Wigetta extremo2 -Encontramos la mansión #17. min 21:54
  • Vegetta: Venga,lo hacemos entonces. Es como "TOCAR LA PUNTITA"
  • Willy : ... como... prfs (se traba).... Sí , "PASAR LA LENGUA DE LADO ,sabes?
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  • ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) Ufff ,madre mia eso ha sonado muy mal 😂😂😏
Wigetta extremo2 -Encontramos la mansión #17. min 21:54
  • Vegetta: Venga,lo hacemos entonces... Es como *TOCAR LA PUNTITA*
  • Willy : como..... prfs(se queda trabado).... Sí , *PASAR LA LENGUA DE LADO* ,sabes?
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Hi! This is the same person who earlier asked for the YouTube/chat AUs and college Taegi. I just wanted to say that I asked for Jikook YouTube/Chat AUs but you gave me Taekook???? I was wondering if you could clear that up...Aish I sound really mean, I'm sorry. Thank you for the great Taegi tho <3

Hi, omg I’m so sorry I don’t know why I mistook it for Taekook!! Sorry!! :((
Here’s your JiKook!!

Fell For You in a Snap by @Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita)[3.5k]

you’re my genie, lamborghini (you’re my teeny weeny meenie) by mindheist [7.8k, rated E]

let’s play for keeps by kaythebest  [rated T, 3.9k]

Could you turn off your cell phone? (Bts Social Media au) by blt_prf *This one’s a Social Media AU

ASDFGHJKL by waterlemons [incomplete]

Just a joke by pastelrainbows [2.3k]

1 New Message by jawlines make-or-break-me (darkdoll25) [1,2k]

wrong number, right person by infires (infires_man) [rated 4.8k]

Sorry there’s not more!! There should be more for the mistake last time :(!!

- Admin Nana

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tbh I feel like jikook's relationship changed drastically around the time when jungkook turned 18 but like even before that (around danger era) they started to act kinda...different. Btw that anon's ask about it reminded me of this one fic I totally recommend you read if you haven't yet it's "just come to me" by blt_prf on ao3 and it's the realest thing ever!! I can totally see it as an explanation of how their relationship slowly developed over time and it's just sooo perfect

That would make sense! Maybe they confessed their feelings earlier on but didn’t feel comfortable acting on them until he was an adult. Jungkook certainly became more bold and confident after turning 18 (with himself and with Jimin). Sadly I wasn’t around for Danger Era so I’m gonna brush up on it~

And thanks so much for the fic rec!!! I’ll definitely read it. I’m always searching for more canon compliant fics!💖💖💖

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for jikook fics just look up blt_prf on ao3 she's one of my fave writers ever!! if u don't know about her she only writes jikook and is basically a blessing for the whole fandom cause 11/10 times JK is whIPPED adjshadkja i would recommend reading this one first archiveofourown(.)org/works/7380391/chapters/16764871 cause you'll 100 percent fall in love with her writing style plus the little extra edits she does (she's basically got the whole package god bless)



thank you thank you anon 😭😭

So Here’s one of many Ideas that I’m currently Workshopping

Working Title: Pokemon Ranger Force (Not 100% on it, because I was going for the Power Rangers Flair but Rangers are already a thing in Pokemon)

Anyways, basic idea is that it’s sort of a Pokemon Trainer Superhero story, basically Pokemon with the feeling of Power Rangers/RWBY/Soul Eater. Not sure who among my followers actually knows that much about random Pokemon Lore as I do so I’ll try to give some context as I go. 

Each Trainer in the PRF (Still Not Certain About it but I’m working on it) would be both a warrior and a Pokemon Trainer, fighting crime, natural disasters, and rampaging Pokemon with their own unique weapon and their Pokemon Partner. Each Ranger would be equipped with a Pokedex, a Poketch (the Pokemon Apple Watch essentially) and a set of Simple Power Armor (holds Pokeballs and equipment, increases mobility, durability, and strength)

For Example: The Main Protagonist, Red (because he’s my favorite) would fight with a Shield (Captain America Style) and his Charmeleon and probably his Pikachu at different times (maybe a shoulder Pokemon and a battle Pokemon). 

