*pukes up rainbows*


Puking up rainbows is one hell of a compliment, thank you!

I feel like if I made my own fanon version of Leo he’d be outrageously out of character and it’d be hilarious, but I’m scared people would assume I was serious. Characterization is insanely important to me, so I only tamper with it sparingly for the sake of humor or lewds.

That said headcanons can and do get in the way sometimes, which I think is true for just about anyone making adamant fan content. I don’t hold it against people but damn I’ll hold it against myself if I flub up and it wasn’t a joke.

The moral of this story is here is your idea in action.

prettypettypansexual  asked:

Eccr + aquarium

  • Grantaire going on super long rants about how sharks are not the enemy and that we should be saving them not killing them and Enjolras just watches them proud bc YEAH R UR RIGHT
  • Combeferre standing in front of the ray tank dissociating as fuck watching the majestic sea pancakes as his partners use the moment as an impromptu combeferre photo shoot.
  • They find the most tropical fish tank and they all find a fish and go “thas me” bc theyre nerds.
  • In fact, at the beginning they all have a challenge and that is to find a fish in the aquarium that reminds them of the other three and in each cast write down why. it can be as simple as “this fish looked like a rainbow puked up on it and it reminded me of courfeyrac last pride” or as deep as “the clown fish reminded me of R bc they live in a habitat that is harmful and deadly but they thrive and thrive and make all the other fish wish they were that strong, also they can change their gender,”
  • Sometimes they stand in the tunnels and Grantaire will whisper stories about the sea as they watch the fish pass all around them and its very enchanting. Grantaire is a very good storyteller. 
  • Enjolras gets emotional and starts crying about pollution and has to be engulfed in a group hug.

the face of the purest, happiest, and most sweetest kitten being interviewed. 


Millie Brown Pukes the rainbow

Millie Brown has been making waves after collaborating with Lady Gaga at last years SXSW. Specifically for her artistic process that involves puking up paint. The London based artist tells us all about how she developed this technique and the meaning behind the term “Rainbow Body” in this exclusive interview.