grinned and slid my right hand over her mound as my left worked its way back to her tits. There was wetness there that had nothing to do with the shower. I began to stroke my middle finger up and down her slit, and my index and ring finger along the outside of her pussy. My left hand was massaging her breast and my right spread her lips wide open. She moaned her desire and I plunged my middle finger deep into my baby sister’s pussy. The gasped and shudder at the sudden intrusion, and cried out three words

“Oh God Yes!”

I started to work the top of her pussy with my thumb, and began to thrust my middle finger in and out of her sweat confines. She was incredibly warm, tight, and wet. It felt like my finger was being sucked in on every pump. Angie moaned louder and louder, and I thrust faster and faster. Her arms wrapped around my right arm, and her hand went down to cover mine, forcing me deeper into her. I tweaked her nipple and thrust deep into her. All at once, she seized up and froze completely, her muscles locking, and I would have sworn she even stopped breathing for a second.

My sister would have collapsed onto the floor if my arms had not been wrapped around her. She hung like a rag doll in my arms for several minutes, getting her breath back, her ass still pressed to my straining erection. She finally turned to me and, planting a kiss on my lips, moaned,

“Thank you. That was amazing.”

I grinned at her, and she tiredly returned the expression. We continued washing for a few minutes, until I found myself facing the showerhead, Angie behind me. She unexpectedly grabbed me in an embrace, and whispered in my ear,

“Your turn big bro.”

Her breasts were pressed to my back and her arms were around my chest. Her soapy hands slid down to my cock and delicately traced over my pubic hair.

“I like you like this. Don’t shave it.” I could hear the grin in her voice. I grinned back and shook my head.

“Anything for you, little sis.”

She kissed my neck and grasped my dick with her warm, wet, slippery hand. She slid her hand up and down my shaft, while sliding her other hand over my chest. Her small hands pumped me again and again, until I was right on the verge. Then she slid her other hand down and grabbed my balls. It was too much for me, and I came all over the front of the shower.

I turned around and kissed my sister again and again, each kiss deeper and more passionate than the last. We finished up in the shower and stepped out. Looking at the clock, we realized with a start that our parents would be home soon. We quickly went into Angie’s room and she bent over to rummage through her dresser for something to ware. I did not help the process by taking that opportunity to grab and start massaging her firm ass. She playfully slapped my hands away and threw on some pajamas. We went to my room and repeated the process, but in reverse.

“So, I am looking forward to a fun weekend.” She said.

“Me too.” I grinned “Just the two of us from Saturday afternoon to Monday night.”

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun.”

“Me too.”

“I love you, Zack.”

“I love you, Angie.”

How have you never kissed someone? (Peter Parker X Reader!Stark)

Summary: Drabble 10 - “How have you never kissed someone”.

Warning(s): Tony Stark (AHAHA)

A/N: Thankyou to Minhosasss for asking for this! (love your name oh my gOD MAZE RUNNER SERIES), hope it comes out okay! I’m also a slut for daddy stark

Word count: 1,274

This was the most peace you’ve had in months, and by months- it literally has been months. Having the famous Tony Stark as your father kind of interrupted your teen life. Your father barely ever let you outside of the house other than when you had to go to school- he didn’t even allow you to have any social media, only allow to text and call people.

This made people fade out of your life, sure you talked to people at school- but they weren’t friends or anything, most of the people that even did talk to you was because you was Tony Stark’s daughter, or they felt pity for you not having anyone else. The only person you could call a friend was Peter Parker, in other words Spiderman. 

You were first introduced to Spiderman himself when your Father brought him back to the famous Stark tower to talk about something ‘private’. But you ended up finding out that Peter actually went to your school and was even in your Biology class, the teacher just so happened to partner you up with him a lot- so you two bonded easily, especially with you knowing about his spider secret.

Looking at your phone, you noticed it was 4:45pm- indicating Peter should be here any moment. The benefits of being partnered with Peter a lot, meant projects would happen in the same pairs a lot. 

Luckily though- your Father wasn’t home for a while, so he said anyway. So maybe this was an actual chance to talk to Peter properly and for you both to get to know eachother other than the fact you both love Star Wars. 