And of course, there would be like a team (probably many teams) of trainers who would work together. Like Red would have his own team of two others that he works with, and Blue’s (Gary) team would be his main rival.

Some other characters who would be in the main teams would be Hilda, Bianca, Cheren, Serena, Brendan and May, and Leaf and Blue, and probably a few others if I can think of good roles for them. 

The one problem is that all the characters have very different personalities depending on whether you look at the games, the anime, or the manga. I tend to prefer the games myself, which does make several characters kinda blank slates. for some it’s easy just based on the games, like Red is obviously the super determined, heroic small town kid, not very knowledgeable about the world or all that skilled but always ready to jump into danger to save someone and keep going despite the odds (the dude lived for two years on a hailing mountain between Gen 1 and Gen 2 I mean geez). 

Others are a little harder, though, but I’m also sort of basing some of their personality traits off of this fan game called Pokemon Academy Life (which is really fun and dorky). 

I also honestly really want to have one of the teams be of Candice, Flannery and Roark because I can totally see Roark trying to be the level-headed and snarky guy to the endless bundles of energy and nerves that are Flannery and Candice. 

Professor Oak would have been the former head of the Organization before deciding to focus on research, so now Blaine is in charge. And Giovanni was a former member of the force, before he fell to a life of crime and now serves as the most consistent thorn in the side of the good guys.

So yeah that’s been going around my head for a while and I think it could be a cool idea and I’m just putting it out there because I don’t really know. I guess I needed a good distraction. I didn’t expect to ramble this much about it, but I’ve put waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much thought into this thing.

TL;DR: I’m babbling about a Pokemon Superhero School story because I have too many ideas in my head. Honestly most of it probably doesn’t make sense yet but I’m still working on it. 

#104: The Power Goes Out


malazakova is afraid of the dark so she requested me to write this so I hope you enjoy Luke and Michael’s! 


“What the fuck..” Luke mumbled, looking around in confuse before looking down at you wide eyed. Not less than a few seconds ago, both you and his lamp in the bedroom had been on and the TV in front of you guys had been going on for a while, but now everything had turned off, leaving a spooky silence cloud between you guys. “Oh no.” You mumbled, feeling the darkness overwhelm you even though you knew was right beside you, and he could feel your body tense, which made him pull you into his side even more, placing a small kiss to your forehead. “It’s just a power failure, no worries Y/N.” He mumbled into your hairline, pressing a few more kisses. “I know. I just hate it.” You mumbled, shrugging your shoulders. “ I think I have a flashlight somewhere.” Luke mumbled, reaching behind to open the drawer under his nightstand and pulling out a small flashlight. Luke turned it on and instantly there was a circle light spot on your wall, lightening up some of the room. “Romantic.” You joked as Luke tried to get a grip of it, even dazzling you in the face with it. “Better than nothing right.” He chuckled, holding it around you guys now so it was pointed towards you guys. “I think it’s not only our house.” You sat up more straight in the bed to take a look outside, the whole city seemed to have power failure. “It’s probably just temporary, it will be back tomorrow.” He said, flicking around with the light behind you. “Of course the light will be back tomorrow when the sun comes up!” You said in a laugh, silence falling over you guys as you looked out at the sky. “Y/N.” Luke said in a more raspy quiet voice after some silence, making you look over at him bored before your eyes went wide and a hand coming up to your mouth to prevent the laughter that was ready to spill out from your lips. Luke had placed the flashlight under his chin so it was illuminating his face, making shadows around his face features and clearly trying to make him look scary. “What in the world are you doing?” You laughed, taking the flashlight away from him and placing it in your lap. “Just trying to scare you, but it’s probably a bad time to do that.” He said a little bit apologizing but you didn’t seem to mind. Luke looked down at the flashlight and an idea popped into his head. “See.” He chuckled, placing his hands in front of the flashlight and folding them together so it was making a butterfly in the reflection that was pointed towards the wall in front of your bed. “The dark isn’t that scary always.” “I guess..” You shrugged, totally entertained by the shadows he made. “You can even do it yourself.” He said which made you move your fingers down to see them reflect as silhouettes, making different figures. “We can even work some out together.” Luke placed his hands around yours so you made different figures, a giggle coming to your lips. If there was one person that could always put a smile on your face even when you were weakest, that would be Luke.  


