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He’s far too different today. What’s flipped his switch?


admin pack -> wardlaw gardens 2.0

as many people know, wardlaw gardens is my absolute favourite of any rp i’ve ever run but as i change graphics I love to clear out the old ones. so here you have it! included in the second cycle of wardlaw graphics is the following:

  • promo/header
  • banners (for notes, pages)
  • main icon and admin icon
  • character graphic

the font used is liquido. the psd used does not belong to me and was found in the depths of deviantart. download here.

please like or reblog if you use it.


                                                                                        Don’t believe everything that you hear
                                                                                       Let it go through your left and right ear
                                                                                    Don’t just march to the beat of that drum
                                                                                                       Don’t be one of them people
                                                                                                   just twiddling them  t h u m b s


lost feet, on the road
said i love you so
i don’t have to be alone

witch!kate & her familiar wolf!seth au

“…he’s a ghost story.”


lovelyz at hogwarts: lee mijoo // gryffindor // half-blood // sixth year // © 

With her girl-next-door looks and her outgoing personality, people are drawn to Lee Mijoo. Her down-to-earth and sweet charms - a subject, she is ironically failing in - makes her a popular Gryffindor, with many of her late night escapades around the castle influencing the first years to conduct their own (Lee Soojung, head girl: MIJOO JUST STAY IN YOUR COMMON ROOM). An avid fan of Quidditch since she was 8, she is ecstatic when she becomes one of Gryffindor’s chasers in her fifth year – however she can’t help but also have butterflies in her stomach when a certain Hufflepuff beater winks at her every time she’s out on the field.