F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke up, announcing that Peter was here.

“Let him in, Fri.” You ordered, smiling as you looked down at your outfit. Nothing too special, just some black leggings and a pastel coloured shirt with some multicoloured socks.

The elevator doors open up and Peter walks in nervously, running his fingers through the roots of his hair. Your eyes lit up as you saw him enter, you didn’t deny it to yourself that Peter was a very attractive guy- his intelligence coming into play with that.

“Hey Pete!” You chirped, sitting down on the couch, patting the seat next to you for him to sit at.

“O-Oh! Hey (Y/N), how are you?” He smiled, sitting down where you patted.

A ding went off in the background of your conversation with Parker, indicating the doors to the elevator shutting.

“I’m great and you?” You asked back, crossing your legs and turning fully to Peter.

“A-awesome man.” He stuttered, grinning and pulling out some revision books.

“So for this project, do we have to do a presentation or something?” You asked him, watching him pull more stuff out.

“Yeah, a presentation about genetics.” He smiled.

“Well- I uh, I was wondering if you wanna kind of get to know eachother a bit more and the next time we kind of do this we can start then? I just want to get to know someone, I also think it’d help our work in the project- since we’d feel more comfortable around eachother, you know?” 

He seemed to like that idea, as he nodded. “Sure! We have a month anyway..” He trailed off.

“So, tell me about yourself (Y/N).” Peter asked with curiosity written in his eyes.

You cleared your throat, before thinking.

“I, uh.. Hold on let me think.” You laughed, getting your words together.

Once you cleared your throat you spoke, “Well. I always pour my milk after the cereal. I don’t know who my Mother is, my birthday is (Y/B/D), I’m kind of addicted to Netflix..” You smiled at that, only because it was true, “I’m always listening to music, no matter what. I hate, no- despise pickles. Spiders freak me out- but you don’t because you kind of don’t have 8 legs and what, 6 eyes?”

Peter cut you off, “Actually, most have 8.” He chuckled, placing his arm on the top of the couch.

“That doesn’t help.” You shuddered, giggling. “But anywho, I’m a hopeless romantic, sucker for romcom. I’ve never kissed someone-”

You were cut off yet again, but by this time Peter actually choking. On nothing.

“Peter!” You shrieked, patting his back as he began to settle down.

How have you never kissed anyone?” He said, baffled by what you had said.

“W-what?” You asked him, just to make sure he had said what he said. Your cheeks heated a pinkish red and you blinked in pure confusion.

How have you never kissed anyone?” He repeated in pure confusion.

“W-what do you mean by that?” You spoke up, flustered and quite ashamed at the fact he had pointed it out.

“You.. You’re gorgeous!” He blurted out, but continued. “Like… Your personality is amazing, you’re sweet to everyone and not to mention you’re Tony Stark’s daughter!”

That only made your cheeks heated more.

“Y-you think all of that..?”

“I know all of that.” This is the most confident you’ve ever seen Peter.

“W-well, the downside to being Tony Stark’s child is that you aren’t allowed to leave the house barely ever, not being allowed to have social media, not being allowed to go to parties- hell… Everyone who I was friends with left me, so I’ve never even had a chance to kiss a single boy in my life. Also meaning I’ve never dated anyone. I just want to be a teenage girl, but its hard. I don’t even have any friends, I have you and that’s about it!”

“Are you lonely…?” Peter asked quietly after you had stopped.

You hadn’t realised until now actually how lonely you was.

A small nod made its way onto your head as you bit your lip, tears spiking your eyes but you forced them away.

“(Y/N)…” Peter trailed off, tracing his eyes down to your lips before back into your (E/C) orbs, and tucking back a strand of (H/C) hair behind your ear.

You sniffed, wiping your eyes, putting on a brave smile to Peter.

“Sorry about that..” You sniffled.

After around 20 seconds worth of silence, Peter Parker spoke up.

“Do you want to be kissed, (Y/N)? Because I can relate to that..”

You watched his eyes yet again flicker down to your lips, but this time- they stayed there.

“I-, I do.” You whispered, crawling forward as you two slowly met lips.

