Gabriel blinks his eyes open, looking to his left. He’s still holding Sebastian’s hand in the way that they fell asleep. Although he smiles when he sees that Sebastian didn’t let go, his heart breaks again when he sees the scars now visible now that his sleeve slipped down his forearm. He knows he needs to help Sebastian- he just doesn’t know how. Gabriel tries to delicately place Sebastian’s arm on the floor and get out of bed.

BALLS | jack & rian

Through his sunglasses, Jack isn’t certain if his suit is hot pink like he thought it was or a questionable shade of violet. He peers over the top of the rim to confirm his sleeves are indeed the obnoxious pink he remembered them to be. Pleased with himself, Jack nudges his sunglasses higher onto his face with his middle finger and breaks into a full strut toward the Aphrodite cabin. Jack doesn’t bother stopping at the front door. He peers inside and slips in as soon as he sees the coast is clear. He stops in front of Rian’s bedroom door, putting his hand up to knock before realizing that he hasn’t texted him. He pulls out his phone and slowly texts Rian, “where r u?”. He taps the door with his knuckles anyway, sliding the phone back into his pocket.

Sebastian slowly walked out of his cabin. He was wearing his normal style of clothing the collar of his shirt poking out through the giant hockey sweatshirt with his fathers name on the back. He looked sickly as he made his way to the dining hall, grabbing some food. He sat at an empty in the corner, slightly hidden. He started to eat a little, pushing most of the food around for show, though he knew he needed to eat. He looked up seeing someone looking over at him. He gave them a smile, a nod, then went back to his food.

Interview with American Champion Magdalene Goodwin

26 June 2015 - by Rita Skeeter

At first sight, Magdelene Goodwin. 17, appears to be a mild-mannered and quiet girl - one to whom most wouldn’t give a second glance - greeting me with a tentative smile as we introduce ourselves, however, my first impression of the American champion couldn’t have been further from her true personality.

Upon entering an empty classroom, in which we could conduct our interview in peace, Miss Goodwin immediately changed from the shy, soft spoken girl I had met just minutes before, into a fiery force of energy and excitement. A transformation that never in my 20 years as a sharp journalist and interviewer, have I come to witness until this very moment.

I remark on her sudden change and she responds with a laugh, “Honestly, I’ve always been like this; quiet and unnoticeable in a crowd but then almost extroverted in private.”

I congratulate her on her appointment as champion of the Enchanting School for Witches and Wizards and proceed to discuss her feelings about entering her name into the selection.

“The Triwizard Tournament just seems like an incredible, albeit, dangerous experience, and I mean, I read up on it as much as I could before entering and I really was cautious about it but I figured; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I might as well just bite the bullet and go for it, and by some stroke of luck I was picked!” she explains and then giggles “I’m literally so quiet though that when they called my name someone went ‘She doesn’t even go here!’ I mean I’m almost 90% sure it was a joke but seriously, no one expected me to enter, let alone get picked.”

I smile “So with all the uncertainty from your peers, are you sure you should be competing in a Tournament almost wholly reliant on nerve and courage?”
Miss Goodwin seems taken aback, however regains her composure almost startlingly well.

“I don’t really mind what other people think of me,” she says, “I’ve always been told; other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. I tend to live by that.”

I nod and give her a sympathetic smile and then ask her how she feels about the upcoming tasks and whether she thinks she is prepared for what lies ahead.
“This is definitely a different Triwizard Tournament than the one I’ve read about in books, what with the whole Summer thing and the travelling (which I am so excited about, I’ve never been to Africa!) but in terms of the tasks,” Magdelene pauses for a moment, thinking, “I knew, when I entered that the tasks would be potentially risky, but I know what I can handle and I definitely think I can do this.”

“Well,” I chuckle, “Reading about fast-paced, high-risk tasks in books and committing to them in practice are two very different things.

“Scribbling down details of events and living them are two very different things,” Miss Goodwin replies without skipping a beat, “But there’s two of us in the room and only one with a pen in their hand.”

“Of course,” I give her another smile and proceed, “What about your family?” I ask her, “Apparently your situation is quite different to that of most?” I say, “How do your parents feel about you competing in an event in which so very much magic is involved, when they themselves aren’t entirely familiar with the subject?”

“My mom and dad are both Squibs and so is my twin sister - Morgan, yeah, but they all attended this school, they all know what magic is, they’ve just never used it.” she replies with a neutral expression. “They are all actually really excited about this and they think it’s an incredible opportunity for me to learn more and experience different places.”

“They are tagging along though aren’t they?” I question her.

“Well yeah, of course, they wouldn’t expect me to go to all these different places alone.”