Calum’s hand were pressing the can he had wrapped around his fist to the point of almost letting the liquid flow out of its canister, his eyebrow furrowing by every second that passed by and his eyes glued to the TV screen in front of him. His body was tensing up more and more as he sat up straight in the couch, a groan coming from him before he almost shouted towards the screen, “You bloody idiot the ball was right in front of ya!” and an amount of beer flying from his can and onto the couch. Calum couldn’t care though, just drying off some of the stain away with the blanket next to him and not taking his eyes off the screen as he took another sip from his beer. The football game on the screen was clearly making him loose his temper on not going the way it should’ve have. “Yes! Run faster you shitty little piece of failure in life!” Calum shouted once again with swears even though it was actually his team who had the ball now, heading towards the goal of the opposite team. “Fire the ball, fire it off!” He shouted getting more excited now as they came closer, but as the football player was ready to shoot the ball towards the goal, not only did the TV go off, but the whole house lost power, everything turning dark and Calum turning quiet in pure shock. “Y/N what the hell happened?” Calum shouted behind him before placing the can in front of him on the coffee table, standing up from the couch. He headed towards the kitchen in the darkness and was met by your small form almost looking like a shadow and almost at the point of giving him a shock. “Well the storm clearly took away our electricity.” You said nodding your head towards the window as if it was obvious, Calum glancing outside where the weather was terrible, rain pouring down with force and thunder. He had been too focused on the game to even notice it. “Oh.” He mumbled, looking down at you confused. “What do we do then?” He asked which you shrugged your shoulders at. Calum cocked a smirk as he looked down at you, biting his lip and pressing you against the counter, “We could always..” He mumbled, letting his lips brush over yours but he couldn’t continue his process as you pushed him away. “Calum you’re such a creep.” You commented which made him laugh and lift his arms in surrender. “I’m only kidding.” He laughed, kissing your forehead. “We could go play hide and seek.” He suggested which made you furrow your eyebrows. “Around the house?” “It will just make the game more challenging.” Calum giggled which made you nod your head. “Fine. You’ll start. Count to 50 out loud.” You requested and placed Calum’s hands in front of his eyes to make sure that all visibility was gone before you sprinted somewhere else in the house and letting Calum finish counting, the two of you playing around in your house to kill time while the thunder outside kept on making noise and making the game a lot more creepier than expected.


The sound of the radio playing music was faint in the background as Michael hummed to himself and stood in front of the stove with a spoon in his hand and stirring the sauce he was making dinner for tonight. “You want ketchup as well?” He asked without looking behind, already heading towards the fridge. A small hum came from you which Michael took as a yes, ready to open the door to the fridge but as he started to pull, all the lights went out and silence hit the room, only small bobbles coming from the still hot sauce. “What the hell happened?” He placed the sauce away from the hot stove to cool it off, without electricity he couldn’t finish the dinner. He took a look back at you to see your vulnerable state, looking around at the place in almost fear, and not a single word coming from you. “Wait, what’s wrong?” Michael asked, cocking his head as he looked at your frozen state. “Nothing.” You lied, trying to shrug it off but Michael didn’t bug, and wanting to know what was bothering you. “Please tell me.” He pleaded, reaching out for your hand before intertwining your fingers. You hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh, “I’m afraid of the dark. There I said it, you can laugh at me now.” You admitted, the blush coming to your cheeks, not that Michael could see it though. “I’m not going to laugh at you.” He said with a warm smile, caressing your cheek. “Everyone is afraid of something.” He smiled, placing a soft kiss to your cheeks. Michael stayed there for a second before an idea crossed his mind, making him pull back before looking at you wide eyed. “Hold on, I have an idea.” He exclaimed, starting to speed off towards the stairs and running up towards the bedroom, roaming through a few things and coming back after less than two minutes. He came back with a pile of blankets and a few candles to lid up. “What are you doing?” You chuckled as you watched him starting to pull some chairs together in the dark before throwing the blanket over it. “Making a blanket fort.” He chuckled, placing some blankets inside the fort before taking some pillows from the couch. “One more thing, just go inside.” He requested and sprinted back to the kitchen to get the last things while you took a seat on one of the blankets, resting your body on your stomach. “See.” Michael smiled and showed you the bag of marshmallows in his hand, the other hand having two forks and a lighter. “What is your idea?” You questioned with a giggle, moving aside so he could rest next to you on the blanket, watching him as he lit up the candles before opening the marshmallows, taking out two and placing it on each fork. “We’re grilling marshmallows. To get your mind off.” He said with a warm smile before kissing your cheek, looking at you lovingly. “That’s really sweet of you.” You commented, resting your head against his arm. Michael kept on smiling down at you until your eyes went wide, nodding your head towards his marshmallow that was already burning. “Oh shit.” He commented starting to blow on it which made you laugh. “Doesn’t matter, just makes it crunchier.” Michael joked, taking a bite of his marshmallow and smiling over at you again, happy to help you off your fear.  