His lips were slightly chapped, but merged together perfectly with your vanilla flavoured ones. The kiss was sweet, mesmerizing and truly set off butterflies in your stomach. You wrapped your arms delicately around his neck, pulling him closer. Suddenly, his tongue licked your bottom lip during the kiss, startling you slightly but your instinct was to quickly open your mouth, to which you did. You both started to battle tongues softly, him winning the ‘war’ and exploring the roams of your mouth with it. This was your first ever kiss, probably Peter’s too. It had actually came to you that you actually have feelings for bug boy.

His fingers ran down to your hips, gripping them gently and pulling you onto his lap. Damn, you never knew Peter was such a good kisser- or like this in any way.  Your hands found their way tangled in his roots as you both continued to make out.

“Woah woah, woah! Spidey get away from my daughter!” A loud voice boomed throughout the whole room.

Startled, the both of you broke away and you backed off of Peter, then you met the eyes of a shocked Tony Stark.

“Looks like you two were studying biology for sure…” 

theforsakenshadow  asked:

Could we have a scenario similar to "Forget the Damn Sandwich" but with War and his S/O?

You sat on the couch beside the large rider. You wore the usual outfit you slept in, shorts and a tanktop, regardless of the weather. All the weather did was determine if you used a blanket or not. Which, it being cold, your legs were all bundled up and you were staring at the man as he told a story.

“Death was once very, very strict with us three. However over the eons, he has definitely warmed up to us.”

“Even towards Strife?” You smiled, leaning your elbow on the back of the couch and resting the side of your head in your palm. You turned more to face him, hugging one of your legs with your free arm.

The rider chuckled, his hands comfortably on his legs as he sat facing forward. “Yes, Y/n, even Strife. Though he dare to never show it, we all are aware of it.”

“Ah, see? He is a softie. Told ya’.”

“Yes,” War spoke, turning slightly to face you. “However you’d do well to keep it to yourself. He wouldn’t like somebody pointing out such a thing.”

“Well, then maybe he should stop making it so obvious.” You reached for your phone as the words left your mouth, using the arm that was once hugging your leg to your chest, letting it fall against the couch. You thumbed away at your phone, now using the hand you leaned against to mess with your hair.

War chuckled as you finished speaking, tapping his fingers to his knees. “You are right. Though I doubt he knows how clear it is to others.”

There was a few minutes of silence, faltered only by the quiet noises of the television in front of you both. “You bored?” You chimed, and War could’ve sworn you were the Devil with the mischievous smile plastered on your lips.

“Why do you ask?” He questioned, brow raised and slightly leaning away from you.

“I’ve got a game app on here I wanna play. It randomly generates a question, or an action. You pick if you want to be asked something, or told to do something.” You saw it in his expression, he wanted to say no. “Nevermind, only brave people play it, you won’t wanna. Forget I asked.”

“I want to play.” He spoke, almost immediately. He turned to face you on the couch, with a leg now bent up on its side to accommodate. Your eyes widened slightly, you didn’t expect your comment to work so well. You especially didn’t expect him to appear so enthusiastic about it, either.

“Hm. Okay, gimmi a sec to set this up.” You shifted to sit sideways on the couch to face him, crossing your legs together and leaning your elbows on your knees. You typed away at your phone, adding two players to the app you downloaded. “I’ve never gotten the chance to play this with anyone before, everyone’s always too cowardly.” you chuckled a bit, getting ready to start the game.

“I hope this is a pleasant experience for you then, y/n.”

You looked up at the rider, grinning. “I’m sure it’ll be fun, I’m glad you agreed. So, you’re first. Truth or Dare?”

“Which is a challenge?” He tilted his head as he asked.

“They both can be challenging. Truth, you can be asked to answer a really tough question. Dare, you can get asked to do something you don’t wanna do, or would struggle doing.”

“I choose truth.”

You tapped the respected button, smiling as you read the question aloud. “What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a month?” Your eyes darted up to him at the end of the question, eager for a response.

“If I were a female for a month?” He asked, watching you nod in response. “I would not be much different.”

