I managed to start and finish this in the same night omg @A@ !  So here’s a print for my lovely bestie @alainaprana of her OC ZigZag, the skullshape was really fun to work with and can’t wait to print it so that I can sent it to your place. *Hugs tight* You’re a fantastic friend and I wanted to show you how important you are to me. Thank you so much for being such a precious friend and I hope that you like your gift ;u; (I sincerly wish I could do more asdjkbdas)

I swear to god I spend at least 10 minutes trying to draw while my cat crawled over my shoulder and tried to get affection from me while streaming.

Art© @little-noko

ZigZag© @alainaprana


After a lot of blood, sweat, caffeine, and tears, my senior art show piece is complete (FINALLY). I had a critique last night with my school’s art faculty and I was overwhelmed by the positive responses they gave. They even asked for me to put all six of these pieces in a gallery invitational and I died ;A;

Here’s a preview shot of some of the bun pieces–I’ll post the final product when my show takes place!!

HEEEY I know a do alot of self promotion but fuck it
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Drew me (like one does) to test something (test worked great!) It was how I was dressed 2/22/2017.

Portal Gun blueprints, regular sized pants rolled up cause I have stubby legs, and Darthvader shoes. Like one wears.

Gold paint in the back.