Film meets Art  (original video)

  • Adventures of Baron Munchausen” (dir. Terry Gilliam) and “The Birth of Venus” (artist Sandro Botticelli)
  • Inherent Vice” (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) and “The Last Supper” (artist Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Days of Heaven” (dir. Terrence Malick) and “Christina’s World” (artist Andrew Wyeth)
  • Heat” (dir. Michael Mann) and “Pacific” ( artist Alex Colville)
  • Melancholia” (dir Lars von Trier) and “Ophelia” (artist John Everett Millais)

anonymous asked:

Wait do you have any headcannons for PTA Underfell!Sans or would it be the same as UT Sans?

Anonymous asked: What are your headcanons for UF!PTA?

Oh my god they are sooooo different!!!!

Underfell PTA Sans

- F*ck is every other word out of his mouth during the PTA meetings.  But never in front of kids and rarely in front of Frisk.

-  Frisk is mute and Sans has learned sign language to help them out.  They invented new curse words that they use in public (no one else knows).

- Buys pizza for all the kids during the bake sale.  Because he can’t bake and pizza is better anyway.

-  Has a habit of giving Frisk the answers to homework questions.

-  A lot of the students like Sans and all the parents hate it.

-  When Sans learns about Helen enforcing ‘Quiet Hands’ on Frisk.  All hell breaks loose.

-  The only thing that keeps Helen from getting beat to death is Frisk.

-  No one knows how Sans got in the PTA or how he is still here.