You pouted. Sighing, you tapped to the next player’s turn, your turn. “That wasn’t a very fun response.”

“What did you expect me to say?” He tilted his head as he asked, and you really wished he’d stop before your big mouth opened and told him how much you enjoyed it.

“Dunno, something more interesting I guess, but then again that was a boring question. I think I’ll do dare.” You tapped the dare button, reading out the words on the screen. “Write something embarrassing on your body in permanent marker, it can be covered with clothing.”

“What is the point of that?” War let out a chuckle, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Dunno, but maybe the next person to see me naked will have a fit of laughter when they see it.” You spoke as you got up, searching around for a sharpie. You entirely missed Wars face twist up and go red at your comment. You found a pen and lifted your shirt over your stomach, your back to the horseman. You wrote out something, trying hard to make it neat and upside down from your angle so somebody else could read it.

After you finished, you went back to the phone and began to skip onto the next turn, not noticing Wars tense posture. “Truth or Dare, bud?”


You tapped on dare, and got halfway through reading before your voice trailed off and your eyes widened. “Put whip cream on the parts…of.. oh.”

“Hm? What does it say? Y/n?” He leaned forward, reaching slowly for the phone.

“No!” You shouted, yanking the phone closer to you. “We can’t do it anyway, I don’t have whip cream.”

“Can you tell me what it says, y/n?”

You stared at him for a bit before sighing, and holding out the phone to him. He held it gently in his gauntlet, reading off of the screen. “Put whip cream on the parts of your body you want another player to lick it off of. Then let said player do it.” Silence hung in the air for a moment, before he slowly looked up to you, slightly flustered. “What is whip cream?”

You hesitated and stuttered your words, “Uh. It’s like, th-this white and fluffy, I guess creamy sweet tasting thing.. you put it on, uh,deserts and stuff.” You reached your hand up to scratch the back of your neck.

War stood and walked off. The sudden movement made you jump, watching him as he turned the corner into the kitchen. You heard rummaging, the pantry, fridge, random drawers. You thought he was looking for what you just described, but you knew you didn’t have any. Right?

The rider came back, holding a butter knife, and a jar of peanut butter.

He sat back on the couch, facing you. He sat the knife down. He opened the jar. He dipped the knife IN the jar. And you were pretty surprised he was even doing this.

“Uh, War, that’s not whip cream, we don’t have to do this dare if you don-”

“This is the only thing I could find to substitute.” his voice was blank and heavy, your eyes drifting from his to the jar in his hand. You watched him- probably more intense than you meant to- as he scraped out a small glob and reached up, pressing it to the side of his jaw.

He reached into the jar yet again, you noticed he was clearly refraining from looking at you as he pressed another chunk of the substance to the opposite side of his jaw. Your breath hitched this time, as he pressed some to both corners of his mouth. That threw you off for only a moment, until he closed the jar, set it aside, and looked at you with a mischievous grin. He was trying to get you to back down, you thought. But oh boy, are we both in for a surprise.

You stared at him for a while, your lips pressed tightly together.

“Do I need to go wash this, y/n?” he smirked, and you couldn’t hide the excitement you felt from yourself.

You moved forward, slowly, placing a hand on his shoulder and one on his chest for balance. Leaning in, you started licking and sucking on the riders jaw to get the peanut substance off. Wars eyes widened, clearly surprised and thrown off by the action, but remained still nonetheless.

You worked at one side of his jaw for a while, and you ignored the flush growing to your face. You finished this side of his jaw, pulling away only slightly, to maneuver your way to the other side.

Something in you ticked, and you couldn’t help but try something different..

You could tell War was staring at you the best he could without turning his head, the smirk gone from his lips as his mouth hung partially open. You were almost finished, you sucked on the skin a bit harder than before and pressed against him, which moved his head slightly. You let your arms bend more, making you much closer to the rider. The inside of your mouth was already feeling sore from the attention you were giving the horseman.

You pulled away from him, giving the wet skin a nip with your teeth as you moved away. War let out a low and quiet snarl, causing you to giggle. With little hesitation, you moved to the corners of his mouth. At first you focused on one side and using the better part of your whole mouth, but you started going from one side to the other, and using only your tongue. You inched much closer to the horseman, now only using your hands against his chest for balance.

