I still think one of the most frustrating things to happen to me on the internet is back in 2010 I found this song on youtube that was posted in 2007 and I LOVED THE SONG, so I looked up the band and found nothing. song name, nothing. just a big fucking determined search to find out who this band was and hear their other songs, and then .Finally. I found their band page with their info and ooooooohhhhh fuck imagine how pissed I was to find out it was some random local band from New Zealand that had broken up years ago like fuck the internet

The Signs as Lucy's Celestial Spirits
  • Aries:Aries
  • Taurus:Taurus
  • Gemini:Gemini
  • Cancer:Cancer
  • Leo:Leo
  • Virgo:Virgo
  • Libra:Libra
  • Scorpio:Scorpio
  • Sagittarius:Sagittarius
  • Capricorn:Capricorn
  • Aquarius:[sobbing noises]
  • Pisces:Pisces

that “signs as book of mormon characters” post is so blatantly racist. every character listed on there is white except nabalungi who has a justification? “she counts!” no shit? she’s a main character? and then there isn’t the inclusion of principal ugandan roles but there is inclusion of “elder green” who is only in the first ten minutes?

“You know what,” Finn mummbled to himself. “Fuck it… I’m gonna kiss someone today. I’ll do one better. I’ll pash someone and that’ll show everyone. I’m tired of being looked down upon for being some innocent. I want people to actually think I am my age. That’ll show her.” He looked up when he realized someone was there. “Oh, hey.”

friend: “hey did u get invited to [friend]’s birthday party?
me: :) um i didnt even hear about it
me inside: what the fuck noooo …. i thought i was her friend…. i thought that we were cool…. i thought i would have been close enough to go to her party… what did i do wrong… where did i fuck up… oh god…. why didnt she invite me…
me: :) ah thats ok. nobody ever really invites me to birthday parties anyway
me inside: i fucking hate ymself i hate myslefl im not good enoguhhh i ddotn like me nnodboy likes me nobody yl likes me nobody

Rachel in the Junk Yard

There is something so fucking sad and disturbing about the fact the Rachel was buried in the junkyard, besides the obvious fact that we now know she is dead. Like, I know a junkyard is a common place where people in movies and stuff dump bodies, but it feels like such a horrible violation of a space that Chloe and Rachel once shared. That place was Chloe’s home away from home. She could hang out with Rachel there and feel safe and happy for once. That place probably holds so many happy and important memories to Chloe. Chloe probably went back there after Rachel disappeared in hopes of trying to feel happy again surrounded by the memories of the girl she loved. The place probably made her feel hopeful about finding Rachel again.

And now we know that the entire time Chloe was searching for Rachel she was dead in the ground right in the area that they used to hang out. Like, think of how fucking horrible that must be for Chloe. The one place she could feel safe with the memories of Rachel is now ruined forever by the fact they discovered Rachel there. She can never feel safe in that place again.

I’m just going to assume that Mr. Jefferson had no idea what the junk yard meant to the two of them and just buried the body in a place that he thought no one would find it. But I swear to fucking god if he knew that that was a place Rachel and Chloe shared and purposefully buried her there as some sort of sick joke I’m going to fucking kill him in an even slower and more painful way than I already planned on doing.

really why does it always happen to the beautiful ones? the ones that you really picture going somewhere in life? the ones that completely deserve every good thing that comes their way? the ones that approach life with vivacity and zeal? that’s what makes me the most upset about this. “it’s not fair” “they were too young” stops being a fucking cliche the moment it’s reality – and what then? hundreds of devastated people who are so shocked and upset to find out that a truly wonderful human being got the shitty end of the stick.

to all of my followers, please please appreciate every second that you have. death doesn’t give a damn; they’ll take anyone without a second thought. even if some of you are run down and struggling, remember that someone will miss you. even that one girl that could’ve asked you for the notes or has only interacted with you for a total of five minutes. you are all important. every single one of you. another cliche? maybe, but it’s so easy to disregard them these days and forget how much truth they hold.

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What was the sign he didn’t like bonersong?

he saw it near the beginning of the concert and made a :| face and his rolled his eyes so hard i thought he was about to fall over. i know the person with the sign saw it too because she put it down after that and held up another sign for the rest of the night. he was standing right in front of me when it happened, and i thought my heart was going to drop out of my ass at the expression on his face. i’m 99% sure this is the sign he was reacting to because there just wasn’t another one that would have caused that reaction in his line of sight. i mean, there was one asking him to shake his bum and one with naughty boy’s head in a target sign that sign “water target,” which was GROSS AS FUCK for a lot of reasons i don’t think the kid who made it realized (like, she just wanted them to spit on her) and… um, i don’t think louis would have necessarily realized either? considering his general lack of racial awareness? 

i didn’t post it initially bc i don’t want to start anything lmao, but this sign was straight up gross. the girl who brought it was pretty young, but she was with her mom, and i wouldn’t let my hypothetical kid bring that? these are real people. i don’t think the baby is real, like at all, but i could be totally wrong about that–his reaction could be less about the sign and more about him being over the whole fucking situation, which: i feel that, bro. and before people start, no, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t like all larry signs because i’ve seen pics and footage of him reacting sweetly to the cute signs that say things, like, “rose and dagger.” this sign was just gross and invasive, and it was about a weird situation that we haven’t seen him react to at all, so we have no frame of reference for how he might feel about it. i remember seeing it before they came on and thinking, “holy shit, here we go,” because she was so close there was no way they weren’t all going to that sign. i don’t know why it’s so hard for people to remember that they’re real dudes with actual feelings and you MAYBE SHOULDN’T put anything on a sign you wouldn’t say to their face if you met them?? MAYBE??