You need to know about Ohio’s new abortion bill that would ban abortion at six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant

North Dakota and Arkansas passed similar bills that were later struck down as incompatible with Roe v. Wade; the Supreme Court declined to hear any appeals, sending the signal that an Ohio law would meet the same fate. But Ohio’s conservative lawmakers see an opening after Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election last month. 


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the new review rating system for anime and manga databases in 2017. 

So I watched episode 109 and Sakura was just not eating and not speaking because too sad of Sasuke, but Naruto eventually made her smile before she met Sasuke again and cried to death. As always. I feel like everything has been said about this subject yet I’m still not satisfied. Not until Kishimoto admits he was planning to make narusaku canon.

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Why do you support a violent terror group? Aka BLM

Rush Limbaugh, one of the main people to endorse the label that BLM is a terrorist organization, has been outed as a racist. Just because 141,000 Trump supporters (probably) signed this petition, the White House had to respond. They responded with this statement: “[T]herefore,” the response read, “we are not able to address the formal request of your petition.” The White House pretty much said that it was bullshit in a really polite way. Also, let’s not forget the hate white people spewed at Martin Luther King Jr. in his time.

“What about the violence by blacks in these cities? What is this Black Power business? If it is a threat to Whites– why should Whites not retaliate? Why should Whites hire Blacks?”

Hang your head in shame. You are responsible for all of these riots and havoc in this country today.”


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