Since such a small amount was shared between both corners of his lips, it was gone fairly soon, but you still didn’t stop. In fact, you dared go half an inch closer to the center of his lips with your tongue, which you swore caused War to let out what sounded like a growl and a cat purring.

It wasn’t much after that, the weight of you being nearly in Wars lap and nearly kissing him, had settled into your brain. You pulled back, pushing your palms against him as leverage. You sat back in your original spot, grabbed your phone and tapped the respected ‘dare complete’ button. “Commmplete! I think I’ll pick dare this time.” Without looking at War, knowing he was staring at you,you tapped the button. “The last given dare is now yours.”

Your face paled, and you coughed nervously. Setting the phone down, you stared at War. You mindlessly reached for the jar of peanut butter and the knife along with it, glancing away from the rider only briefly to make sure you got enough of it on the knife. Some went on both sides of your jaw. Some went on the corners of your lips. And some went on the side of your neck, which you smeared agonizingly slowly, not looking away from the horseman’s eyes, who’s clearly followed the trail of the knife against your skin.

You finished, not bothering to close the jar but setting it aside. Your insides felt twisted and your voice, breath, everything felt caught in your throat.

You say still, waiting, focusing on controlling your breathing. Eventually the horseman leaned forward, resting on his knees and a hand to balance himself, the free hand gripping one of your shoulders and he mouth worked on the opposing side of your jaw.

Your breath hitched, and your mind went much fuzzier than before. A tingling sensation shot through your body every time his lips made contact with your skin,and a painfully pleasant shock that went down to your nether regions as his tongue did. In no time, he was moving to the other side of your jaw, now needing to use his hand to hold you up by your shoulder rather than for balance.

He worked at the stickiness on your jaw for much longer this time, and you could’ve sworn he was purring like a cat. Once you finally started getting the hang of the feeling, was when he pulled away, but not without a soft bite which caused you to yelp. “Karma.” War said, making you laugh for only a short moment until he started licking at the corner of your mouth. Now was when you both looked at each other, making eye contact with his bold eyes and your half lidded ones as he licked away. You suddenly sucked in a sharp breath as he bit your lower lip once he moved to the opposite corner of your mouth. War let out a chuckle, ever so slowly leaning forward. You had no choice but to lay back, allowing the horseman to crawl over you with his lips and tongue never leaving the side of your mouth. He stood above you on his knees as they rested between your legs, holding himself up by his elbows.

Your breathing was clearly heavy, you didn’t bother hiding it anymore. “I believe one of us is enjoying this more than the other, y/n.”

“That could change, War.” A gasp escaped your lips as he trailed his tongue down to the spot on your neck where you’d teased earlier, which you’d nearly forgotten about. As he worked his mouth you couldn’t help but arch your back up in his direction, letting out soft noises.

“Forget the danm game, this is a much better way to kill time.”

You both had to suppress laughter when he discovered the writing on your stomach saying “War tilting his head when confused is adorable”

[Anon Request] BTS Preferences- How they kiss you.


Jin’s kisses would be soft, peppery kisses. They would be all over your face and he’s really be the type to love little pecks every now and then. Everything about how he kissed you would be gentle, treating you like a princess. When he kissed you on the lips, it would be slow and savory, like you were a china doll that he was afraid to break. Every kiss would show his love.


Suga’s kisses would be variations depending on who initiated the kiss. When you initiated, he’d pretend to be disinterested, but he’d smirk into the kiss when your lips touched. When he initiated the kiss, it was probably because you’d already been cuddling. I think Suga could be rather clingy if he wanted to. He’d also be a big fan of forehead kisses and kissing your shoulder when you sat in his lap.


Jhope would kiss you all the time, everywhere on your face, no matter what was happening. I think he’d be a fan of the big, kind of exaggerated, sloppy kiss on the cheek where he really presses his lips to you. He’d especially like coming up behind you and pressing a big kiss onto your cheek before landing one on your lips, smiling and laughing into it.


