JAMI’ at-TIRMIDHI: The Book on Fasting: Hadith 330

‘Abu Hurairah narrated that:
the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever fasts Ramadan and stands (in the night prayer) for it out of faith and seeking a reward (from Allah), he will be forgiven what preceded of his sins. Whoever stands (in the night prayer) on the Night of Al-Qadr out of faith and seeking a reward (from Allah), he will be forgiven what preceded of his sins.”

JAMI’ at-TIRMIDHI: The Book on Fasting: Hadith 2/127

The orphan (Pt. 1) - Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Pairing: June Anastasia Archer (OC) x Edmund Pevensie (THEY’LL BE TOGETHER LATER)

Warning(s): None

A/N: Lmao i know, the “May we meet again” thing from The 100. I suck at titles, i apologize. Anyway, flashbacks are written like THIS. 

[FLASHBACK: The conversation between the four Pevensies and the beavers]

“Is there nothing we can do about Mr. Tumnus?”

“Well… There’s hope!”

“Yeah, there’s a load full of hope… Aslan and June are on the move”

“Who’s Aslan? And June?”

“Aslan and June…you silly little blighter…you don’t know do you?”

“Well we haven’t exactly been here very long”

“He’s only the king of the whole wood, the top geezer, the real king of Narnia… She’s a knight, ready to fight the White Witch. And they’re waiting for you!“

“Waiting for us?”

“You’re bloomin’ joking! They don’t even know about the prophecy!”

“Well, then…”

“Look, Aslan and June’s return, Tumnus’ arrest… the secret police! They’re all happening because of you!”

“You’re blaming us?”

“Not blaming you dear, thanking you”

“There’s…a prophecy, When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone sits at Cair Paravel in throne the evil time will be over and done”

“You know that doesn’t really rhyme”

“I know, but you’re missing the point!”

“It’s long been told that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will appear to defeat the White Witch guided by the orphan from the same land, and restore peace to Narnia”

“And you think we’re the ones?”

“Well you’d better be, Aslan and June had already fitted out your army!”

[TIME SKIP: Aslan’s camp]

“The Witch has denounced her claim on Edmund” i heard Aslan’s voice once he stepped out of the tent behind the White Witch. I looked at him, something’s wrong. 

“How will I know your promise will be kept?” the Witch said and Aslan roars in response. What are they talking about? What promise? Aslan sighs and walks back into his tent. Realisation hit me. I rushed behind him ignoring the cheers and laughs.

“You did not-” i started when i stepped into the tent.

“I did” Aslan interrupted sending me a stern look.

“But why? He’s a traitor! And now she’ll kill you instead!” i shouted angry.

“You’re old enough to understand that he’s just a kid and the proph-”

“Maybe i am old enough and i am well aware of his age but i don’t care about the prophecy. He got what he asked for” i said through clenched teeth.

“June, as a knight you should look after those kids. ‘Two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will appear to defeat the White Witch GUIDED by the orphan, and restore peace to Narnia’  he said and looked at the floor. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes as i thought about the first time i met Aslan.

I was just a little girl, Edmund’s age or a year younger maybe. My parents died and i had to pack my stuff. I was supposed to live in the nearest orphanage. I was taking my toys from under the bed when i felt something cold brushing my hand. I went under the bed and well, i found myself in Narnia. Aslan found me about to freeze to death. A skirt is not something to wear in winter. He took me under his wings and took care of me. With his help, i became the best knight to fight the White Witch.

“I’m going to miss you” i whispered snapping out of my thoughts and hugging him for the last time.

“Me too, my dear. But you need to keep them safe” he said and i exited the tent, wiping my tears away.

[TIME SKIP: Aslan’s camp, the next day]

“She’s right, he’s gone” Peter said walking out of the tent. I had to fight back my tears.

“Then you’ll have to lead us. Peter, there’s a whole army out there that’s ready to follow you” Edmund said. He’s finally useful.

“I can’t” Peter responded. 

“Aslan believed you could. And so do i” i interrupted looking at the boy. I smiled weakly telling him i’m with them and walked away.

For Narnia, and for Aslan.

[TIME SKIP: Cair Paravel, coronation]

“To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant” Aslan put the crown on Lucy’s head. She smiled brightly.

“To the great western woods, King Edmund the Just” the young Pevensie smiled looking around.

“To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle” she gave him a thankful smile.

“And to the clear northern skies, King Peter the Magnificent” the oldest Pevensie looked proud of him. “Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen” 

“Long live King Peter! Long live Queen Susan! Long live King Edmund! And long live Queen Lucy!” everyone cheered.

“Let’s not forget about you, my dear” Aslan said, approaching me. “They’ll call you a knight, which you are. Go and keep them safe. I’m afraid our adventure will end here” he said quietly.

“May we meet again” i smiled sadly and let him go.

[TIME SKIP: The forest, many years later]

“What is this?“ Peter said and we got off our horses. As their best knight, i was with them everytime i had the chance. Just to keep them safe, just like i promised Aslan. We looked at something that looked really similiar to me. A lantirn? Lantorn? Lantarn? What is it called again?

“Please, be careful. We don’t know what it is” the truth is, we all had the idea.

“It seems like a dream…” Susan said completely ignoring me. I scoffed.

“Or a dream of a dream… Spare Oom” Lucy added looking at it dreamingly. She runned somewhere and i was quick to react, running after her.

“Not again, guys” i said trying to catch her.

“Come on” she said and everyone started following her. Great, just like children.