Ashton’s head was pressed against the soft material of his pillow behind him as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him on the king sized bed in your bedroom, his hand wrapped around the remote to the TV as he zapped through channels to find something interesting. The faint sound of water running came from beside your bedroom where you were taking a shower right before you guys were ready to sleep and Ashton had to occupy himself meanwhile. Ashton kept on pressing the buttons to the point of him almost fall as sleep but he didn’t have the chance to find any channels before everything turned down and things went quiet, his eyes wide as he looked around at the room in darkness. “What the hell?” He mumbled to himself, sitting up on the mattress and it didn’t take long for you to realize what had happened which made you turn off the shower. “Ashton, are you messing with me again?” You yelled, which made Ashton shout back, “No not this time, I think the power went out!” There was no response, but Ashton could hear that you were getting out of the shower and two minutes after you came out of the bathroom in confused, a towel around your head and around your waist. “What happened?” You asked which Ashton shrugged his shoulders at. “I think it happened to the whole city.” He mumbled, looking out of the window. “Dear god, now I can’t finish my shower.” You sighed irritated, pouting over at Ashton but he seemed to have other plans.  “You don’t have to stop the showering now.” He smiled, which made you furrow your eyebrows. “What do you mean?” You asked, securing the towel around your body. “There’s still warm water, right?” Ashton asked, but not expecting an answer as he went back into the bathroom. “I think so, why?” You asked confused, following him back into the dark bathroom. You eyed him as he placed the plug in your bathtub and started to fill it up with warm water and a smaller bit of soap. “I just wanna make use of this.” He said with a giggle before disappearing into another room, coming back after a few minutes with a whole bunch of candles. He placed them around the bathtub before lightening them all up with a lighter he had brought along. He took a look at his finished project with a smile before looking back at you. “Wanna join me for a bubbly cozy shower?” He asked, leaning his head against his shoulder to look more cute and inviting. “Can I say no to a nude Ashton?” You joked, taking off the towel from your head and letting the towel around your waist fall down to the ground. “Nobody can.” Ash said cocky and wiggled his eyebrows at you before giggling as he stripped off, shaking his head by his own words. “Of course not with those drummer abs.” You mumbled as you walked past him to take a seat in the bathtub, Ashton following along afterwards, the two of you covered in bubbles to the point of almost seeing the small part of your shoulders and then faces. It was both goofy and childish but also quite romantic as you both shared jokes, gave each other massages and basically had random talks until the water was getting too cold for you guys and the clock striking past midnight.


gI’m gonna do this before I forget :) I just want to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all the amazing writers of his wonderful fandom. I have enjoyed your creations multiple times and still you manage to surprise me every day with your creativity!

Keep up the good work <3

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And so many more (I stalk a lot of writers as you can see) this fandom is truly full of talent. I’m sorry if I skipped someone and also thank you to all the writers in twitter as well!