Rapmon’s kisses would be very meaningful, each and every one of them. Every time he kissed you, he wanted you to remember it. He’d keep it short, but the kiss would still be pretty deep as he pressed his lips firmly to yours. Your smile as he pulled away would result in him probably kissing your forehead or hand before breaking away.


Jimin’s kisses would vary. Sometimes he’d be very playful about it, maybe swerving from the kiss at first just to see you pout cutely. Other times, his kiss would be very teasing, starting with him pulling you really close by the waist and smirking at you. When your lips connected, you’d still be able to feel the smirk and he’d pull you closer in a very passionate way. He’d be a big fan of nose kisses also.


Taehyung would be a lot like Jhope when it comes to casual kisses. He’d love just kissing your cheek all the time, feeling you smile every time he did it. When making out, however, we all know there’d be no absence of tongue. It wouldn’t be tongue war though, no, he’d just be a little tease, flicking his tongue against your lip before smirking into the kiss.


Jungkook’s kisses would be very sweet at first and then grow into full making out. He’d be the type to kind of peppery at first too, kissing your eyes and then nose and then cheeks before kissing your lips. He’d really like when you smiled into his kiss and it would only encourage him to pull you closer.


Here’s the first preference thingy :P All preferences will be on the reactions page on jibootylife btw. :D Hope you enjoy!

1) You’re going to meet a boy one day. The type that will light a fire in places you have never felt such warmth. His arms will feel like home, you will be thinking he is everything you have ever wanted and more. The dislike you had for blonde hair will now become your favourite because of him. His touch will make your knees weak and it will feel nice until his soft hands turn to blades and his tongue sharpens.

2) He will start kissing you with his eyes wide open and he won’t return any of your missed calls. It will become a game of tug-o-war. You just want to pull him closer whilst he just wants to pull away. You’ll finally tell him you love him and he will lie to your face about loving you back and my god will he make it sound believable. 

3) Be the one to cut him off. If you don’t, you will just keep chasing someone who doesn’t want to be caught. You’ll be alone each night but it’s better than the taste of him ignoring your calls.

4) Your memory will become foggy. You will forget my birthday, your dentist appointment, you will forget your responsibilities but you won’t be able to forget the memories of him, no matter how hard you try. You won’t be able to forget his favourite colours of black, white and red and how he couldn’t sleep without your touch. You will beg and plead with yourself to permanently erase the memories but they are imprinted deeply within your heart. 

5) The temptation to text him and tell him how you haven’t thought about him all day will grow. You will want to tell him how you have moved on, but it’s a lie. You just want to attempt to stir jealousy within him; jealousy that isn’t there. He hasn’t left your mind and he's definitely still in your heart. You will start sleeping in my bed because the thought of him in someone else’s bed will have you screaming into the night sky. You won’t tell a soul about how you refuse to wash his scent from your bedsheets, because then that’s really letting him go. You’ll just let it eat you away instead. 

6) Don’t go to the same places you both went to. The playground you both would climb to the top of will become spikes, the beach you guys would hang out at will drown you in regret. You’re just rubbing salt in your open wounds. Don’t do that to yourself. 

7) Time will pass and you will begin to feel warmer without him. You will question if this is what you really want, but please don’t turn around. Don’t run back to his arms. This is your time to invest in yourself, learn your worth and learn about self love. 

8) Days will become easier without him. However, it’s important you understand that the good always comes with the bad. Some days will start with you craving the electrifying feeling of his touch. Then it will lead to your pleading for just one last night together. Just one more night of you laying half asleep on his chest and him with his hands through your hair. You’ll choke on the mere thought of him with another girl, of them making the same memories and him taking her to the same places you went to. 

9) People’s feelings change like the wind, people will leave you and make it look easy whilst you are struggling to let go. But baby you have to learn to gracefully let go of things that aren’t meant for you. You’ll say that it felt so right to love the wrong person, so just imagine what it will be like to love the right one. 

10) Give yourself permission to cry, to be heartbroken, to miss, love and hate him all at once but know when it’s time to let go. Know that eventually this heartbreak will pass and the thought of loving someone else will be possible, but for now it’s time to just love yourself.

