[·_·[] #AustenMonth wrap up
In February I read 10 books for a total of 2,287 pages and an average of 82 pages per day.

My goal was to read 5 Austen or Austen related books and I read 3. But her work isn’t exactly something to breeze through. And I’m happy that I’ve now read all her finished novels. I still plan to focus in finishing reading what I have in my Austen collection over the next few months.

The other books I read this month were the rest of the Y The Last Man series, which I didn’t review, but it was excellent and you should check it out!

There are also a couple other Austen posts on my blog.
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Look what I found! Diary from 2007 (8 years ago!) and here’s part of the entry I wrote after I finished reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time. Aw. Look at the spelling mistakes. “Neglectfull.” Other favourite parts include: “You should read it, diary,” “What are men to Mr. Darcy?,” “I love Georgian men!” (Regency, specifically, my darling but okay) and “I am so ugly but one day I will be beautiful and all Darcys will want to dance with me and I will reject them all because they are not him.” I’m so proud. #prideandprejudice #janeausten #11yearoldself #ishouldpublishthisdiary