“She’s always running off” i heard Edmund’s voice somewhere behind me and i laughed. Maybe i am their knight but after all those years we became best friends. Amazing isn’t it?

“These aren’t branches…” this time, it’s Peter.

“They’re coats…” Susan noticed and i panicked as her voice started to change.

“No, it’s not Narnia anymore! We need to-” i became silent when i suddenly found myself in a child room. MY room. I was a kid once again. “-get back” i finished before dropping to my knees and letting a heart-wrenching sob.

Will i ever go back?’ i though as i got up, leaving the old room. It’s time to find the old Kings and Queens of Narnia again.

Camp was a welcome sight after a week in a dark cell and another week in a hospital. It was too bad, then, that Brent was stuck laying around instead of actually enjoying it. Taking it easy, as he was directed to do, turned out to be doing next to nothing for an indefinite amount of time. He had been back for less than a day and was already restless. How he was going to manage the next few months was beyond him.

Eventually, Brent decided that he could sit around outside, at the very least. What harm could that do? So he hauled himself off the couch, grabbed an apple, and went to the campfire. He resented that he needed to sit after such a short walk, but he tried not to dwell on it. He bit into his apple and focused on fresh air instead of the ache in his spine. It could be worse, he reminded himself— a minimally comforting thought.

“Would you stay still? I told you it’ll be a little while until you can move again….You shouldn’t of took that break for granted,” Vienna told the other as she dipped the brush into water and swirled it around. Looking over at the other’s back, she studied the artwork she was dong. It will wash off, but she still took pride into her work. She dipped the brush into another color of paint and went back to doing her thing. “Would you rather lay on you stomach instead of sitting?”

Jack pops the collar of his denim jacket and buries his face in it. Even behind his sunglasses and the bill of his cap, the pink canyons of the scar across his eye pop against his pale skin. Keeping his head down, he marches into the dining pavilion, oblivious to the camper straight ahead of him until his elbow knocks the plate right out off their hands. “Fuck. Sorry.”

Honeyboy strides toward the cabins pulling a single suitcase behind him. While looking over the key in his hands, he catches his foot on a rock. Honeyboy holds out his arms before he hits the ground and deftly pushes himself back upright without breaking momentum. “Nice, nice,” he mumbles to himself, bending down to pick up his fallen suitcase. “Try not to die today, Honeyboy.”

“Spar with me?” Avery asked, though the girl looked as though she hadn’t slept since the encounter with Felix happened and Brent was taken. Avery couldn’t stand just sitting in her cabin any longer trying to figure out what to do, so she decided going to the arena to clear her mind might help her come up with any ideas of what to do next.

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REAL NAME: Damien [redacted]
NICKNAMES: Prophet/Proph, Roxanna
SEXUALITY: bisexual
ARE YOU A MORNING PERSON?: the fuck i am. i wake up at 6 every weekday morning though


ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET IN REAL LIFE?: hmu if yr in fuckin uhhh socal
WHEN DID YOU FIRST JOIN? HOW OLD IS YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT?: i was active since 2012 and my first real rp blog happened in late 2013/early 2014 being rikuto so he’s had a couple of years to develop 
ANY PEEVES?: u want a thesaurus 
UNPOPULAR OPINION: it should be teethpaste and u fucking know it 


DO YOU EASILY GET JEALOUS?: me? a jealous hoe? absolutely, 
DO YOU EASILY GET ANGRY?: depends on who u ask 
ARE YOU EASY TO CHEER UP?: ya im a super simple person tbh like any act of kindness is enough
ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS?: tbh im super fake so i would assume so 
WHAT’S THE VERY BEST WAY TO CHEER YOU UP?: literally any small act of kindness is enough 


DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE?: dude i dont even have to be on a date 
DO YOU PREFER GOING OUT, OR STAYING HOME, WHEN IT COMES TO DATES?: i love romantic shit tbh im rly easy like i dnt hav a preference 


FAVORITE DRINK: coffee and calpico 
FAVORITE FOOD: oh bitch rice and fettuccine alfredo. i used to think it was fellatio alfredo 
MOST CALMING PLACE?: i like th beach at dark 
MOST STRESSFUL PLACE?: i hav anxiety everywhere is stressful 
MOST PRIZED POSSESSION?: a frame of my color guard team from when we placed at championships 

Gabriel walks out of the Dionysus cabin, closing the door behind him. He holds the last bottle of wine he has in his hand as a peace offering. Looking over at the Hebe cabin, Gabe sighs and walks over to it. He knocks on the door to the Hebe cabin with his bandaged hand. Tears in his eyes, Gabriel waits for an answer.

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pairing: jasico, prompt: one word: "life-raft". make of it what you will! :)

life raft


  1. a raft, typically inflatable, for use in an emergency at sea.

“You’re stupid, you know.” Nico conjures enough energy to roll his eyes before flopping onto his stomach. The pain shoots up and down his spine. Renders him unable to add a bite to his bark. It hurts so badly, like a thousand shattered pieces of glass grinding against his bare flesh. He chokes on a breath, unable to finish saying, What about the prophe—and has no choice but to bury his face away in the sleeping bag. 

Jason’s stench fills his nostrils, the light fleece pressed to his nose. Their earlier conversation flickers through the wrinkles of the other demigod’s sleeping bag. 

Slowly and gently, he feels Jason’s fingers undo the bind Nico has over the sleeping bag. Jason splashes nectar down Nico’s back, soaking the white bandages and filling the tiny crevasses of scars. 

It stings at first, but then starts to heal. 

“Can’t give you too much at a time,” Jason murmurs. “You’ll get feverish. 

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