—  10 Letters To My Future Daughter. (m.s)

I knocked on my best friend Michael’s door. The door opened and a boy opened the door, “Um..” He said, “Is that Y/N?” Michael yelled. I giggled and slipped under the boys arm. He laughed and I ran up the stairs. I walked into the living room and two other boys looked at me. I ignored their gazes and Michael was playing a game. He lifted his arm up and I ducked under it, sitting on his lip. He kissed my head, “Where’s your sister?” He asked. I giggled, “With the girls.” I said, “And where are they?” I crossed my arms, “Doing something.” He paused the game, “Hey!” One of the boys said. Michael gave me a look, “I know that look, where are they?” Michael said. I bit my lip, “They went down to the field party…” I said. He groaned, “I’m sorry, I tried to stop them.” He chuckled, “Whatever, you’re here.” I giggled, “I guess.” I tried getting out of his arms but he rolled over me, “No!” I giggled, “You know Mikey, you have friends over.” He shrugged, “They don’t know you.” He said. I smiled, “I can ruin your rep right here, right now if you don’t get off me.” He climbed off me and helped me up, “Fine.” I giggled, “That’s Calum, Ashton and Luke.” He said. I blushed as they all looked at me with smiles, “And this is Y/N.” Michael said. The boys’ smile grew, “So we’ve heard about you.” Calum said. I blushed more. I saw Michael glare at him and Calum looked at me with a smile, “I will give you fifteen bucks if you beat Calum’s ass in Fifa.” Michael whispered in my ear. I giggled, “Easiest fifteen bucks I’ll ever make.” I said. Michael smiled. I took the controller from him and Calum smiled. We started playing and Calum said, “No, No, No, No!!” I giggled as I beat him, “How?” I pointed to Mikey, “We’re always playing video games.” Michael smiled, “Yea, I wonder why.” Calum mumbled, “What?” I said, “Calum.” Michael said. Calum put a smile on his lips, “What?” Michael pushed me off his lap and got up, “Mikey!” He walked out and I crossed my arms over my chest, “Michael!” I got up and walked to his room. He was sitting on his bed with his phone. He forced a smile as I got in the bed, “Hey.” I said. He smiled, a real smile, laughing, “Hey.” He whispered. Our shoulders were pressed against each other’s and we talked like we usually do. I started getting up but he grabbed my hand, “Will you stay in here with me?” He asked in a small voice. I smiled and he instantly relaxed as I sat back down. He layed down so his head was on my lap, “Y/N?” He asked. I looked at him, “Yea?” He bit his lip, “If your best friend asked you out, what would you say?” I thought about it, “If it was someone I’ve known for instance, as long as you, then… I’d say yes.” I said, smiling as I thought about how cute me and Michael would be. Wait, was he talking about me? He bit his lip as I ran my hand through his hair, “Okay..” He whispered. I bit my lip; I do like Michael, hell, I love him! I always have. He smiled and sat up, “So..” He trailed off, looking for words. I giggled and straddled his waist, “Well, are you gonna ask her?” I whispered. He bit his lip as I leaned in so our lip were almost touching, “Yea.” He whispered before he filled the gap between us. I smiled against his lips and he pulled me closer. He started pulling back, “Don’t go.” I mumbled against his lips. He smiled and I pressed my lips back against his. His tongue swept my bottom lip and I opened for him. He gripped my waist as Calum shouted, “He did it!” That didn’t stop him, he just kept on kissing me, “Be mine?” He mumbled. I nodded and he slowly pulled back. He playfully rolled us over, “This doesn’t mean I let you beat me in COD, or Fifa.” I giggled, “I think I can deal with it still being the same except for this.” I whispered. He kissed me again and I smiled. He brushed some hair behind my ear, “Thank you.” He whispered. I smiled and he got off me. He layed down but I cuddled up against him. He smiled and I closed my eyes as the three boys came in, laughing as I pulled a pillow over my head, “Get out!” I whined. Michael pulled me closer, “Awe, it’s okay.” Calum said. I hit him with the pillow and he laughed. We all started talking and Michael was smiling at me the whole time.