Sales post! I need to clear out my unused parts!!

Demon skin Lusis - ON HOLD.

Fairy skin ane Ange ON HOLD

Fairy skin chibi Lilin modded sleeping plate

Fresh skin ani Zest faceplate

Fairy skin elf ears - I’ll throw them in for free with a faceplate purchase

Fairy skin Roron wink

Fairy skin Roron sleep

Fairy skin Roron prim&proper

Dollmore Zihu head in the default skin color

Paradise skin unoa Sist - ON HOLD

All prices do not include shipping from Japan which should be around $6-10 for a small package/envelope with tracking and insurance.

I can accept NO TRADES at this time unfortunately!

Email at berettasdolls @ gmail . com ! If you’re interested ❤


Just in time for Halloween, the Becky Prim pilot!

Becky Prim Questions

Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Becky Prim pilot, so I’ll do my best to clear the air and answer a few of them:

-Is Becky a ghost in the series?

Nah.  I’ve written an epilogue for the pilot that resets the narrative playing field… more or less.  The series wouldn’t even necessarily be strictly supernatural- but It WOULD follow Becky’s character and the obsession of adolescent triviality- to whatever dark territory that entails…

Fun fact:  this pilot episode was actually written as a season finale, but it was my favorite story idea (at the time), so I went with it.

What programs did I use to create the pilot?

The drawings were done in Photoshop and Storyboard Pro- save for a few scanned images drawn on paper.  Megan Boyd did a little After Effects video magic for the trippy-bench-hell-mindfuck at the end.  All voices were recorded using garage band on my ancient macbook from college.  I edited everything in Premiere.  It was… a laborious culmination to say the least.

God lookit this shit:

-What’s Ello’s accent?

Ello’s character is inspired (and voiced) by my friend, Shan Wu, who is from Singapore. She’s awesome. Here’s a gif of her flipping the bird in ‘Spring Breakers (2012)

Yes, that’s really her.

Will I Kickstart Becky Prim? 

Eh- no need at this point.  I feel a fully colored, animated version of the same pilot would be redundant- since everyone already knows what happens.

-Have I pitched Becky Prim to any major networks?

Well, you guys were kindof my test audience.  I wanted to share it publicly so I could gage the general reaction and see if it was worth pursuing.  So as of now, I’m planning a formal pitch strategy.  Becky Prim is actually one of several show ideas I’ve been developing- so I’m excited to see where this train is headed.