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Itโ€™s finally done!!! This is a little something Iโ€™ve been working on for the past two-ish weeks. I wanted to have it done in time for the blogโ€™s anniversary but Iโ€™m just a tad late. This also ties in with the 10k+ follower surprise I had wanted to do months ago, so itโ€™s just as well ^^;

I wanted to offer a small thank you for everyoneโ€™s support and patience with me and this comic. I know I say Iโ€™m always jazzed about what I have in store with this story and I know I can rarely talk about it or give detailsโ€ฆbut there are a few things I can let yaโ€™ll have a sneak peek at. I didnโ€™t even get to all the ones I had wanted to include! Just so you care share in the same excitement as me, hopefully!

One last thing: certain events/updates/even chapters have to happen before some of the previews can occur. And some have to wait in a long line of other things to be started, or finish. Weโ€™ll get there when we get there - and Iโ€™m confident itโ€™ll be worth the wait <3

I hope you enjoy!

Iโ€™m crediting whoever needs to be credited under the cut (or after this sentence, for mobile readers). Iโ€™d suggest watching the preview first in case of spoilers!

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something wicked this way comes…

we did it. every single piece of art has been collected and the book is being made as we speak so thank you all for your continued support of the project and you will be thrilled to know that the next time you see all these pieces together will be when you open up your own copy of the artbook.


ok, i got my dad to take some photos! i told him just to pick some ones he liked, and according to him, “They came packaged very well, and look and feel great. Very impressive! It was not easy to take pics with the iPad with the cover on it. They look better in person than in the pics. Very professional.” along with these beautiful cards, you can see the super cool back that @saintjpeg did, and the really stunning box design that @skullbird did based off the card backing!

the good news is that all the colors seem to have come out as intended, which is spectacular! once i have a chance to look over all the cards tomorrow just to make sure theyre all right, ill be able to open preorders, assuming there are no issues. im so very excited!!!! thank you everyone for being patient with me through all the delays… i hope these pictures make up for it!