“New York animation artist Jeff Hong has created less-than-rosy portrayals of Disney characters as they might fare in today’s world.”

Okay well? He failed?? For reasons that I explained below (or above, or whatever).

Again, what is the point of images and posts like these? “The Real World ain’t a fairytale, kiddos” well no duh, that’s why fairytales fREAKING EXIST.

Pietro taking care of you when you’re sick would include:

  • Getting food, tissues and blankets almost instantly.
  • Cuddles!

  • Forehead kisses

  • Chinese food runs for hot pho.

  • The fastest puke bucket grab ever. (XD LOL)

  • Changing your sheets.

  • Checking your tempurature an annoying amount of times.

  • All the orange juice.

  • Quick tissue cleanup with no complaints.

  • Bored? Pietro has millions of ideas.                                                                
  • Waiting patiently for you to get better.

anonymous asked:

What the hell! You are Remina make me want to puke! She is so young and innocent and you are so old and corrupted. She deserves so much better than you.

I mean you’re not wrong…

I feel like shit. We’ve been having scheduling issues at work and when I finally was able to take on shifts I get sick tonight. Everyone is depending on me and here I am sitting on my bathroom tub over the toilet puking my stomach out.

alcohol is bad.  its a bunch of bullshit. i drank one beer last week and puked the morning after and then worried that i was puking because i’m pregnant and have morning sickness but its only the devil’s drink.

it’s bullshit