“Oh, how lovely! This must be the first time you’re all taking a family trip together, being of course that your parents’, well, how do I put it, careers must be somewhat affected by their statuses as Squibs?” I remark. If this has struck a nerve in Miss Goodwin she shows almost no hint of it and replies

“I don’t know how things are where you’re from, but here, Squibs are granted all the same opportunities as anyone else. Our school teaches us both Muggle and Magical subjects which allows both my parents to work really hard, even in their Muggle lines of work.”

“Right,” I reply, “In that case, which place are you most excited to visit? Or have you visited them all?” I ask, “Seeing as your parents do work so very hard?”

Miss Goodwin sighs but keeps a smile - however strained - on her face, “Egypt, definitely!” she says, feigning enthusiasm, “I’ve heard so much aboutIsis Charm School and how it’s so different from us, I can’t wait to find out all about it. Although I can’t wait to visit Hogwarts and Academy of Circe in Greece either!” she tells me, “And I’ve only ever been to England,” she adds.

As our interview draws to a close, I wish Magdelene good luck for the weeks ahead, making sure to warn her that only so much preparation can be done before the tasks (”Right”), and reminding her that it will be far more physically straining than she is expecting (”I’ll keep that in mind”). We bade our farewells and the interview was over.

I was left wondering whether this young girl is truly as prepared and sure she can handle this as she thinks, but I guess only time and following weeks will tell. This is Rita Skeeter for the Daily Prophet.

Gabriel raises his head, confused. He’s shirtless with several scratches running across his torso and arms. His pats have a rip up the left leg, going from his ankle to his knee. “Shit,” he says, remembering how stupid he was last night. Sitting, Gabriel begins to breathe heavily and cry remembering how he had embarrassed himself. When the panic attack passes, Gabriel shakily stands and begins to run out of the woods, not sure what lurks nearby. When he bursts out of the trees he sees the cabins in the dawn. Outside of one is Mikey. Gabriel clenches his fists and begins to walk towards the Hephaestus cabin, feeling like he’s about to be sick.

magnettchase asked:

*slides in casually* You ship Frazercy? Okay, I saw your headcanon list. Do you have any more? (They're all great!) How do you think the other 4 of the proph react to Frazercy? (Sorry! You're the first Frazercy shipper I found. A bit excited,I guess)

yEA I LUV FRAZERCY!! ledasclone also digs it so check him out!! he has headcanons for them 2

  • they take pictures of each other sleeping lmao 
  • they really help each other out a lot. they’re so so so supportive to each other as long as it’s morally right. 
  • THEY AHVE A PLAYLIST OF SONGS THEY LIKE TO SING TOGETHER (september by earth wind and fire, 80% of all the nicki minaj raps, flawless by beyonce, etc) 
  • one time percy was laughing so hard at something that his drink shot out of his nose anD THE THREE OF THEM JUST STARTED LAUGHING HARDER while being mAJORLY grossed out 
  • hazel’s always like ‘back in my day’ or ‘when i was your age’ ironically just to piss frank and percy off
  • pillow forts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • they probably have at least 3 dogs or something
  • the dogs sniff frank a lot and percy and hazel think it’s hilarious
  • all of them love their eyes. tbh all of their eyes are so beautiful
  • percys the biggest fucking nerd and we all know he’s a shit, but i swear to God when he sees hazel and frank his eyes soften,, im in pain,,,,,,
  • they all just look at each other with so much love and care i love it
  • they’re all rlly afraid of losing each other. in battle they’ll defend each other 2 death
  • hazel can kick both of their asses lbr and they both know it 
  • the 3 of them played mythomagic once with nico and both percy and frank were out of the game, and it was hazel and nico playing rlly competitively for 2 hours straight 
  • (nico won, but it was a really close game.)
  • percy and frank gave up on playing mythomagic for good because the hades kids are too good but when hazel and nico play one on one, they bring popcorn
  • they place bets on each other, frank roots for hazel mostly and percy thinks nico is a pro so he bets on him 

hope those are good enough!! i kinda ran out of hcs there but i hope theyre ok lmao 

Today was the day. His birthday. And, although he didn’t have much of a want to be out and about, his stomach disagreed. Venturing into camp, donned in his hoodie and pair of old shoes, he sought out the kitchens and gathered whatever he thought sounded good at the moment. Mikey took a bit more than he needed, knowing that he wouldn’t want to make a second trip later on if he got hungry again. With various bags of junk food now nestled within his grasp, Mikey sauntered back towards the Hephaestus cabin slowly.

Zoe is sitting on top of the one of the doors in the new stables, running her hands through the mane of a pegasus, laughing as she let the creature nuzzle against her neck.  “Butterscotch for the last time, I’m not bringing you another sugar cube.”  The pegasus lets out a noise that sounds like a huff and she rolls her eyes.  “Because you always get crazy and bother poor little Sammie, silly.” Butterscoth picks his head up when they hear something, and Zoe turns her head to follow the animals line of vision, smiling when she saw someone.  “Oh, hey there.”